How to survive separation

In a new relationship, we reveal ourselves to a person, show our strengths and weaknesses, and therefore, the feeling of pain, emptiness after breaking up with a close one is inevitable. What to do if a loved one is gone, but life goes on. What is important in such moments and what is better not to do.


Of course, to try to immediately forget and strike a person out of your life is pointless. At first, you will be all reminded of him, the pain will then retreat, then come again. You should not drive it away from yourself - it is meaningless, give free rein to your emotions and feelings, if you want to cry - cry, you do not want to communicate with anyone - do not. Do what you want, and gradually the pain will begin to subside, for she cannot always be with you, she will simply fade into the background, and then disappear altogether.

1. Constant thoughts and memories will prevent you from forgetting the former. Even at work they can constantly chase you. Try, as soon as thoughts appear to replace them with others, you can simply insert a picture or present yourself, for example, on an island paradise. Throw out or hide things that remind you of him, ask friends not to mention him in the conversation, cut off any chains that bound you. Reminders about him should be as little as possible.

2. The next stage - do yourself any business. Choose an occupation that suits you and immerse yourself in it. It is not so important that it will be, just do it with energy and enthusiasm. Do not catch at once for something creative, choose something monotonous and time consuming. For example, do a general cleaning or repair at home, ask more to load you at work. The main thing is not to sit back. This is difficult, because right now you don’t want to do anything and communicate with anyone, but this is a very effective way to quickly forget the former and get rid of the memories.

3. Piss off the soul to your closest friend. Tell her everything that has accumulated in your soul, remember the bad and good moments from the relationship. This should be an intimate and confidential conversation. It is not necessary to ask for advice, you yourself know what to do, just because you have been listened to and understood, you will become much easier and freer. Just do not expect pity from a friend, stop feeling sorry for yourself, now you just have to go forward without looking at the past.

4. Change something in your life. For example, make yourself a shopping, sign up to beauty salons, go in for sports - everything you have your soul for. Renew your room, change the location of the furniture - let everything in your life be a new way! If you have the time and the means, then you can arrange a trip or visit a distant relative from another city, if you don’t have much time in another city, at least for a couple of days.

5. You can also do something extreme! Adrenaline helps a lot with depression. For example, a parachute jump, a trip to the mountains. Or just do something that you wanted for a long time, but you couldn’t decide. Think of a hobby.

What not to do.

But what is better not worth it, is to indulge in love affairs and show your frantic fun. It is unlikely that it will go from the heart, and even if you will look cheerful and carefree, it will still be hard inside, because any person needs time to forget about the close one. And do not play something, do not wear a mask, sincerity always wins, unlike contrived emotions.

Remember everything that was mentioned before, but not as an instruction, act as your heart tells you. You can survive any loss and separation. Time heals everything, you just have to wait a bit, someone needs a week, a month, and someone cannot forget a person for years, but only by completely letting go of the old love, you can easily enter into a new relationship.

Especially for - Natella

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