How to return aquarius

There are moments in life when we have differences with our loved ones, and relationships begin to break down. No need to give up. We need to try to overcome the differences that have arisen and restore a wonderful relationship. This will help you understanding the nature of a person, his motives and desires. To understand them, you need to pay attention to the zodiac sign of your loved one. If he is Aquarius, knowing the characteristics of character and his behavior, you will be able to return him.

How to start the return of Aquarius?

First, make a plan for the return of Aquarius. Write on the sheet what you want after your break in your new relationship, and what is not, all yours and his claims. In front of each of them write the appropriate solution in your opinion. Think about what problems are not so serious, and what really need to be addressed. Try to write out all the claims of his young man, and the reason for which he left. This will help you determine the main reason for separation. And the concept of the cause is half the solution to the problem.

Try to understand that now you can decide for all these reasons. The main thing is that you again need to become a little mysterious, light and unobtrusive, flirt with him so that he will feel it, try to visit sometimes the same places where your Aquarius also happens.

What is the difference between a male Aquarius?

Please note that Aquarius never tell the whole truth. This is due to their innate secretiveness, so be careful. At the same time, they will never tolerate lies on your part, so, speaking with an Aquarius about your separation, speak only the truth. Tell him about your feelings, that you are sorry, love only him and would like to return him. And for this we are ready to correct all the mistakes you have committed. If you decide to lie, then Aquarius will close in on himself and stop communicating. After that, it will be quite difficult for you to gain his confidence again.

How to return Aquarius by Feng Shui?

You can return your Aquarius using the ancient art of feng shui. Take for this a sheet of red or pink paper. These colors are responsible for love. Write on them the qualities that your man possesses and for which you love and are proud of him. After that, fold the sheet and hide it in the rightmost corner of the entrance door. Buy new men's slippers and toothbrush. Put the figures of women and men around the room. The figures of butterflies, pigeons and mandarin ducks will also help. Above the entrance to your bedroom, place the peonies. Your bed should be centered. From her view should be open to the entrance. Place a beautiful object in front of the bed that will delight your eyes in the morning.

How to return the former passion of Aquarius?

After you have turned to feng shui energy for help, proceed to action. Such actions are the excitement by you of your Aquarius of the desire to make you think again only about him, so first find interesting things for yourself. Communicate with friends, engage in self-education, career. And you will see that after a while, he will again begin to be impatient, trying to find out what you are doing. The only thing you need to unobtrusively show that you have an interesting and rich life, and you are even happy. If you just push him and wait, he will relax, waiting for you to come to him.

The main features of Aquarius in love

Aquarius is different rational arrangement of life priorities. He clearly distinguishes between issues of love and simple physical intimacy.For a simple pastime and intimacy you will be enough to say this directly. Aquarians love directness, even in a relationship. To create a strong pair, especially a love one, he should have great ideas about eternal love, and the more this goal to be with you will be connected with the salvation of humanity, the easier it will be for you to return it. Your task is to make her so.

After the break, you will have to conquer it again, as the Aquarius are quite practical and carefully protect their territory of intimacy. And since you have already had a tiff, you will have to undergo a second rendezvous process twice, but it should be a little easier, because once you were able to overcome this barrier.

How to restore a relationship with Aquarius?

You will again have to share freedoms and rights in your couple, assign roles, so be prepared or even make concessions yourself, thereby surprising your chosen one. Aquarius likes to seek justice in all situations, so if he has accused you of a quarrel, in order to return him you will have to declare yourself wrong. Rightness is important for him, and only then he gives a place and time for pleasure. Do not try to cheat with him, Aquarius easily feel any lie and game. You must genuinely share his beliefs and agree with him. For him, values ​​are more expensive than physical proximity. Therefore, you must be close in your views in order to find harmony in your relationship again.

You can tell him frankly about your desire to renew the relationship, but if this does not help, have a good life. To return your beloved Aquarius, prove to him that his ideals and values ​​are close to you, that for you sex is a joy and an important factor in life that carries a sacred meaning. Only by putting everything in its place in your disagreements, you can count on the return of Aquarius and peace in your pair.

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