How to survive a divorce

Divorce ... According to statistics for today it ends every second marriage. And how can you believe that yesterday you loved, aspired to a person with all your soul, and today you don’t have him by your side. You still remember the first meeting, this mutual attraction, which seemed to have bound you two forever, as you were looking for any opportunity to be together, and there would be little of eternity ... Who waited at that moment not the words "... and lived are they happily ever after, "but" ... and after a few years they were divorced "? The process is over, the documents are signed, the rings are thrown away and the question arises how to live on?

At this moment, everyone behaves differently. Someone tightly closes in himself and continues to live, pretending that everything is good, but in his soul eats pain and resentment. Someone, not hiding grief, cries in a vest to a friend, and possibly to all friends at once. There are also people who picked up their first glass for grief, and sometimes they did not part with it. Or maybe you are on the contrary happy, because marriage was a mistake of your whole life and finally this nightmare ended. Whatever your divorce, you need to know how to survive it.

Here are a few life tips.

Step 1: do not rush to fever, look around. Left alone with yourself, look at all the other eyes, as if look at yourself from the side. Yeah, plump ... Hair for several months is not engaged ... And then what a tear-stained face, the horror! it's time to start sleeping. Or: hm, such a cutie, and why I did not notice before? With my figure, you can wear a mini. And in general, I was always annoyed by this long hair, wouldn’t I try a square? And at this very moment decide what would you like to change in yourself, because changes have already come into your life and you cannot continue on the same wave.

Step 2: moving forward will be nicer with positive, and it also needs to be taken somewhere. I will reveal the secret, the positive will become your faithful companion when you begin to fulfill your dreams. Therefore, at this stage, sit down and remember everything you have ever dreamed of. You! not your husband, girlfriend, parents. Scrupulously write down, not the fact that tomorrow you will rise from the same foot and want to really change something in your depressive - dreary life, but here you have a written agreement, betting with yourself, but can I ...

Step 3: Well, you've already looked at yourself from the outside, decided that you want to change, remembered what you have been dreaming about for a long time ... And now it's time act! Only moving forward will lead to the desired goal. Stop, and what is our goal? Our goal is to be happy. After all, with a divorce, life does not end, happiness does not die, and a new love, perhaps, is already waiting outside the apartment. It is only necessary to take a step towards this new life and keep the course in the right direction.

Step 4: find a class like. I'm not talking about my favorite job right now, although this is also important, I'm talking about what you are doing. with pleasure. After all, we are all born geniuses, and then after everyday routine we become mundane. Perhaps you will begin to write poetry, albeit bitter and ungainly at first, but from the heart. Or maybe just sit down to knit, because now, when you do not need to cook your beloved first - second and compote, you have a lot of free time, in which someone is crying, and you are busy with your favorite pastime.

Step 5: make new friends. Let it be men and women, Russians and other nationalities, positive and surelynice for you to communicate. You can try to start a new novel, but only if you are already ready for this. Hurry definitely not worth it. If the insult on all men still gnaws at you, she will find a way out in a new relationship.

Step 6: bring a positive to your life. There are so many trifles in the world, which raise the spirits, give warmth and comfort in the house, delight the eye. So let them in your life too! Maybe you will have a kitten, maybe the first flower in a pot, and suddenly you want to jump with a parachute and get an unforgettable dose of adrenaline. Make a positive your faithful companion and he will lead you to happiness!

Time flies by. It takes a day after a divorce, a month without him, year of new life. Your right to manage this time at your discretion. Someone will delve into past mistakes, blame himself and harbor an insult in his soul, and someone will find the strength to stand up and go ahead. Not then, to become happy in spite of her ex-husband, and then, in order to become better, to find his happiness in life. I hope that our advice will help you a lot. Go ahead, go with a positive and smile on your face, and be sure be happy!

Especially for - Firefly

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