How to write a resume

Why does it happen that someone sending out resumes to dozens of companies never get an answer, and someone having sent only a few companies, immediately receive an invitation for an interview? Of course, you can calculate that this is the usual luck. But this is not the point, of course. And in the knowledge of how to properly create a resume to work, to talk about their strengths and interest the future employer.

How to write a resume for work: sample

When drafting a resume, the most important thing is to follow clear rules.

How to write a resume to get a good job?

  1. Literacy. It is very important that grammar mistakes, youth slang and typographical errors are absent in the resume ready for sending. This is one of the most important aspects of making the right one. It is worth remembering that if there are a large number of errors in the document, they simply will not read it and will not pay any attention to everything else. To get a prestigious place, resumes must be written correctly and checked several times before being sent;
  2. Match the desired job. Regardless of what kind of job there is a desire to get, it is important to clearly understand what exactly you want to do in a particular company. You should also write about this in the resume. Do not specify too much, as this will only confuse the employer and may cause unnecessary questions. For example, an accountant does not have to write about taking courses in interior design or cooking;
  3. A resume should have a reasonable amount. Half of the page is too small, 4 pages are already a lot. The ideal option would be a resume for 1-2 pages, but no more. It would be best to try to occupy only 1 page, but this is not always possible. There are cases that in order to obtain the desired position it is necessary to describe in more detail my own achievements in a career and current experience. You should not try to express your professionalism only with a few mean words.
  4. The best resume to make in Worde. In this case, it is worth optimizing the used space - for example, use tables. The font should not be too large, but not small. Footers and optimal fields for the document are executed. By following such simple recommendations, you can reduce the two-page summary to the 1st page;
  5. Simple and clear structure. It is important to properly structure information about your own professional experience and about yourself. Of course, today there is no single form, but at the same time there are the most common. The most important thing is to use ready-made templates, and not to try to create something new and original, which does not always produce the desired effect.

How to write a resume to get a good job?

The following 2 resume writing structures are most commonly used:

1st version of the summary

  1. Name and contact details, not too much personal information.
  2. The goal, the estimated level of salary, but this is not mandatory information (in some cases it may be useful).
  3. Experience in this field.
  4. Existing education.
  5. Having professional skills.
  6. Additional Information.

2nd version of the summary

First comes the "hat" and skills:

  1. Full name and all contact details, personal information.
  2. The goal and the expected salary level (this is not necessary to indicate).
  3. The presence of professional skills in this field.
  4. Existing experience.
  5. The presence of education.
  6. Additional Information.

Of course, writing a good resume is not the easiest task, but quite doable. It may not be possible to create a template right away, but it is enough to write several options and choose a more suitable one. Only if the resume makes a positive impression on the employer, one can hope for an interview. It is important to remember that before sending, you need to check your resume several times for grammatical errors, you can let your friends read it and get an opinion from the side, maybe you should remove or add something.

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