How unusual to celebrate a wedding

Every girl dreams about the wedding and wants her celebration to be the best day of her life. But 90 percent of all weddings are built according to the usual scenario and no one is surprised by the effect of surprise. And so I want to surprise all the guests with their wedding and themselves, so that after many years to view the wedding video and admire their originality. Everything is not so difficult, just do not be afraid to move away from the wedding canons and make the wedding to your taste. You can choose from several ways to celebrate your wedding.

Wedding based on fairy tales

What was your favorite childhood tale? Maybe this is a fairy tale about Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Barbara Krass. Build the whole wedding scenario for the fabulous motifs - a few challenges, a mysterious abduction of the bride and a happy ending. Any bride will love to feel like a heroine, for which a man accomplishes feats and cracks down on enemies. And any man will be flattered that his wife is beautiful as a princess or smart, like Vasilisa the Wise.

The first comes to mind Russian folk tales, but there are many foreign fairy tales that can also be played. Could this be the Princess on the Pea or the Snow Queen? You can edit the fairy-tale scenario yourself so that it suits both you and your future spouse. You can invite the actor's team - he will revive the fabulous story and intelligently distribute the functions of all the characters.

Of course, the wedding should be arranged in the appropriate style, if this is a wedding about Cinderella, then instead of cars you will have to order carriages, and turn the place of celebration into a magic castle. And do not forget to play a contest with shoes trying on, everything is like in a fairy tale.

According to the latest fashion

Feel like a real socialite at the wedding: glamor, pretentiousness, sophistication - this will be a challenge to the whole gray society. The bride and groom are dressed from the best fashion designers, or at least their clothes are as close as possible to glamorous trends. The wedding dress does not have to be lush, it is possible with a short skirt, do not be afraid to show your legs, the groom is not necessarily in a black suit, you can even be pink, more creative! Read in magazines how they are celebrating a wedding now, maybe it will give you fresh ideas. With such a wedding, you eclipse all your friends, and they will discuss it for a long time.

Wedding on the subject

Here is given full freedom to fly your imagination. This may be a wedding in the form of a historic ball, or a wedding in the Oriental or Gothic style. If you do not want to bother too much, then you can simply set the appropriate dress code for all guests and the wedding will already stand out against the general background. For example, in the summer you can make a Hawaiian wedding, when you do not want to bathe in the heat under tight wedding dresses, the bride can come in one bathing suit and light pareo, and the groom in a Hawaiian shirt, guests also have to withstand Hawaiian dress code.

There are lots of options, you can make a wedding in the style of Pirates of the Caribbean - the bride will be a languid beauty, who is kidnapped by a ferocious pirate, you can make an exotic wedding in the style of a wild African tribe, or maybe you want to feel like a woman, who is kidnapped by a hot Caucasian man; you.

We celebrate a wedding in nature

Usually, the wedding prefer to celebrate indoors, but if it's summer outside, then why not get out into the countryside. You can head to the forest, or invite everyone to ride on the boat, or you can generally move closer to the lake or river, sit in tents and a friendly crowd swim in the water with glasses of champagne. Another option is to rent a house in the suburban area and barbecue there to enjoy the unity with nature. In nature, there is much more space for various contests, songs, and in general the sensations are completely different.

Off tradition in celebrating a wedding

No money, but you want a wedding? This is far from a problem. Instead of limousines, drive to the registry office on bicycles, and instead of wedding attire, wear shorts with a tank top. It is not necessary to celebrate an economical wedding in a cafe, at home, on the street or in an ordinary pizzeria, and such a wedding can be just as good as the usual one, on the contrary, it will be remembered by everyone for its non-standard. So that everyone understands that you are the bride, add a veil to shorts and a t-shirt, and attach a small flower to the groom, however, you can do without it, according to your happy faces so everyone will understand what you are celebrating!

You can celebrate your wedding in the original Russian style. In our country, by the way, there are a lot of wedding traditions that are forgotten over time. Want to have a wedding, as our ancestors did, then go to the village. There they will tell you what to eat, how to dress and what kind of contests to hold for a wedding. If you can not go to the village, arm yourself with literature describing the ancient Russian life, there you will find wedding traditions.

Wedding in the style of the musical

Perhaps you or your fiancee sing professionally, or just sing well in karaoke after the third glass. This is a great way to express yourself and unusually celebrate the wedding. Choose a musical theme - romance, passion or a joking theme. You can play a real movie, the main characters of which will be you! Or you can invite professional singers, and they will decorate and revive your wedding.

Wedding for athletes

You do not like to sit in one place, prefer a sporty style, go to a trainer, then a sports wedding is for you - introduce everyone to the sport! Competitions in the form of sports competitions, let the groom show his dexterity and strength, guests also should not sit on the sidelines, but show in the competitions which of them is the most nimble. Champagne can be drunk from glasses in the form of a winning cup. If sport is an integral part of your life, then you can make a sports stadium a wedding venue or simply decorate a room in a sporty style.

Wedding for extreme

Is your life the weather for new thrills? So, a wedding without a portion of adrenaline will not work for you, show everyone that life is not only quiet happiness, but also an inexhaustible thirst for adventure, a dangerous famously twisted plot. Such a pair is sure to have one or even several extreme hobbies. It can be skydiving, motorcycle racing, mountaineering or horse riding. Such hobbies and become a piquant chip for your wedding. Land to the guests on a parachute, ride on horses - tickle your nerves and present yourself to everyone present, making them worry about you.

Underwater wedding

At the same time, an insanely romantic and risky business is a wedding underwater. Decide in advance how and where you are going to dive, which resort you choose or prefer to master your native shores, whether you will invite guests to your swim or confine yourself to witnesses. Be sure to invite a good photographer to capture your dive in photos and videos. Of course, you should take care of your own equipment - a diving suit, you can jump in a dress with a veil, unless of course you feel sorry for, and do not forget that in this case only waterproof makeup is needed.

You should not stop misunderstanding or condemnation from others around your wedding. This is your holiday and your right to celebrate it of your own free will!

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