Jealousy is a sign of love

Jealousy is always present and will be present in the relationship of most couples. But is it always good? What is it? Show love or something else? Let's try to figure it out.

Causes of jealousy

  • Man since ancient times was assigned the role of dominant in the family. In addition, also from ancient times, if a man believes that whatever belongs to him, then it is only him, and no one else. This is the first and the biggest cause of jealousy.
  • Scenes of jealousy with loud Italian scandals are typical for those men who in another way simply do not know how (or simply do not want) to let off steam. They are not physiologically capable of long conversations and clarifications. If they have even the slightest suspicion of infidelity second half, then write - gone!
  • Most people who inherent bouts of jealousy, internally notorious. It seems to them that they are either not beautiful enough or not successful enough. In constant comparison with others and complexes are cultivated.
  • Self-doubt and low self-esteem - also inherent in people from time to time, falling into jealousy.
  • Hot, impulsive people are capable of brighter flashes of jealousy.. Sometimes emotions just rolls over. While emotions take over the mind, trying to explain something to such a person is simply impossible.

Researchers working on the nature of jealousy, it was found that male jealousy is much stronger and more emotional than female. If women's jealousy flares up slowly, and she needs constant nourishment (search of pockets, checking mail, messages in the phone and in social networks), then a man’s reason is enough, and now she’s burning!

In fact, of course, jealousy and love go together. This is not worth even doubt. But this is not the same thing. Jealousy arises, First of all, because one of the partners does not trust the second. But while loving, so jealousy becomes insanely painful. And for both.

Jealousy is the witness of selfishness and the stupidity of a jealous one. Selfishness - because, this man believes that his partner belongs only to him and no one else. Considers that communication is possible (and should be) only with him. And nonsense - because, sometimes, a jealous one even does not notice the absurdity of his accusations. And not trying to logically explain something. Jealousy veil veils eyes.

How to deal with jealousy?

If you are jealous- no need to cheat on the scandal! No need to shout and argue. And even more so to make excuses! Justify only when they feel guilty for themselves. If you start to make excuses, your loved one might think that jealousy is not groundless. And it threatens to part. Not worth it eitherto be led by jealousyyour second half. Some begin to deliberately refuse to meet with friends just because it can give an extra reason for jealousy of a loved one. But this is also wrong. Why take voluntary slavery?

Explain to your man that you are with him because you love him, that you have chosen him, because he is the best. And that you no longer need anyone. And analyze how much time you spend on it? If not, fix it soon. And hisjealousy will disappear without a trace!

If you are jealous - realize and recognize the fact that jealous. Sit down, calm down and think whether your jealousy is justified. Or is it based solely on suspicion? Analyze the situation, and think about what you can say to your man. Pull yourself together and then talk to your loved one. Tell him about what torments you. Just do not blame him and do not go on the offensive. He is not guilty of anything! You just have to share your thoughts with him.

If in response he says that he loves you, and youabsolutely no reason for jealousy - take it easy. Learn to trust in your relationship with your beloved without checking! And then everything will work out!

Love you and understanding!

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