How to recognize the love of a man by his behavior

For many years now, people have wondered what love is and does it even exist? Someone has already met true love and is enjoying it, someone is looking for her all his life, someone denies its existence, but, nevertheless, everyone has experienced this wonderful feeling at least once in his life. How not to confuse true feelings with a fake, because there are still many shades of emotions that can be confused with love?

Not all people are able to openly express their feelings, especially this applies to to men - they think they tell about their sympathy, or all the more of love - it is a weakness that is peculiar to women. Therefore, women often speculate on how a man is attuned to them: in love, communicates as a friend or wants to drag into bed. And to ask about it in the early stages of a relationship, many are embarrassed, and indeed such a question on the forehead can discourage any interest from a man.

In such a situation, a woman wonders how to determine the true attitude of a man to himself by his behavior. Let's deal with this issue and describe the signs of love in men.

Pay attention to his eyes

You can hide your emotions in anything, but our eyes will always give us away. So, look carefully at look men, if you want to understand what he feels for you. But how to do it so as not to cause any suspicion on his part? Here, apply all your feminine trick, you can coquettishly and cutely peer into his eyes, or you can see the hunter’s gaze opposite him. But here it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the man will feel you as an investigator, and himself accused, and then he will be lost and shut up from you. But if you succeed in looking gently and unobtrusively in his eyes, then imagine yourself as a psychologist and study him. If you see in your eyes warmth and interest in yourself, then love he definitely has, you can be sure.

Listen carefully to his speech

We all set a certain distance, communicating simply with friends and with those whom we consider to be close. So try to talk to him, and then see if he will also talk to other people. You can ask the general acquaintances, what is his opinion of you, just do it very carefully. You can set up a meeting with other women and see if his communication with them differs from communication with you. If he is colder with other women, then do not rush to draw conclusions immediately, but watch further, perhaps in a conversation with you he will drop random phrases reflecting his attitude. In general, one of the most important signs will be how important is it for a man to spend time with you, and if other things are more important to him than your company, then most likely it’s just a physical attraction.

How much is a man ready for action

A man in love can do a lot: break in the middle of the night and come to the object of your adoration, come unexpectedly with an armful of flowers, pick up your favorite and carry through the puddles, rush into a fight if a girl asks for help. And not a lover can only throw words to the wind, but not ready to do anything. And do not console yourself with the fact that he is simply afraid to show his sympathy. Many men with one girl behave this way, and with the next one, they are different, and the fact is that he has feelings for one and no feelings for another.

Here are the main signs male love, but these are certainly not all signs. Every man shows all the signs in different ways, maybe you will even develop new ones. For example, one man with the girl she likes will be timid and shy, another will play the role of a brutal male, and the third will put on a mask of indifference. In general, now the court of the 21st century, and if the girl herself first hints about her sympathy for a man, then nothing terrible will happen. If he has feelings for you, he will only be delighted and will reciprocate, and if not, you will not lose anything, on the contrary, you will save your own time, which was going to spend on his conquest. If you get a very secretive man, then you need to be patient and wait, all the time to hide their feelings is simply impossible!

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