Male and female logic


Male and female logic ... Regarding such logicians as mathematical, professional, there are no fundamental differences in the logic of a man and a woman. Analyzing a certain situation, they both come to the same conclusions, subject to the same intellectual abilities. The level of mental abilities of all men and women is about the same.


The principal difference was formulated by Edward Troindack: “Although the male and female types are very similar in mental abilities, there is one important difference in terms of deviation from the general norm. The highest standing man in any ability is more talented than a woman and the low male type is lower than all female ones. Therefore, there are more outstanding minds among men, but also twice as many “idiots.” It can be said that the fluctuations of extremes in men are more pronounced than in women, therefore There are so few female geniuses in the world, and no complete idiot. Looking at the nature of women and men, you can see that men are always trying to figure out the little things, to get to the bottom of the question, while women are looking more widely. several things (try to ask him to watch TV and cook dinner at the same time), while a woman can do several things at the same time (you need to cook dinner and wash, talk to a friend, mother). This feature of thinking is connected, as it turned out, with the fact that men either work and perceive information either the left hemisphere or the right hemisphere of the brain, while both hemispheres of the brain work for women at once. But what is logic? Logic (ancient-Greek. Λογικ "-" the science of correct thinking "," the art of reasoning ". And this is where the TA begins the difference between men and women! Have you ever thought about what goals women set for themselves and what goals men set themselves a goal? For a woman, the final result is important, and intermediate tasks are not important, therefore women often find it difficult to formulate them, while men, on the contrary, attach great importance to goals and tasks that ultimately lead to a specific expected result, to tory in turn may change slightly under the influence of various factors Here is a good example of the differences between female and male logic.:

The man:

1. Each statement must be proved.

2. To refute a statement, it is necessary to prove why it cannot be used in a dispute.

3. The number of examples does not matter. The main thing is their evidential value.

4. During the dispute can not change the subject of dispute.

5. Every judgment is either true or false.


1. An assertion, accidentally left without objection, is proved.

2. In female logic, each statement can be not only refuted, but also rejected, and without explanation.

3. The one who collected more examples is right, even if they do not prove anything and are not relevant at all.

4. To win the dispute, you need to try to change its subject.

5. All judgments are divided into true, false, and not of interest.

There is an opinion that female logic is a common manipulative logic that all people use, its purpose is to confuse the interlocutor, to make him, under the influence of emotions, admit that he is wrong, despite any arguments. Arguing about the origin of male and female logic, it is often said that women developed their particular type of thinking as a result of physical weakness, because men really needed to take care of how to kill a mammoth since ancient times, that is, there was a need analyze what is happening to achieve a specific result. But to say that only women's logic is inherent in women, and for men only men's logic would not be correct. In the modern world, people are much less engaged in survival and much more engaged in the fact that diligently overcome boredom. Boredom is a disease of a civilized, prosperous society, not engaged in such an all-consuming action as it were to survive. Therefore, the chances of success with us and men are compared. Yes, and technological progress has equated us in many ways. Physical power is inferior to the usual pistol, the ever-accelerating information flow destroys the weak male system. Men drink and go crazy where more of us. The deteriorating ecology is much worse reflected in men with their less perfect sexual sphere. Men mutate four times more often than women, automatically cutting off a whole quarter of the male community as active units. Accordingly, the role of the female part of the population is becoming increasingly noticeable, women are increasingly taking over key positions. Intellectually men, we do not lose. Our logical component is the same and no different from that of a man. Look at how boys and girls argue, their dispute goes on an equal footing, and they argue equally ineptly, equally misunderstood according to the logic, because they simply are not yet trained. To learn to argue, you need to train to learn how to make arguments, you need to train, to correctly use logic, you need to train. And nothing else.

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