How to stand up for yourself at work

We all go to work every day. Most of us like our work, and we get real satisfaction by coming there. But, unfortunately, sometimes such situations arise that you have to stand up for yourself, to defend your rights. What are these situations, and how best to stand up for yourself, without bringing the matter to the conflict?

Overtime work

Quite often it happens that the boss asks stay at work. He can do it explicitly - just ask. do extra work. Or a hint - to ask to do this or that work exactly today, knowing that you will not meet the working hours. But if you work officially, you can deny the boss to work overtime. Of course, if this happened once or twice, and the boss himself is inconvenient to ask you to stay, it is not necessary to climb on the rampage, defending their rights. You can help out a couple of times.

But if this situation has become too often repeated, and you are afraid that it may return to normal, it is better to do so. The chief approached you and asked: "Dear Elena Ivanovna, this report is very urgent, it should be done as soon as possible!" .You: "Dear Ivan Ivanovich, I understood you. Unfortunately, today my work day has already ended, but tomorrow morning I’ll first deal with this report!". After repeating such a situation several times, Shev will clearly understand that however, you will not linger every time.

Salary for work done

It happens that you have already calculated how much you should get, a few days before the salary, but when you get the money, you realize that the amount is clearly less! Do not ignore such a situation. Once again, double-check your calculations, and if you have calculated everything correctly, go to the office in the office immediately. Do not raise your voice, or allow angry intonation. Quietly ask him why the amount is less than expected. It is possible that the person was just mistaken. Give him your calculations. Most likely, he will immediately hand you the unavailable amount!

Or, starting to find out the reasons for the reduction of salary, you will find out that part of the salary was withheld from fines. For example, for late or frequent smoke breaks. First, find out if the organization’s charter contains a list of these penalties with an indication of the amount. If not -fines are illegal. In addition, remember that the employer can only turn out the fines from the non-core part of the salary, that is, bonuses. Your main part - the salary, can not be subject to any penalties! This is uttermostviolation of the Labor Code!

Vacation and work

Sometimes this situation happens: you are going on vacation, and you can already say that you are sitting on a suitcase, as it turns out that you either do not give a vacation, or the vacation pay is not charged in time. Or, in general, they have not been calculated yet. If this year you have not been on vacation, then you have the full right to two weeks of rest! Remind this to your supervisor. Say that you have worked hard over the past year, and now you would like to recuperate. You can press on the pity, saying that you have already bought tickets to the resort. And what to change them - to lose money.

In addition, your vacation is probably fixed in the overall vacation schedule. But if you have rested for two weeks this year, the second two weeks can take. This right of the employer is enshrined in law. But even if such an unpleasant situation happened, ask when the production need will end, and when can you go on vacation. At best, you need to make changes to the vacation schedule.

Situations not related to the material side

Almost everyone at least once, but there was a situation when bosses criticize us. When you really feel your guilt, you should say that you understood everything, and will try to correct everything that is in your power. And if you understand that "get for nothing", it is worth listening in silence to the stormy controversy of the authorities, and then calmly saying: "Ivan Ivanovich, it seems to me that this question can be discussed calmly. I do not understand why you are yelling at me."

Your calm tone will cool him off. If you go to extremes and, for example, shout at him in response, or without listening to him, turning around to write a statement, then everything will end badly. You will cool off in a few hours, and you will already be unemployed. Best to keep yourself in hand.

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and in relationships with colleagues. When they are constantly asked to do some "minor" work for them. When asked to replace, either cover up. Of course, you do not need to be a beech and always refuse to help everyone, but if you feel that you just started to sit on your head, stop such attempts once and for all. Explain that you have no less work than others. And doing their work, you do not have time to make your own. You can still do this: several times ask someone to do your work. Perhaps after this, you will no longer make regular requests.

  • Sometimes you have to defend your rights when you get pregnant. Employers do not like future moms. Because they have too many rights, and few responsibilities stipulated by law. In addition, as a specialist, you are no longer interested. Of course, after a few months you will leave this company for a year and a half. But, be that as it may, this does not mean that now you must be oppressed in every possible way. Remind the authorities about the Labor Code or go straight to the Labor Committee. They will definitely help to defend their rights! Also fined the company.
  • If you in every way survive from the company and you are strongly opposed, it is also worth contacting the Labor Committee. This is quite a serious organization! Tested by experience!
  • If a the boss somehow discriminatesfor example, you are paid less wages than a colleague for the same job, simply because he is a man, talk to your boss face to face. Ask why such injustice? After all, work is the same, success too. In most cases, the authorities in such a situation agrees to pay extra.
  • There are also such organizations where the authorities allow themselves insults towards their employees. Never be silent! Be sure to tell me that you are not going to talk in such a tone, and leave.
  • But the most disgusting, of course, is cases of sexual harassment by the authorities. Especially if you are actively opposed. Explain that if the chef does not leave you alone, then you will contact the appropriate authorities. You can secretly from him to record your conversation on the recorder.

Summing up the above I would like to remind: never hush up your success! If you have worked well this month, and brought the company additional income - be sure to tell it to the boss, one-on-one. Hint that you don't mind getting an award for hard work.

And so that there are no unpleasant surprises in the process of work, stipulate absolutely all the working conditions during the interview! Carefully read the employment contract and their duties!

Be able to stand up for yourself, and then unpleasant situations will arise less and less!

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