Little baby in the kitchen

Boiling pots, open fire, microwave radiation, sharp objects ... If you look closely, then the kitchen is a place where the most dangerous items for your baby. Especially if he is in the age of active knowledge of the world!

One of my friends was so tortured by the cries of a child that she even managed to prepare to eat without letting him go. The son always lay on her arm and shertsal its movement in space. One day, mom was stirring soup on the hob, and the kid jerked with her foot and got right on the edge of the pan. A small burn on his son's finger became a great lesson for her. Familiar immediately learned to distinguish between a child and cooking. In the end, you can always find what to occupy the boy. Or, in extreme cases, postpone cooking.

Moving to a new apartment showed that the apartment can harbor a lot of dangerous things. What should pay attention to the kitchen, if the baby appeared in the family?


Open fire is a common cause of burns in young children. Therefore, if possible, it is better to cook on the long rings. But even a cooled pan can be fraught with danger if its handle is not turned to the side. If the child is able to stand up along the wall, then he can reach the object sticking out and pull on himself. Sad experience that no one needs. Therefore, make sure that nothing sticks out from the edge of the plate (and the tables).

Hot items

This could be an electric kettle, a cup of coffee on the edge of the table, a bowl of soup. Before you leave these things unattended for a moment, think about the health of your baby. Everything hot should be out of the reach of small children so that they do not have to regret their mistake in the future.

Sharp sharps

Many people have a habit of leaving a knife on the table after cutting bread. But if there is a child in the family up to 3 years old, it is better to accustom yourself to immediately take it away to the wall of the desktop, near which there are no chairs. Forks can also be hurt, so they should be taken out just before the start of the meal, and after that - immediately cleaned up in the sink.

Household chemicals

No matter how safe it is according to the manufacturer, it is better to keep all the bottles up at the hands of a young researcher. If you can still manage with a small cut yourself, the poisoning of household chemicals is a good reason to rush to the ambulance immediately to save the child's life.

Sills and windows

As a rule, a kitchen is a cooking workshop, a place of heat release. Housewives love to open the windows at above zero outside temperature. But if there is always a table and a chair next to the windowsill, it could be dangerous! Kids are very inquisitive and love to look at what happens outside the apartment. Therefore, it is best to install strong windows with the possibility of opening to a safe distance or not sideways, but upwards.


Anything can be found in it, so it’s better to keep it away from children. For example, inside the locker. Or with the lid closed. In the case of a child approaching the trash can, in every way show disgust and say "Kaka! Dust!" or something denoting the nastiness of this place.

Remember that learning a small kitchen can bring a lot to a kid's life. It should not be forbidden to rattle the lids of pots, put plastic fish or rag dolls there. While you are standing at the stove, the baby can play with the dishes in the doll next to it. Show him how to transfer the nuts from the bag to the pan and be surprised at how exciting it is! You will be able to free up precious minutes for yourself to calmly chop up the salad. And he will feel safe, being close to you.

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