How to satisfy a husband in bed

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the intimate life of a couple is an important component of relations, and if there is a discrepancy in this matter, the unions fall apart no less than in the absence of agreement in everyday matters. It is important for both women and men to feel comfort with their half in absolutely all aspects.

But if the fair sex can often just say directly what they would like to get, then the man would prefer to remain silent, especially when it comes to sex. In fact, in bed he wants to receive no less attention than a woman, so he, too, deserves a special attitude to himself in the form of oral sex.

How to make a man a blowjob?

How to make a man a blowjob?

Surprisingly, with all the progressiveness of humanity, there is still little talk about intimate life, and this is not about a dirty search of someone else’s laundry, but about the personal preparation of every man who reaches sexual maturity. Today, sex is no longer the only way of conception, as it was in the nineteenth century, when it was thought that the role of a woman was to wait until her husband was satisfied. However, far from all ladies understand that both sides should receive pleasure in bed.

The services of the representatives of the oldest profession cost a lot of money precisely because they understand perfectly how to perform oral caress in order to get a positive response from the client. And if there is a decent man next to you, whom you want to love, who wants to give pleasure, you also need to realize that a blowjob is not just mouth movement back and forth, as this act is often defined, considering it vulgar and dirty.

  • First of all, blowjob is a game, a whole action that cannot be replaced by independent hand satisfaction: the role of a woman is much more complicated. Proper oral caressing will bring pleasure to both, even though not all the fair sex agree to this, considering such a change of roles in bed unacceptable for themselves.

Women who first thought about how to satisfy a husband in bed, faced with several questions: do you need to do a deep blowjob and whether to swallow sperm? However, they forget that in sex there is no clear definition of "correct" actions at all, oral caress does not end only on these 2 nuances. What should be guided by?

  • “Right” and “wrong” are determined only by the man’s reaction to actions from the side: if there is no feeling of increasing tension in the process and an increasingly hardening member, if you cannot be judged by the man’s desire to continue, of course, something goes wrong. It's time to change the technique, power and way of touch.
  • Do not be afraid to talk with your partner about feelings. Guessing the reaction and feeling without words is certainly fine, but in the absence of serious experience behind them, this may give rise to several absolutely unsuccessful sexual acts, which, quite likely, will not have the best effect on the relationship. Learn not only the erogenous points, but also the most exciting movements and techniques, as well as that can kill the whole attitude.
  • The main rule of a blowjob, formed on the basis of a survey of a strong half of humanity, is not to use teeth in oral sex: it causes pain, especially if you touch the head. To be more precise, then, of course, they can accentuate the sensations, touching or even nibbling the delicate skin of the penis, but, like the seasonings in the dish, these actions should not form the basis - only to be a piquant addition. Therefore, you need to wrap the penis with your lips, having previously covered their own teeth.

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So that you can make your husband pleasant at night, you should practice: the old as the world way with a banana is good only for working out technical skills, but the moments related to the personal perception of each of the methods still need to be “worked out” with a man, noticing each response. It is not enough to collect a theoretical base in this case, especially for the simple reason that every man is an individual, and that which brings an orgasm in a matter of minutes one, with the rest may not work at all.

The main nuances of oral sex

The main nuances of oral sex

As mentioned above, there is no single style and “plan” according to which you can get pleasure from sex. Someone loves long foreplay, otherwise he will be completely uninterested in the process, and someone is ready "right off the bat" and any tenderness will become an annoying factor, reducing the severity of the moment to nothing. However, with regard to the blowjob, the professionals recommend, however, to first conduct a prelude, seeking an erection: the non-erect member is very sensitive, active actions will not meet with a positive response.

