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Most often the words "grandmother" and "grandfather" give us pleasant warm and joyful memories. Someone associates them with the holidays spent in the village, someone with all sorts of dishes prepared according to a unique recipe, and someone with kindness and love, support and friendship. Many grandparents love to pamper their beloved grandchildren. But do they render them a service or interfere with the educational process of the parents? Is it good for a child or harmful?

The role of grandparents in education

Is it good when a child is pampered by a grandmother and grandfather?

Grandparents in one way or another are involved in raising a child. Whether they share the same living space with a young family, whether they live next door or in another city - it does not matter, the main thing is that when they meet with their grandchildren they exert their influence on them. Many people prefer an active position: they try to spend all the time with the child, perhaps even more than the parents; others - stand aside and try to take the least possible part in the process of education. Anyway, before you give your child to the care of grandparents, talk to them, discuss important issues of upbringing, so that there are as few clashes as possible between you. If this does happen, try not to swear in front of the child, because he can perceive it painfully.

In addition, many of the advice of the older generation still need to listen. They lived much longer than us, which means they have more experience. And although they are not always able to understand that our time is different from the times of their youth, they often give valuable advice. Therefore, of course, grandmothers and grandfathers should take part in the education of the younger generation. But the extent of this participation must determine you.

Is it good or bad to spoil grandchildren?

This question is difficult to find a definite answer. It is surely a great pleasure for the child that grandparents do something pleasant for him, something that parents often do not do. And it is also pleasant for the old men to treat their grandchildren, to give them presents and, like good wizards, to fulfill their wishes. Before you get mad at your grandparents, think that most often they do it from their hearts, because they love their grandchildren with all their hearts and want to make them happy.

However, the excessive fulfillment of all the whims of a child can negatively affect his character, self-esteem and assessment of the surrounding reality. In your power to control the process! Just do not declare war and categorically prohibit everything. In dealing with older people need to be able to negotiate. Listen to them, and then tell them what you think. You will only have to combine the two opinions together, and each side will be satisfied. As the saying goes: "And the wolves are fed and the grandmothers are whole."

Mothers note

Is it good when a child is pampered by a grandmother and grandfather?

Think about what your child’s childhood will be like if it goes unchecked by the grandparents. A child in essence requires a lot of attention from adults. Can you give him as much as you need? And who as not the senior generation can help you with it. Remember your childhood, your grandparents, your attitude towards them; Remember those joyful minutes, hours and days that they gave you, as they spoiled you, were allowed by what your parents did not allow. In the world of "permanent bans" our children need a certain outlet, a change of priorities, a change of behavior. It is not easy and interesting to live when you are forbidden to everyone. Think about the fact that they have a serious adult life ahead in which very few people can and will want to pamper.

Childhood is the happiest time of our life. Do not seek to take away from your child this fleeting, carefree time. Normal grandparents should pamper, love, and cherish their grandchildren. It is worth remembering only that everything is good in moderation. Your task is not to let everything take its course and vigilantly follow the process and the extent of this “indulgence”.

Warm relations between old people and children are worth a lot! Do not forget about it.

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