If the guy looks into his eyes

Eyes - this is perhaps the most expressive in the human face. They reflect our internal state, give out emotions and feelings. When we want to understand a person, we try to look intently into his eyes. We can communicate with our loved ones for a long time, practically without taking our eyes off, and constant eye contact with an unfamiliar person strains and creates awkwardness. After all, a long look is, in fact, a very intimate thing.

Girls very often wonder, but What does it mean if a guy looks into his eyes? Of course, if this is your husband or loved one, then he looks into his eyes, because he loves and trusts. And if you are not sure about the feelings of a man, but you are confused by the fact of a close look, this is quite normal. At the very least, this means that you are interesting to him as a person, but if he has feelings for you as a woman, this is only to be found out.

Why does the guy look into his eyes?

  • Pay attention to some points. For example, if a man’s pupils dilated during a conversation, he is actually very interested and passionate about you.. However, not all of the representatives of the stronger sex are so bold that they can look at the lady that she likes right in their eyes without hesitation Some, on the contrary, can do this with a sneak while you do not see it, although you will definitely feel someone’s look on you. Buta slightly raised brow speaks of coldness and arrogance towards you. It is even possible that a man considers you an annoying person and wants to complete the conversation as soon as possible.

If the guy looks into his eyes

  • But in the event that a man’s gaze means interest, it is necessary to find out the reasons for this. Maybe he is just a ladies man and a seducer, therefore he wants to enrage you with his look. How to understand this?
  • First of all, no one has canceled intuition, and if you feel that a person is insincere towards you, then perhaps it is. Also another sign of a seducer will be excessive confidence. After all, any guy, even quite self-confident, if he really likes a girl, will have a slight restraint. And if he leads too self-confidently, one can hardly speak of any serious feelings.
  • A close look with a light can mean a strong sexual desire towards you. The man spotted you and now will try as quickly as possible to achieve the desired. Here, of course, everything depends on you. If you also liked the man externally and you are not against a light, non-binding novel, you can maintain eye contact. Your partner will see your interest and, most likely, he will speak to you first. But if you are not a supporter of such intrigues, then keep yourself cold and detached, in no way showing the guy that you want to communicate and get acquainted with him.
  • Now, about how among all the views that we exchange during the day to see exactly the one that looks at you with real sympathy or even love in the male sense? It is difficult to give clear advice here, because the other person will not look into the soul. Try to listen to your inner voice, what clue it will give you. If you do not experience discomfort with a man, this is a good sign. Try to solve it further, watching the behavior and views.

If the guy looks into his eyes

How to behave in this situation? Every day you notice a stranger’s gaze on yourself or, on the contrary, you are familiar with this person, but the visual shootout confuses you and you don’t know how to react? It is best to take a wait and see what it will lead to. If you hurry too much and start to be active yourself, be the first to meet or talk, then a man can lose all interest.

Give him the palm of the championship, because perhaps your mystery and inaccessibility interested him, and you are going to destroy your aura of the mysterious stranger. Although, again, everything is very individual, and you have to look at the situation, there are such indecisive guys that it is easier to come up and meet yourself. But better not hurry. And, of course, nobody forbids to use small female tricks, such as flirtatious eyes, half-smiles, stroking hair or biting lips. All this affects the guy, like a red rag and, noticing such signals from you, he will not hesitate for a long time.

And one more thing, do not overdo it with its inaccessibility. A woman only plays a passive role in relationships, and in life she is the initiator of many important decisions. If a man already shows his obvious interest and expresses this not only with views, but with words and actions, we can safely begin to express his sympathy. Otherwise, he will consider you the Snow Queen and go to another more emotional girl.

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