Man creates a woman


You are convinced that now there are no worthy the men, so, just some kind of pathetic similarity? They treat you differently than you would like, they behave incorrectly, that sometimes it seems to you that it is better to live in proud loneliness than with such men? Although, among your surroundings there is "real men, but you have with them, for some reason it does not add up, and if it does, it is still not in the most favorable way. Maybe it's not men, but in your own behavior? You never thought that man changes depending on woman, which is next to him (with one he will behave this way, and with the next woman quite differently)? Let's see what mistakes women often make in relationships, which is why their men behave accordingly:

1. As long as you think that all men are egoists, then you will fail even with the most perfect man.. Change your worldview, do not treat men as enemies, they are the same people with their strengths and weaknesses, sometimes they just need to be taken as they are.

2 All men love freedom and appreciate it very much when even in relationships they leave room for their own time and interests. And if they are constantly monitored, it will look obtrusive, and indeed you will become a source of irritation for him. Men run away from women, near whom they feel "under the heel", so if he is going to go for a beer with friends, you should not make him hysterical, better spend this time with benefit for yourself. Yes, and a constant pastime together tires, sometimes it is necessary to arrange a rest from each other.

3. Trust must always be present in a relationship, and you should have no secrets from your man. Surely at the beginning of a relationship, it was for your joy to once again talk with him, share your successes and problems. But over time, many couples lose emotional contact, and it's easier for you to have a heart-to-heart talk with your work colleague than with your own husband. This is wrong, your chosen one will always feel this as psychological discomfort, and he himself will lose all desire to share something with you. This is also a kind of betrayal, when you share important things not with your loved one, but with people to whom, in principle, these things are not intended.

4. To apologize is not at all a humiliation or a sign of weakness, but on the contrary, it speaks of wisdom and that you value relationships. Believe me - it is important for a man to know that you are also investing in the development of relationships, so if you are wrong, admit it.

What to do if a man next to you does not want to commit serious acts towards you? How to make your man attentive and responsible?

Women's main mistake

How to become a woman for whom a man wants to commit a serious act? How to find next caring and reliable partner in life? Women make the main mistake when they begin to carefully hide their femininity, and some of them do not even know what kind of quality it is. A man wants to feel like a leader in a relationship, namely, to show initiative, to solve all difficult issues, and when a woman shoulders all the problems, constantly proving to a man that she can do without him, he can’t show his masculinity next to her. Thus, the woman proves that she takes upon herself the full responsibility for the development of their relations, the male and female roles in the couple change. You can argue, but what can we do? Yes, women have long been able to provide for themselves, and at the same time they need to keep an eye on children, keep the household and still remain sweet and sexy. Because of the many tasks that lie on her, a woman can turn into a grumpy aunt with a disgusting character, who hates men and considers them to be of lower grade. And when a woman puts everything on herself, she becomes equal with her husband, and he no longer has a desire to conquer her. At this point, the woman wonders what she does not, why her husband does not look at her as before, but only needs remember your femininity.

What does it mean to be feminine?

In no case do not try to take the initiative, let the man think about it. And then the woman when meeting, fearing that the man will be lost, she takes his phone number from him, starts to call and makes an appointment. Or in a relationship, a woman in love is ready to do everything for her lover - to solve his problems, find a place to meet, or even help with work. What will happen next in this case? And then the woman will pull on himself, and the man will turn into an irresponsible teenager. Woman must make sure that her chosen one himself wants to help her or have patience until he thinks about it himself. And if she will do all the housework herself, repair the plumbing, carry heavy bags, then the man will decide that she doesn’t need it. A true woman will not allow a man next to her to turn into a whiner, listen about his problems or contain him, but she has the right to demand care, attention and material support from him. The task of a woman is not to be a leader, but to treat the courtship and care on the part of a man for granted. The question arises, what should a woman give? A woman gives a man affection, love and tenderness, admiration, she should be a muse for her chosen one and let him feel next to her "master" in the good sense of the word, because he is responsible for your couple. Try once again not to go to him with advice. Nature has formed a man a protector, and he knows better than you how to solve difficult issues, and nature has awarded a woman with beauty and femininity, this is your strength and charm. From time immemorial the man was the core of the pair, the support for the woman, and the woman supports and guides him in this. When a companion is near a man who can show her weakness at the right moment, then he has the strength to realize her own life, he literally wants to turn mountains in front of such a woman to prove her masculine consistency to her. And if a woman puts everything on herself, then the man loses any desire to do something for her.

And finally, do not criticize and do not scold a man for nothing, and if you see that he has done even some trifle, do not be too lazy to praise and thank him, then he will do twice as much. Do not hesitate to ask for gifts, learn to accept the compliments that a man makes to you, and never scold yourself with him, so you will fall in his eyes. And your main task is to be weak and feminine, then men you will be attracted to the courageous and strong.

Especially for - Natella