How to use vaginal balls

Paying maximum attention to their beauty and health, regularly attending gyms and beauty salons, many forget about hidden muscles, in particular, intimate ones. Not everyone knows about the existence of a special simulator for vaginal muscles. How to use the vaginal balls, what are they and what benefits bring?

Echo of ancient times

How to use vaginal balls

The modern range of sex shops is impressive diversity. But the main part of the products, demanded to this day, has changed little from the old days. Of course, the materials and the technological component have leaped far ahead, but the legacy of antiquity has reached us in a recognizable form.

That and vaginal balls is easy to learn. These are 2-3 small balls with a diameter of more than 2 cm, usually connected to each other. Placed in the vagina, these objects restore muscle tone and stimulate blood circulation. Thus, small and hidden from prying eyes, the balls perform a double mission - they support the health of the woman and improve her abilities and skills in intimate life.

For a long time, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Greek and Roman women used simulators to improve their sexual skills. Chinese women used a stone "gadget" egg-shaped. The Japanese resorted to the use of balls of metal or ivory. The secret secrets of the use of Ben-va balls were protected for monarchs. Noble ladies and concubines of emperors were trained in how to use vaginal balls so as to give unprecedented pleasure to their husband or lord.

Europe was conquered by specific art only in the 18th century, when Eastern wisdom became known to the French. Over time, an unusual and useful item has spread elsewhere in the European continent and today makes up an impressive share of an intimate range for women.

What to choose from?

how to use vaginal balls

Before you use the vaginal balls, you should understand what they are and what they are for. Ben-va vary depending on the purpose, in form (egg-shaped and spherical) and on the materials of manufacture. Among the latter - both ultra-modern and natural:

  • latex;
  • cyberskin
  • medical rubber;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • nephrite and others

The diameter of the products varies from 2 to 3.5 centimeters or more. Often used heavier balls or objects with a displaced center of gravity to enhance the effect of exercise. Vaginal simulators are distinguished by their texture - from perfectly smooth to ribbed and with spikes. Smooth balls to keep more difficult, so beginners are advised to purchase products with a rough texture.

Effect of application

As already mentioned, modern women use vaginal balls for two purposes. This is the maintenance of gynecological health and sexual pleasure. For the latter purpose, products with controlled vibration are often used.

With regard to the use of an intimate subject for maintaining health, we are talking about the so-called Kegel exercises with its use. This is a complex involving compression, contraction and ejection of the balls by the vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises are used to prevent and treat diseases of the pelvic organs and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

How to use vaginal balls?

How to use vaginal balls

Before using an intimate product, it is important, first of all, to take care of hygiene and cleanliness. At your fingertips should be an antiseptic like Chlorhexidine, which can be processed vaginal simulator. Often, special lubricants also possess antiseptic properties. After treatment, wash the product with soap and warm water.

The algorithm for using vaginal balls looks like this:

  1. Lubricate the machine with a lubricant for easy and comfortable insertion;
  2. Take a recumbent or recumbent position, then place the balls in the vagina alternately, leaving the thread outside;
  3. Stand up on your feet and try to keep the balls inside - start from 1 minute, and then gradually increase the duration of the workout;
  4. Once you have gained the ability to easily hold the product, proceed to the next step - start moving with the balls inside the vagina.

At the first stages of training, do exercises for 10-15 minutes. Over time, you yourself will feel the need to extend this time.

When walking with vaginal balls, the muscles and tissues of the vagina are massaged. In this case, sexual stimulation can take place - and then the therapeutic effect of the use of the simulator will be complemented by pleasant and even ecstatic sensations.

Are there any contraindications?

Despite the undoubted benefits and safety of vaginal balls, in certain situations you should not use them. Among the contraindications are the following:

  • the presence of infectious diseases and inflammatory processes of the genital or urinary system;
  • in case of allergic reactions to the materials from which the product is made;
  • balls do not use earlier than 30 days after abortion or childbirth;
  • time of pregnancy and menstruation;
  • not used for diabetes, hypertensive crisis and blood diseases.

One of the important conditions for the use of vaginal balls is the observance of precautions. That is why before applying it is advisable to consult with the gynecologist and, if necessary, pass tests. Properly used device will help you improve your body and maintain women's health for many years.

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