Is it possible to give a watch to your loved one for a

Everyone likes to receive gifts, but it is much more pleasant to give them, especially if they are dear to our dear people. However, the choice of a gift often turns into a painful process. I want to give something practical, but not any banal thing that will gather dust on the mezzanine. And what could be more practical than a stylish wrist watch? Here are just some unpleasant beliefs associated with such a gift.

And even if you are not superstitious, then your chosen one may be. How to be in this case? Is it possible to give a watch to your loved one? What are the consequences of such a gift? Let's figure it out.

Folk omens and superstitions

Watch as a gift

Probably, it is laid by nature: despite the technical progress and developed society, many of us are inclined to superstition. But the majority of superstitions and will be born because of ignorance of the nature of the phenomena. Although, if you think about it, time is still an abstract value, absolutely not subject to man. It cannot be touched, and no matter how much we sometimes want to turn back time, we are powerless. No wonder that many superstitions are connected with such a mysterious substance.

One of them is the gift of the clock. This belief dates back to those distant times, when clocks were only invented and led superstitious horror to ordinary people, who understood little about mechanisms, and even more so in the dimension of what was not. In their view, the watch could somehow affect the flow of time, and a little later, this fear was reborn into the confidence that they measure the life of their owner.

Also, the watches endowed with magical properties and believed that magicians, using them, could affect human destiny. But in the mysterious Chinese mythology, the watch is directly associated with death. In Chinese, even the hieroglyphs for clock and death are almost identical. There is an opinion that a person will live until the clock presented to him is stopped. Therefore, before giving a watch to a Chinese or Japanese person, think carefully, as they may perceive such a gift as a wish for a speedy death.

Based on these superstitions and myths, many rather contradictory signs will be born:

  • hours as a gift to a close one - to the imminent separation;
  • watches presented to a colleague are the forerunner of a short life;
  • watches as a wedding gift will bring discord to the young family, and then divorce is inevitable;
  • At the same time, your favorite wristwatches, with which you have not left for a long time, can become your talisman and amulet;
  • to change your life for the better and get out of the black strip of failures, you need to urgently purchase a new watch;
  • lost hours bring failures, but those found, on the contrary, are considered a symbol of success.

Why not give a watch to your loved one?

Giving a clock

Do watches give their halves? Folk superstitions argue that this is categorically undesirable. The ban applies to boyfriends and beloved girls, as well as married couples. They say that giving a watch, you will start your parting with your loved one. Moreover, separation is inevitable and does not depend on the stop mechanism of the clock. They can continue to move, but you still break up. Particularly superstitious ladies are very upset by such gifts, considering that the young man is trying to get rid of their society. And even a gift in the form of a gold watch does not delight them.

One legend tells of a certain young couple who never quarreled, as they say, they lived in perfect harmony. But the girl for the anniversary of dating decided to give the guy a watch. And from that moment between them ran like a cat, the quarrels did not stop. But in spite of superstitious signs, you didn’t reach the parting between them: the clock broke, and love turned out to be stronger than time.

We believe in omens or not, but there are watches, they are worn, put on fireplaces, hung on walls, sold, bought and presented. It is only necessary to remember that thought is material. If you think about something bad all the time, then it will definitely happen. Therefore, if you are in doubt, whether it is possible to give a watch to your loved one for a birthday, and thoughts of separation do not leave you with it, it is better to refuse such a gift and give him something neutral.

Give or not?

Give a watch or not?

"To be or not to be?" - that is the question. This is the whole essence of a human, eternal search, constant torment and the need to choose. The situation is simplified if a person is free from superstition. Then, in order to give a watch to a loved one, it is necessary to find out its attitude to popular beliefs and rumors. If he, just like you, does not pay attention to signs, then there is no problem. You just have to choose a chronometer worthy of your young man. Otherwise, either leave this venture, or recommend him to buy the watch himself, and present another gift for his birthday.

There is another way out of this situation. The same popular belief, which prohibits the donation of watches, asserts that if you sell them for a nominal fee, it is not considered a gift, which means that the omen will not work. As payment, a few kopecks or an iron ruble will do. The fate of the giver, whose chosen one is the watch collector, is quite alleviated. Such a person will probably be happy to receive a watch, especially if there are no such watches in his collection. A gift with a memorable engraved engraving will be invaluable.

Uncertainty in the strength of mutual feelings, the stability of the relationship with lovers or couples already united by marriage always makes you look for those guilty of breaking up and parting. And received as a gift watch can be pure coincidence, and the true reasons lie much deeper. It is unlikely that someone analyzed the number of partings associated with the donated watches. Most likely there will be a lot of couples who will confirm that no signs can prevent real love. A watch is just a device for measuring time. Be happy!

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