How to surprise a loved one

The longer the relationship between a man and a woman, the less interesting they become for each other. This is a natural process occurring within almost all cells of society. But, fortunately, it is reversible!

To force a man to look at you in a new way and make him fall in love with himself anew is real if you set yourself such a goal and gradually approach it. How, you ask? Yes, very simple! Beloved need-div-ljat. Surprises, unexpected actions, small changes in oneself are the keys to freshness and well-being in relationships. To help you, dear readers, we present several ideas of surprises for a beloved man.

Start with appearance

If you want to change something - start with yourself! Have you heard about it? Surely heard. So, first of all, take care of yourself. Start with the exterior. Cohabitation with the object of adoration is very relaxing. You are not so careful how you look in front of your man at home. Not always washed hair, collected in a sloppy bundle or a ponytail, a bathrobe, washed jeans, a peeling manicure ... You are no longer shy to appear in front of your beloved with a cucumber mask on your face.

Remember: it is unacceptable to bloom in front of a person with whom you want to live happily ever after. After all, no man who is accustomed to see a well-groomed princess in front of her will not tolerate her transformation into a frog. Therefore, keep an eye on how you look at home and outside. Believe me, the beloved will be pleasantly surprised when, coming home from work in the evening, he sees his girlfriend not in a dressing-gown and hair curlers, but with an already finished haircut and in a chic dress. We give 99% of the hundred, that in this situation he will forget about fatigue and in general everything in the world. And then a pleasant evening is guaranteed.

You can slightly change the image. For example, change haircut or hair color. You shouldn't change drastically. Sometimes you prefer something more vivid to pearly nail polish. For example, pink or even red. Much keeps exactly on the little things.

Pleasant little things tell men

Surprise in the morning. At least occasionally get up early, clean up and bring your favorite breakfast in bed. Let it be even a simple fried egg, but with a twist! Write on it with ketchup "Good morning, dear" or "I love you." Trifle, but nice. This will cheer him up all day.

Do not forget about yourself during the day. For example, send a nice sms with funny text. It can be a declaration of love, a wish for a good day, or just a reminder that you miss him.

You do not need to do this regularly, otherwise pleasant surprises will turn into annoying annoyance. Once every two weeks or once a month. In a chaotic manner, alternate the embodiment of their ideas.

One morning, put a small card in your husband's jacket pocket with an invitation to your bedroom the same evening. Make an invitation officially, with a message, indicating the date and time, but a little with humor. And waiting for the beloved, light candles in the room, turn on pleasant music, prepare a light dinner and pre-buy a bottle of good wine. An intrigued man will be waiting for the upcoming event all day.

Massage and joint shower

Tell me, do you often indulge your loved one with a massage? Surely not. So do not be lazy to take a few lessons from a professional. And then demonstrate your skills in practice. Massage massage, smoothly into the erotic, using special oil and incense - a truly unearthly pleasure.

Suggest to go to the shower together. Lather him with gentle stroking movements, covering all his body with kisses. Or take a bath together - with foam, special salt and other things.

Fix the result

To heighten the effect, fix the result in bed ... Beautiful underwear, stockings ... Unusually bright make-up ... In the shower, all men like it. If the body plastic allows, dance in front of the desired light striptease. You to help - countless video lessons on the web. During the strip surprise, you can also surprise! For example, write his name on the intimate part of the body, or draw his portrait there. He will be delighted!

Learn the technique of an unusual kiss, look through the literature "for adults" and, perhaps, look in the intimate boutique ... Maybe you will find there something interesting for yourself and your half. But if your elect is suspicious, then try not to overdo it, so as not to incur the suspicion of infidelity.

Fresh ideas - equal - freshness in relationships. Be different, unpredictable and beautiful! And then the fading of feelings does not threaten you.

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