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In order for your man to always stay in shape, and you could feel an even greater passion on his part, you need products that help enhance the potency of men. Substances that can affect male desire, are contained in ordinary products. They are called aphrodisiacs.

The mechanism of action of aphrodisiac products

Contained in aphrodisiac pathogens products act on the nervous system, areas responsible for pleasure. Due to the zinc content in aphrodisiacs, the work of the genitals is normalized, blood pressure rises, blood begins to flow to the pelvis and genitals.

Products aphrodisiacs - the composition of the love menu

By aphrodisiacs include: vegetables, fish, contributing to an increase in the amount of testosterone; the greens containing a large amount of vitamins; nuts affecting the reproductive system; honey, which stimulates sexual energy, and chocolate, which produces the hormone of happiness.

Spice-aphrodisiacs for the love menu

Anise, red hot pepper, parsley are different exciting properties. The smell of spices will dispel pleasant warmth throughout the body. Ginger, vanilla and anise are also aphrodisiac products. If the cooked dinner is seasoned with cardamom or curry, this will increase the tone of the whole organism, make the blood flow to the organs of the small pelvis.

Aphrodisiac products - fruit

For sexual arousal is responsible banana. Thanks to potassium in its composition, it is able to keep muscles in shape. If you eat a banana before making love, you increase the pleasure you get. It also helps the production of the hormone of happiness. Figs with its sweet taste and in combination with red wine will provide you with an explosion of emotions. Avocados contain natural hormones, fatty acids and vitamins, which directly affect the increase in potency.

Berries in the love menu

Strawberry is beautiful not only in appearance. It contains vitamin C and many antioxidants. It helps the production of the hormone of joy and testosterone, sharpens the senses, and together with champagne will provide you with a passionate night. Raspberry also produces the hormone testosterone in both women and men. If these berries are mixed and eaten together, the effect will not take long to wait.

Fish products aphrodisiacs for the love menu

Aphrodisiac fish products include shrimps and oysters. They contain a lot of protein and zinc. Due to this, the production of the hormone testosterone. The combination of oysters and champagne can cause great excitement. Amino acids, minerals and vitamins are included in black and red caviar, and, of course, zinc and protein, necessary for increase of excitability. This composition increases the production of germ cells and there is an increase in sexual desire for a partner.

Nuts like aphrodisiacs

The nuts contain iron and magnesium, potassium and calcium, and proteins. Thanks to them, there is an energy production for making love. Almond has the property to increase the male potency.

Love menu and chocolate

Chocolate contains substances that help the production of female hormones and cause excitement in girls. Even its smell can cause the appearance of hormones of joy. In addition, it helps to improve blood circulation and is able to cause a surge of strength and vitality. Without which you just can not do in such moments. A bar of chocolate can cause exciting feeling and enhance mood.

Love menu: vegetables and herbs - aphrodisiacs

Onions with garlic are able to increase libido, due to the high content of zinc and vitamins. Artichoke evaporation are among the strongest aphrodisiacs. It is believed that after dinner with artichokes, you may have a boy. Boil the asparagus, and the bay of white wine, you get a delicious dinner. An artichoke, on the other hand, exhibits its stimulating properties if it is boiled and honey is added. When you decorate a dish of coriander and cilantro, you will cause a strong attraction to your chosen one.

Terms of use of aphrodisiac products

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for sexual function. In order to increase its production it is necessary that the products contain selenium and zinc. Vitamins are needed by the body, because they increase the overall tone of the body, and fatty acids and proteins that are easily digested are responsible for energy production. Aphrodisiacs products are preferably consumed after dinner, having made dinner in 2 hours.

Recipes for the love menu

  1. it a recipe that will help a man quickly regain his strength. You will need 400 grams of shrimp or oysters, 0.5 teaspoons of baking powder, a cup of flour, a little nutmeg, 1 egg, 0.5 mugs of beer, and 0.5 teaspoons of salt. Clean the shrimp. Cook for 5 minutes in a small amount of water, recline in a colander. Mix all dry ingredients. Beat the egg along with the beer, add to the flour, beat everything again. Give brew hour. Heat the fat. Each shrimp dipped in fat and fry until golden brown. Cooking time about 25 minutes.
  2. In order to cook love nectar Take a teaspoon of pharmaceutical chamomile, 0.5 glasses of beer, 1 hour, a spoonful of dry oregano, 2 glasses of water, an apple. Dushitsu and chamomile, mix, bring to a boil, add grated apple, after boiling, remove from heat. 12 minutes insist. Drain the broth and mix with warm beer. Serve warm.
  3. Cocktail, which can be used instead of "Viagra", is prepared as follows. Beat 2 quail eggs and add 20 g of cognac, including l sugar, lemon slice, a little soda and 120 g of cola.

At all times, women wanted to be loved and get real pleasure from the relationship with a man. Using this simple knowledge, you can always remain the most desirable and mysterious. Men will be at your feet.

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