How to survive betrayal

Yes, betrayals are, of course, different, for example, a simple flirtation that goes beyond the bounds of decency at rest, at a party, on a train or on a business trip, and there is the same feeling for another girl, and now this is much more unpleasant. In both cases, you shouldn’t cut all the relationships in the bud, but think carefully about everything, weigh all the pros and cons of the current situation, and decide whether to clarify the relationship, and sometimes it is even better to remain silent, and the problem will go away.

For starters, really make sure that the fact of treason was. Well, if you figured it out for sure, then do not panic and get a grip on yourself, although it is rather difficult in such a situation, and the thought goes round in your head: "I did everything for him, and he did this to me like that ..." And you should not make tantrums, it will not help anyone, and only spoil the situation even worse.

If it happened that your man loved another woman, then here yelling the case will not help, and even more so do not put pressure on pity. Of course, in such a situation you feel hurt and humiliated, but if you start taking revenge, then it will all come back to you, here you have to think with a cool head.

It also happens that a man changes, but is not going to leave the family. Then you have to figure out what pushes him to treason. Perhaps you infringe upon his man’s him, which he fixes with his mistress, maybe you refuse him sex, or you don’t give enough love and affection, or maybe you take care of him too much and control his every step?

What should a woman do if she is cheated by a beloved man? You can either leave him at all, or come to terms with such existence, that you are not the only woman in his life and learn to live, adapting to his infidelity and his shortcomings. Ask yourself if you agree to such a life, will it be worth your suffering?

There are many women who reason so that if a man is well off, gives them the right standard of living, he has a good social status, then he can be forgiven for infidelity. In addition, if there are children in the family, this is no reason to ruin the family. There are negative and positive ways to adapt to male infidelity.

Negative ways to solve this problem are looking for women who constantly grumble on life and are confident that all men are goats. The two sides of both men and women are at an impasse, and no one can take a step towards each other. The self-esteem of a woman is constantly fretted with discontent and resentment.

A much better way is to concentrate on your own life and find other ways to get the joy out of life. Learn to be happy without a man, not expecting anything in return.

If your man is confident of leaving, it’s no better to let him quietly let him go. Requests for mercy, pressure on him will not help if he has had feelings for you. In addition, if he leaves, and you humiliate yourself, you will only lose respect for yourself. But if you feel that he is hesitating, then proceed carefully and do not put him in front of a tough choice. In a fit you can decide to change to become like your rival, but this is not the best option. In an attempt to become someone, you can turn into a pathetic parody.

It is very important to determine the moment when you can no longer withstand his double life and put a fat point on it. Sometimes, the separation is not important on whose initiative it occurs, as a result has a good result. This can happen for two reasons: keeping his connection in secret, his love affair with his mistress is shrouded in novelty, but when a man leaves the family, it’s all lost, and the second reason: he can understand that he misses you, and this love affair was easy an affair. Parting can favorably affect you. After some time, you will breathe again with relief and continue without him, because, after all, it’s just humiliating for yourself to build a relationship with a man who doesn't care about you.

But it can also be that with your faithful love and faithfulness, you can save the marriage and bring the relationship back to normal after betrayal. Everything is just in your hands!

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