How to win a man-taurus

If among your acquaintances there is a man who is constantly surrounded by women in love with him, then most likely this is Taurus. Why does he cause so much sympathy among the representatives of the weaker sex? How to win a man-Taurus, to lead him down the aisle? And is it worth fighting for his love? Ask the stars.

Is Taurus a male ideal or a masterful deceiver?

Taurus is the most earthly of all signs. This applies to all aspects of his life. He appreciates stability and reliability. Before such a man is never the choice of "a bird in the hand or a crane in the sky": he definitely chooses a simpler option.

Recognizing the nature of such a person is not easy. The only thing that will help to know what a Taurus is actually a man is a characteristic. How to win his heart, will directly depend on how much you match his ideal Woman.

How to win a male calf?

We list the main features of Taurus:

  • a characteristic of a man born under this sign is restraint. He never becomes the soul of the company. Taurus is slow to such an extent that it can even cause irritation. From the outside it seems that he is lazy and does not know how to take the initiative, but it is better not to try to “speed it up”;
  • supernatural stubbornness. Taurus is so self-confident that to try to convince him is to waste time;
  • ability to attract wealth. Taurus prepares his life plan in advance, it necessarily includes money, so there are practically no poor people among the representatives of this sign;
  • Taurus have impeccable taste. They are sickened by any unnatural (including artificial lips or silicone breasts) and bad taste in clothes;
  • A good family man is the main feature of a person of this sign.

Fall in love and make a husband: why fight for the love of Taurus?

Before throwing all the forces and means to achieve the location of Taurus, it is useful to know if the stakes are high? What advantages will he give if he becomes a lover or husband?

For the love of a male Taurus is worth fighting! A family union with such a spouse has excellent prospects. Even if during the period of his acquaintance he did not reach the top, this will certainly happen. You will have a good home and enough money not to deny yourself small (and big) pleasures.

The Taurus man is a caring husband and father. He will take over all the household chores, surround his loved ones with love and provide them with comfort. Taurus wives usually do not have to work. If even a husband has a mistress, he will not leave his family for her sake.

Taurus is a wonderful lover. In an intimate life, he shows ingenuity and is able to give a woman sensual pleasure.

What does he require from his life partner? She should always meet him with a smile, look good, be able to listen and please. She will have to give up her own career and devote her entire life to her spouse and children. Taurus likes order and cleanliness at home, children are well-groomed and well-mannered, on the table is a hot and tasty lunch.

Male Taurus: how to win his heart - the rule of three "B"

To melt the heart of a stubborn Bull, a woman just needs to follow the rule of the three "B". So, the best woman in the representation of Taurus is:

  • faithful friend;
  • virtuoso culinary;
  • great hostess.

To captivate Taurus will be able to a girl who knows how to present themselves. She should be beautiful, noble and kind. Taurus does not like hysterics, he is more like sensible and sensible ladies. The girl must convince him that he dreams of a family and wants a lot of children. She in no case should not give the impression of a careerist.

It is worth remembering that Taurus-men are prone to melancholy, and therefore need support. Since Taurus works a lot, he often forgets to eat and does not find time to sleep. Therefore, the companion should provide him a good rest.

Taurus man: how to win his heart

How to win a man Taurus woman Cancer: a union of pragmatists

Taurus and Cancer are the perfect match. There is a lot in common between them. They value comfort, love wealth and dream of a strong family. In order for all these plans to come true, a woman must give the reins to a man.

Conquering Taurus girl Raku easy. Women born under this sign have a soft, delicate character. They are feminine and romantic that Taurus likes so much. If a girl demonstrates to her chosen one that she prefers noisy parties for home comfort and is set up for a serious relationship, then soon she will be the only and indispensable for him.

How to win a man Taurus woman Scorpio: opposites attract?

If you believe the horoscope, then Taurus and the girl-Scorpio - not too good combination. They are very different, so it will be difficult for them to achieve a harmonious union. If the lady of Scorpio wants to fall in love with him at all costs, then she will have to be patient and apply her intuition.

She should convince Taurus that she is a reliable and faithful companion. The main thing - without showing excessive perseverance, gradually become indispensable for him. Since Taurus is conservative and terribly dislikes change, he will rather suffer difficulties in the relationship than he will look for a new girl.

If such an alliance is still formed, the spouses will either be betrayed each other for the rest of their lives, or will noisily part in the first year of their marriage.

How to win a man Taurus woman Capricorn: sympathy at first sight

The Capricorn woman will have to do almost nothing to make Taurus feel passionate about her. They are simply the halves of each other. Taurus is madly in love with the seriousness, responsibility and pragmatism of Caprichogus.

The only thing that a girl should remember is that she should not be too zealous to re-educate Taurus. This can be done (with great delicacy) later, when the relationship between them is "cemented" by marriage and children. Do not forget about intimate contacts: Tauruses are loving, sex means a lot to them, so the partner will easily lose his head from a passionate girl.

How to win a man Taurus woman Aries: War of the Worlds?

How to win a man Taurus woman?

Taurus is phlegmatic, and Aries girl is most often choleric. At the same time, both are incredibly stubborn. What comes out of this explosive mixture? True but short love! Conquer such a man-Aries woman is almost always possible. She can charm him with her energy, cheerful nature, bright temperament. He loses his mind and is subject to the charms of Aries, but such a union is fragile. A couple gets tired of each other too quickly.

Love diplomacy: how to win a Taurus man to a Libra woman?

A woman born in Libra can seduce a Taurus boy if she proves that she can be an exemplary wife and a skilled housewife. To interest such a man, it is useful for her to let on the mystery. Then he will want to get to know her better to understand what her mystery is about.

Taurus is not looking for the Muse, but for his wife, who feeds him deliciously, knows how to count money, and is able to bring happiness to his children and improve his life. Since the Libra woman is a good diplomat, it is not difficult for her to convince a man that with her he will find peace and comfort for which she is so eager.

Taurus - the dream of many women. He is very charming, knows how to look beautiful. Although not every lady has a place in his heart, there is still a sure way to win a Taurus man. The model of a woman for him is a wise housewife. Use this weakness of a stubborn sign, and very soon the object of passion will be at your feet!

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