  • Some sources advise before starting caresses to use a lubricant: a lubricant that facilitates movement due to gliding on the surface. As practice shows, there is no need for this, since saliva already plays the role of a natural moisturizing base: it is enough just to lick lips well, showing a man his readiness.
  • In order to cause an erection, you can use the classic way: take the barrel of the penis in your hand, use your lips and tongue along your neat, very light movements to find out which points cause the brightest response. Grab the head with your mouth, barely perceptibly lick it - for the primary excitation of this conceived enough.
  • The most important moment in the prelude is not to tighten it. You stir up the interest of a man, hint at him, evoke desire, tease him, appealing to his hunting instincts, play on impatience. However, one has only to abuse it, unnecessarily shifting the beginning of active actions, as the opposite effect will manifest. Do not chase the time, which is often set by open sources - you can not say whether there is enough minutes to warm up, or take 4-5 minutes: focus on the status of your partner.
  • The most sensitive area is the head of the penis, especially the point of transition to the trunk, so the main "load" during oral sex is on it. Even without deep ingestion, a woman can bring a man to orgasm very quickly, although, as statistics show, more than 80% of the stronger sex would like their partner to master a deep blowjob.
  • In the process of action, as well as during foreplay, it is recommended not to limit ourselves to working with the member: be sure to touch the testicles, the inner thighs, the anus - this adds sensations, allowing the man to understand that you want to give him maximum pleasure, and not just perform what something boring job.
  • Do not concentrate only on forward movements, i.e. back and forth: there is nothing interesting in this. If the first experience can still be left so, then the constant monotony will soon tire and make you look for getting pleasure on the side. Light point touches, licking and sucking movements in relation to the head of the penis give a much more serious result, especially if you want to achieve ejaculation.

Thus, you can pick out some pyramid of priorities during a blowjob: be sure to stimulate the head of the penis and "bridle", pay attention to testosis, which is a sensitive area, if not enough to bring to orgasm, not limited to movements up and down the trunk sensitively perceive the response of the partner. If these moments do not cause difficulties, you can go directly to the methods of committing oral sex.

Blowjob techniques and answers to frequently asked questions

Blowjob techniques and answers to frequently asked questions

In order to consider absolutely all the techniques, it would be necessary to rewrite the "Kama Sutra", therefore, below are only the most preferable (according to men's opinion) options, in the positive outcome of which there is no doubt. In addition, all these methods are quite easy to master.

  • Cover your teeth with your lips so that a tight ring is formed. Pre-lips should be licked, making them wet and facilitating slipping. Take the penis in your mouth, start gently driving your head around in a circle, warming up your partner. Then, start sucking the head, at the same time slowly moving your free hand along the entire length of the barrel. Occasionally duplicate this gesture with your tongue, as if you were licking an ice cream from a stick.
  • The most sophisticated technicians call those that imply an active influence on the vertical fold between the head and the barrel. With the tip of the tongue, repeat its direction several times, turn your attention to the trunk, drawing it into the mouth with your lips and gently releasing it back, and then repeat the “torture” with your tongue for the “crown”. You can diversify the last action, moving along the girdling line not in a circle, but vertically.
  • Pay attention to the testis: start with a light hand stroking, gently clasp the testicle with your lips, gently lick, gently (do not forget that the skin of the scrotum is very sensitive) scratch with your nails or tickle (natural feathers work well). If possible, take both testicles in your mouth while continuing to lick them. Such a move will increase the sharpness of feelings of a man, but he should not take too much time - the focus is still on the head of the penis.
  • Even the most classic technique with sucking movements can be diversified, if in the process of caress quietly making any uniform sounds: the vibration emanating from the throat at this moment touches the sensitive points of the head, increasing the excitation.
  • If you want to delay the moment of orgasm, extending the moment of maximum enjoyment of your partner, block with your finger the exit point of the sperm from the channel, while continuing to stroke the barrel of your penis with your free hand, and with your lips - massage the head.
  • How to minimize discomfort for a woman during a deep blowjob? Often it depends on the chosen posture: it is most convenient to swallow a member if a woman can tilt her head back, as a result of which a man should often be in an upright position above her. However, in this case, the neck muscles are tense, which can also cause discomfort.
  • To allow a man to pour into his mouth or not? Statistics show that for them it is the most preferable outcome of oral sex, but not all women are ready not only to swallow, but also just to feel sperm in their mouths. If you belong to the last option, at the very end, release the erect member so that the sperm gets on your face or chest, but in no case do not withdraw completely: by doing so, you will show your disregard for what is happening.

In conclusion, I would like to say that no matter how sophisticated and complex the blowjob technique is, if you don’t show a man that you enjoy the process too, there will be no point in these caresses (we’re only talking about sex by mutual consent). If you consider such practices unacceptable for yourself, honestly tell your partner about it - this is much more reasonable than to force yourself through force and with difficulty to hide your own unwillingness.

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