How to register a newborn

From the moment of birth, a paper-bureaucratic mechanism is launched that will accompany him throughout his life. Endless certificates, certificates, passports, certificates, visas and many other official papers. Important is not only the availability of residence, but also registration in it. Only after the registration of the child, you can count on appropriate social benefits and medical insurance for the baby.

Therefore, today we will find out how to register a newborn, a list of documents that are necessary for this.

How to register a newborn through Gosuslugi?

How to register a newborn through Gosuslugi?

Formally, the registration was canceled today. The procedure, which our citizens so call the old-fashioned way, according to the law is of a notification nature and is called temporary or permanent registration of the place of residence. But no matter how informative the nature of this registration is, without it, it is impossible not to stand in a queue at a preschool institution, nor can you go to school.

Children live until adulthood where their parents or one of them lives. Citizenship Registration is managed by the Migration Service Department (FMS). You can register yourself by contacting this department at your place of residence or by resorting to the help of the multifunctional service center, as well as the website of the State Service.

To register a newborn through the Internet using the portal of public services, you must perform the following actions:

  1. In Rostelecom or by mail, you will receive a code for registering a personal account on this portal.
  2. Upon entering the office, follow this path: electronic services - the Federal Migration Service - to get a service.
  3. Carefully fill in all the necessary fields in the window that opens: mostly it is personal information that is contained in your personal documents, according to the list established by the FMS.
  4. After you have entered all the necessary information, select the FMS unit in your place of residence and send your data there in electronic form.

The answer about accepting the application will be sent to your email. If you are refused admission, you will also receive a letter indicating the reasons. If the application is accepted for consideration, then after 3 days you will be assigned an invitation time at the FMS office for the registration of the newborn.

Documents required for registration

To register a baby, you need to prepare such original documents and photocopies

To register a baby, you need to prepare the following original documents and photocopies:

  • Certificate of state registration of the birth of a child.
  • Civil passports of the father and mother of the newborn.
  • Certificate of the act of state registration of marriage of parents.
  • An official document containing information about all registered tenants in the given living space with indication of personal accounts.
  • If the parents are married and live together, the child’s mother or father applies for registration.
  • If the infant is prescribed in the residence of his father, the notarized consent of the mother is required.

The entire package of documents is certified by the head of the housing department.

Registration term

The period during which it is necessary to register a newborn is not strictly regulated. However, the administrative code provides for liability for violation of the rules of registration by citizens - a fine of 2 to 3 thousand rubles. The registration procedure is not taxable and is not paid. The duration of the procedure is usually 1-7 days.

Newborn registration guarantees

According to the current law, children under 14 years old, including newborns, must live with their parents, more precisely, in the same living space with them. Moreover, if the father and mother of a newborn are not the owners of such a room, registration is guaranteed, regardless of the wishes of the landlord or the landlord’s living space. Consent to registering a baby from other persons or relatives living in this dwelling with their parents is not required. It is in this case the housing of any form of ownership.

At the end of the baby’s registration procedure, a certificate of registration is issued at the stated place of residence. Registration is guaranteed for a newborn even in cases where the living space does not meet certain standards per square meter per occupant.

Features of child registration

Registration of the newborn at the place of residence of the mother

If the parents of the newborn have not officially registered the marriage, you need to pay attention to some nuances in the process of registration of the baby’s registration.

Registration of the newborn at the place of residence of the mother

To register a child at the place of registration of the mother, her personal presence at the passport office is necessary. In addition to the already listed documentation, you must additionally submit:

  • Personal application for registration of the child from the mother. A sample of form 6 is placed on information stands in each department of the FMS. The form itself is issued by the representative of the migration service.
  • If the newborn has reached the age of one month at the time of application for registration, his father shall submit a certificate confirming that the baby is not registered at the place of his residence.

Registration of the child in the place of residence of the father

To register a child at the place of residence of his father, who has not officially registered marriage with his mother, he needs to appear at the registry office and confirm his paternity. In addition, the following documents should be submitted additionally to the FMSA at the place of registration:

  • personal application modeled on form 6;
  • the consent of the mother to register the newborn at the place of residence of the father;
  • if a month has passed since the birth of the child, then a certificate from his mother is needed, confirming the fact that the newborn is not registered with her.

We hope that this information will help you in the difficult struggle with bureaucratic procedures, and you will leave it a winner.

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