Male cancer and female cancer

Representatives of the sign Cancer in a relationship can be called gentle owners. They look at their chosen one for a very long time and only then begin to take some steps. Testing each other, they strive to create strong and lasting relationships. Male Cancer and Female Cancer understand each other at half-word, because they think and act in the same way. That is why, if love arises between them, they will create a beautiful love and family union.

Male Cancer and Female Cancer: Character Compatibility

Cancers are the most prudent of all the signs of the zodiac. If they set themselves some goal, they will go towards it slowly but steadily. Cancer is very careful, even in love, he is prone to thinking, waiting and choosing the right moment. And when the moment is right for him, Cancer will not miss the chance to get his own.

Neither thoughtful, spontaneous decisions are peculiar to a woman or a man of this sign, so they practically do not know any failures. Cancers really do not like the experiences that arise during failures, so they are careful in expressing feelings as if there is nowhere. They belong to very sensitive natures, painfully accepting failure and failure. The refusal of an object of love can cause them to be unwilling to do something further. This is what caused the caution and thoughtfulness of Cancers in the struggle for their love.

Compatibility of Cancers in a relationship

When Cancer gets what he wants, namely his love object, he has nothing to let him out of his hands. Cancers are very emotional and sensitive, which makes them understanding and attentive partners. At the same time, they remain quite emotionally closed, experiencing everything deep inside. And such secrecy affects health and affairs. Cancer can even get sick from the experience, but the good news can lift him to his feet instantly.

Home for Rakov is the best place in the world. Here they can together create their own comfortable world, cut off from the troubles and problems. Only here a man is Cancer and a woman Cancer will feel happy and protected. Evenings at home Cancers will prefer any evening activities and travel.

Cancer Woman and Cancer Man: Compatibility in Love

Crayfish belong to type "gentle owner". None will not tolerate if distracted from him even for a minute. Cancer will be so offended that you have to prove your loyalty and devotion to him.

Crayfish are very fearful. At first, the relationship they may look very cold. With a developed imagination, they are in no hurry to implement it. His partner Cancers will long be tested for strength, checking for loyalty, for example, flirt with each other, making subtle hints, and after waiting for action from the other.

Caring, the Cancer man becomes very slow and even boring, but the Cancer woman, having the same character traits, will be able to understand and accept this. Cancer will be quicker in winning his darling if love arises instantly and at first sight. The only thing that should be remembered for the Rakam is that their joint relations should be built only on a strong and strong feeling, otherwise it will be very difficult and painful to part afterwards.

Compatibility in love for both men and women of Cancer is very high at 80%. In love, Cancers can combine their rationality and practicality with romanticism and sensitivity.Male Cancer will think for a long time how to offer a hand and a heart. Testing even the most tender feelings, Cancer can talk about simple things: what will be the budget after the wedding or where it is better to live. But such practicality helps to create the basis for a serious and lasting relationship.

Compatibility of Cancer in communication

In communication, Cancers are honest and truthful. They can hide something only if the truth is too heavy and cruel. So they protect their loved ones from pain and resentment. Just lying to Cancer is impossible - it is below his dignity. But the lack of flexibility can be a problem for them in communicating with others, but not with a representative of his own zodiac sign - Cancer is for honesty in relationships and his partner is Cancer too.

To understand whether Cancer is lying, just look into his eyes. But no apologies in this matter should be expected from him, he believes that if he is lying, then for the sake of a high goal.

Male Cancer and Female Cancer: Marriage Compatibility

Such a marriage can be called a union of like-minded people. Compatibility between a man of Cancer and a woman of Cancer in marriage is 100%. This is the case when you can say that they have found their soul mate.

The two of them are very convenient and comfortable with each other. Gradually, even the publication will remain for them somewhere in the past life. Cancers prefer this all the comfort and home communication. They have many common interests, therefore, even having lived for many years. True, such self-sufficiency leads to a decrease in communication with friends and family, they can be too happy and happy with each other. But so that even with their harmonious union, marriage does not become a habit, one should diversify one’s life together.

Crayfish belong to the water element, which hides a lot of secrets, and the moon gives the representatives of this sign a dreamy and changeable mood. Together, Cancers build their future, remembering the past. Both the woman and the man Cancers are very sensitive, vulnerable and careful. The house they have created is a place to hide from bad luck.

Creating a marriage Raki, like no other, will appreciate the convenience and delights of the home. Their marriage is almost perfect and can last for many years. Being caring and wonderful parents, Cancers will create a family, in the center of which will be true values, comfort and mutual understanding.

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