I do not like his friends. what to do

All people are different. And no one is obliged someone like. Someone communicates with cheerful clockwork people who love noisy companies. And someone likes communication with a person who loves to think, give advice. And if Someone from her husband's friends do not like, it does not mean that it is a bad person.

Understand yourself

For a start, look into the causes of the prevailing antipathy. Doesn't a person like himself by his characteristic actions or words? Or rejection arose by itself, for no apparent reason? Or maybe you jealousy beloved, Considering that time spent with friends, he could give you? Make logical conclusions from your thoughts and talk to your husband. Explain to him why you do not like some of his friends. Just do not make categorical statements. Do not like it! It does not happen. And the husband, most likely, will not understand you, will not hear.

It is not necessary and force your loved one to choose between you and his friends. This is at least dishonest. You offer him an unequal choice. You are one thing, his friends are another. You are not interchangeable with them.

Look at the situation from the other side.

It is possible that he doesn't like your girlfriends. But do you agree not to communicate with them at all for the sake of your beloved? And does he give any ultimatums? Most likely not. Then give him the opportunity to choose friends to your liking. Agree that you will meet with your friends and girlfriends separately. Make it so as to keep meeting people who are unpleasant to you to a minimum. Let him communicate with his buddies outside your home.

All of the above is suitable for the situation where you seem to have no reason not to love his friends, but you still cannot see them. But there are situations where dislike has a reason. When unmarried friends constantly call your loved one with you to the bathhouse, bar or to visit. This does not exclude the possibility that a company assembled there will not be 100 per cent male. Then the reason for worry really is.

This situation, of course, should not be tolerated and silent, saving up irritation. Be sure to talk to him. But precisely TALK. Do not need scandals with lamentations. Just explain to him how it is. Tell about the true causes of excitement. Tell him that you need him, that you want to spend more time with him. As time passes, and the stronger your relationship becomes, the greater will be friends retreat to the background.If you think those people with whom he communicates capable of unseemly deeds and can betray, then tell your husband about it. But without emotion. Just express your opinion and justify it.

Some real friends

Also, do not forget that real friends, lifelong friends - very little. And over time, ordinary buddies will simply step aside. Communication comes down to "no." And if the beloved continues to communicate with them for a long time, think, maybe your friends are not as bad as it may seem at first glance. You probably just don't know them well. Just try to get to know your loved one's friends better. Do not refuse next time from a joint party, a campaign. And if they are unmarried, you can take along unmarried friends. Who knows, maybe they will like each other, and your company will be divided into pairs. And then you will be friends with families.

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We are all humans. And we can all be wrong. And in other people too. Your opinion is not the ultimate truth. Be wiser, do not make unreasonable conclusions. In any case, patience and love in your family!

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