If you have a fantasy about something else

It often happens that, being in a relationship with a man, you understand that there is no past romance, awe. All this is mixed with the thoughts of a completely different man. Does this mean that you no longer love your man?

  • First you need to determine do you think about a particular man, or thought takes just an image? It is possible that you represent a stranger who attracts the eye. Such thoughts are visited by a large number of women. There is nothing terrible and threatening your relationship with your loved ones.

  • But another option is also possible. thoughts about a very specific person - neighbor on the porch, a colleague from work. The main thing in this situation - do not feel guilty. Perhaps, in your relationship with a man, something went wrong, it began to go wrong like before. Try to understand what it could be. Having worked on solving this problem, you will understand a lot.
  • It is likely that relationship with your man just went to the next stage. But otherwise, any relationship must develop, they can not stand still. Of course, it may not be enough of those previous views, from which the goose bumps used to run. No trepidation in anticipation of a call from him. But this is normal, and this does not mean that you no longer love. Just your relationship has become more serious, stable and calm. And this is not bad.
  • Try talking to your beloved and say that you are missing romance or sensuality. It is likely that after this your thoughts about something else will disappear.
  • Another option why it could happen that your thoughts are about something elsethen if you wanted new sensations. After all, you have studied your man far and wide. He became predictable, and therefore it seems uninteresting. But new sensations are possible with a long-time partner.Simply change the situation. Depending on your preferences and financial possibilities, you can go to relax - at a resort, in the village, enjoy the virgin nature, or go on a camping trip with tents. Choose you.
  • Mthought of another man may occur if you are in a quarrel with your man. Of course, when a quarrel occurred, for example, on the grounds that he did not pay any attention to you, and you saw a neighbor walking on the street with your wife, you can start thinking of your neighbor as a beautiful man. But before your thoughts grow into something more, try to discuss a fight with your man. Do not quarrel with him. And do not give anyone an example. Just explain exactly what you would like to get from his side. Perhaps this problem will be exhausted!

Well and finally ask yourself a few questions, which will help to compare two men - the one with whom you are in a relationship, and the one you are thinking about.

  1. Which of them do I want to spend my whole life with?
  2. Who would I like to meet old age?
  3. From whom, of them, would I like to have children, and then bring them up together?
  4. What exactly keeps me in touch with my man?
  5. Why have I not gone to the man I think about?
  6. What happens if one of these men disappears forever from my life?

When you are in a relaxed atmosphere and absolutely honestly answer these questions for yourself, you will understand who you really love.

Love and be loved!

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