Love in russian. like this

How can the peculiarities of a national character influence such delicate matter as love? Indeed, all over the world they say “I love” or “I do not love”, they seek, suffer, are jealous. Russians like to compare themselves with foreigners and say that we are different from them, we are special ...

How does love in Russian differ from the love of other nations? It seems to be love and love in Africa.

Russian woman

And since many great events are being accomplished thanks to women (or because of them), love, to a greater degree in its Russian sense, will concern women. You can take and analyze a lot of real love stories, you can re-read all the great novels of Russian classics. And, despite the variety of heroes, plots, there will be one thing in common - this is the love of a Russian woman, real, selfless, forgiving great love, great passion, with boiling emotions, with stupefaction of mind, forgetting conscience and duty ...

A Russian woman, before falling in love for real, must love several times incompletely, as if trying feelings, preparing for something more.y Remember Natasha Rostov. She, before she met Andrew, survived several "love romance". And one of them how hard she got! After all, he was already after she met Bolkonsky. It was a kind of verification for her. But after all the classic is a copy from our life. There was a similar story. And now for sure there will be no such stories alone. Only the faces change, the plot remains similar.

Of course, not always loving real love, a woman becomes the wife of her beloved. She may be already married, or he is already married. But if, nevertheless, your beloved became your spouse, this does not mean that Paradise came on earth. Many problems may start for you.

Barriers to love

AND the first and most basic is called - "life".

These are primarily problems with housing. Not all young people have the opportunity to bring their wife to their home, to their apartment. Such an opportunity arises for a man with age, when he already achieves something in life. And if he finds his companion early, and the parents cannot provide them with separate housing, they either have to live with their parents or rent an apartment. You can still take a mortgage, but in Russia it is not the smallest interest on it in the whole world.

Living with parents is always difficult. These are constant claims, reproaches, quarrels. For any mother, the son-in-law will not be good enough for her daughter, and for any mother-in-law - not a good sister-in-law. Even if the relationship is good at first, it can deteriorate over time. Exceptions only confirm this rule.

In addition to problems with housing and parents, may arise over time. insight problem. The wife begins to listen to her mom, her husband to hers. Lovers begin to see each other's shortcomings. Sometimes this can lead to divorce. Sometimes young people go through this stage, keeping love. Well, everyone has their drawbacks. But there are advantages! No wonder she chose him, and he was her. So love is above it, above all domestic misunderstandings.

Family fire of love

It is a pity that there are not so many families in Russia who live together all their lives and old age. But true love she is. Once you meet a loved one, you no longer want to let him go on your own. But what to do if he fell in love with another? Of course, let go, because you will not be forced by love! And the Russian woman is capable of this, she lets go. Sometimes she leaves her husband, thinking that he is her unreal love. But suddenly this is a test like Natasha Rostova?

And it can be so hard to make the right choice, especially when you live with a person for a long time and stop grabbing fire. But it only seems that way. In order for the family fire of love to last for many years, it must, of course, burn with a measured, quiet flame. Sometimes only flashing, so as not to forget that he is. Otherwise, if it burns brightly and strongly, then your love will not last long, it will empty you ...

Truly, only the love of a Russian person can be so faithful, selfless, can overcome all difficulties, all obstacles. We do not look at how much money a person has, whether he has a job, or an apartment. All this is not important to us, when we really fell in love. There is all this - fine, but no - it will be where it will grow, it will strive for something.

Love each other no matter what!

Especially for - Margot

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