How to strengthen relationships


This question, arising due to different circumstances, sooner or later we all ask. Candy and bouquet period was left behind, you have already moved to a new level of relations, you are not bad together, but something prevents you from fully dissolving in your loved one and enjoying life. You can blame the life, the black cat, which ran across the road, chronic fatigue, but it is best to understand yourself and find the answers to an exciting question, and then immediately begin to act.

Look back

To begin, let us mentally return to the time when you looked at your watch with bated breath waiting for the cherished minute of the appointment, stood idle for a long time near the open wardrobe, choosing the best from your outfits. Are you back? Now remember your feelings. Compare them with the feelings and emotions towards your loved one that you are experiencing now. What has changed since then? Why did she stop breathing at a glance at the other half, where the “butterflies” in her stomach were gone and the carefree smile for the whole day? Maybe the problem is you? Maybe in it ?. But whatever your answer, do not look for the perpetrators. Relationships are daily work: on yourself, on mistakes, and maybe sometime you or your man just took a short vacation. Now it is time to catch up.

Heart-to-heart talk is the best medicine.

And there is nothing better, more perfect and more ingenious than the heart-to-heart talk of humanity has not yet invented. The ability to listen and hear the interlocutor is itself a panacea for many troubles. You, like anyone else, know the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen one, so you can easily put the necessary accents in the conversation. Perhaps one heart-to-heart talk will be more than enough to figure out how to strengthen relationships and make them more vivid.

If talking is not your case, and you do not want a “love boat to break about life,” take on the experience of happy married women.

Tolerance is trying to understand others.

If you observe those, then the first thing you notice is that they are patient with the shortcomings of their chosen one. At the beginning of your relationship, you simply did not notice these shortcomings, and now rose-colored glasses have suddenly fallen from your eyes. In order to enjoy the relationship, you must be tolerant of the imperfections of your half. In the end, the merits in it are much more, but otherwise why do you love him? Yes, and admit to yourself that your loved one also has to put up with your shortcomings.

Mirror principle

There is another simple but very effective advice - in any situation, put yourself in the shoes of your man. You do not have enough attention? So maybe he lacks him too, and the problem is really in this? Does he have little interest in your affairs? So maybe that is why he is not interested that you are little aware of his affairs? He does not take into account your interests? So maybe the egoist is not at all he? By the way, interests are a separate topic for conversation. Nothing brings two people together as a general occupation. It can be anything from stamp collecting to diving.

Divide and rule

No matter how hard it is for you, learn to separate your professional activities and personal life. Ideally, closing the door at the end of a busy day, you should leave behind all of your experiences, hysteria and failures of the day. Just tell yourself: "I will think about it tomorrow, and today I’m waiting for a wonderful evening with my beloved man." Distinguish between the concepts of "I need support in difficult times" and "since my mood is spoiled, I will spoil him and anyone else." The same information can be presented in a different way, and it depends on whether you find support in the person of your loved one, or talking about your work problems will become unbearable for him.

Sincerity is the key to happiness

And most importantly - sincerely, not in words, but in deeds, value your relationship - show signs of attention, praise your chosen one, do not criticize his words and deeds in the presence of strangers, admit your mistakes and apologize for the frustration, and then your efforts return you a hundredfold.

Especially for - Arina Shumskaya