How to win a capricorn man

One of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac is Capricorn. They are rather closed people with a rich inner world, which they zealously protect. Therefore, we will try to formulate the basic principles that describe how to conquer a Capricorn man. In this matter, you need to understand in stages.

The nature of male Capricorn

The nature of men is not easy at all. But those who were born in late December-early January and are representatives of the earth element

The nature of men is not easy at all. But those who were born in late December and early January and are representatives of the earth element are doubly uneasy. And, nevertheless, the Capricorns satellites are faithful and loving comrades-in-arms, who protect their women from domestic turmoil and grief.

The strong half of humanity Capricorns have a number of common features that must be taken into account by the queen women of their hearts.

  • Calculation. When choosing a life partner Capricorns are guided by certain requirements for women, and not by the gusts of a rebellious soul.
  • Perseverance. Each Capricorn-man has painted in his imagination the image of an ideal companion for himself and tries to find him in earthly women. The danger may lie in wait for idealists in the fact that the search is sometimes delayed to a great age.
  • Pragmatism. Choosing a woman for themselves, Capricorns must clearly understand how their lives will change under the influence of relationships. And, only having estimated this prospect, they will agree to continue communication.
  • Epicureanism. Capricorns love to eat tasty and live in comfort.

At the same time with strangers men born under the sign of Capricorn

In this case, with strangers, men born under the sign of Capricorn, do not rush to enter into close contact. Sometimes these make an impression of sullen personalities. But in fact, in the soul and in the head of Capricorn, there is a complex process of assessing the conformity of a particular person (woman) to the painted ideal. Therefore, knowing the characteristics of Capricorn-men, how to win it - becomes a matter not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

How to win the heart of Capricorn men?

Capricorns - the earth sign, the elevation and soaring in the clouds, they do not accept

Capricorns - the earth sign, the elevation and soaring in the clouds, they do not accept. They really look at things, so in order to subdue them, you need:

  • show in deed, not in words, that you are able to set goals and achieve them;
  • do not initiate talk of love and romance: such topics cause practical boredom in practical Capricorn;
  • cook well (Capricorns love hearty and tasty food, but are skeptical of culinary delights);
  • not to restrict the freedom of men (Capricorns are docile with his beloved woman, but if they feel pressure from her, leave immediately);
  • praise your Capricornus (this is a very conceited sign, which, by praise, will turn mountains);
  • be sincere (men born under this sign of the zodiac, sensitively feel false and do not forgive lies).

What is a Capricorn woman to do?

Capricorn-man is looking for the earthly embodiment of his ideal, which sometimes almost impossible to match

Capricorn-man is looking for the earthly embodiment of his ideal, which sometimes is almost impossible to match. And yet it is worth trying happiness. For this woman must be

  • practical;
  • purposeful;
  • ambitious;
  • with a sense of humor.

Given the nature of the Capricorn woman, it can be said that she is the perfect pair of men of the same sign. Despite the apparent inexpressiveness, the woman is very neat and takes care of herself. The male Capricorn likes it when next to him is not an unfeeling doll, but a living person capable of heartfelt manifestations and selfless kindness. The main thing is that in order to conquer the heart of a man such a lady needs, in fact, only one thing - to be herself. The only "but" of this relationship is that sooner or later, some of them may become boring. Then it is important to discuss the changes in time, so as not to bring the matter to rupture. If both partners decide that they are better off, they can become very good friends.

How does Aries conquer Capricorn?

Aries are very enterprising and energetic, so good for Capricorn

Aries are very enterprising and energetic, so they are good for Capricorns, who do well in leadership positions in relationships. And yet astrologers are convinced that this union is not very promising. After all, both signs are “horned,” which means their union is a test of strength, competition, whose horns will be stronger. For Aries to conquer Capricorn, you must:

  • to become, first of all, a partner for him, and then a chosen one (this could be a business, a joint passion, etc.);
  • show that you value the personal space of Capricorn, moreover - you have your own (this will earn him respect);
  • to respect the personality of Capricorn (Aries woman quickly grows cold towards people for whom she has not a drop of reverence);
  • to restrain the impulsiveness of character (the more impulsive Aries, the more arbitrary Capricorn acts - this is it, the collision with horns).

The union of Aries-women and Capricorn-men usually does not last long. But only in relations with such a lady can Capricorn feel the exciting smell of gunpowder of life. And the aftertaste of such relationships will forever remain a bright color in the measured, slightly boring life of a melancholic-Capricorn.

There is nothing difficult to determine a strategy for how to conquer a Capricorn man. It is problematic to find a harmonious balance between the guardianship addressed to him and the freedom provided. Capricorns do not like excesses either to one or the other. And if they leave, they do it irrevocably.

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