How to recognize the intentions of men

It is said that in the genes of men there is a desire for procreation. When a girl is alone and there are several suitors around, intimacy is not perceived as something forbidden. But everything changes in an instant, when the cherished little ring is put on the finger! Now, intimacy is possible only with her husband, and adultery is severely condemned by the public.

How to be, if the spouse has ceased to appreciate his "half", and someone else gives full attention and hints at something more? Maybe you should stop your heartbeat and listen to the voice of the mind? Try to decide for yourself who he is - true love, late with the arrival, or an ordinary heartbreaker.

Smoothie methods

ü Search for "victim". If you are a more or less pretty girl, married, have a child, or even two, then you can become an ideal candidate for "temporary comfort". Firstly, married ladies very rarely admit the publicity of their treason. And secondly, the presence of a child obliges to preserve his spiritual world and, if possible, to prevent the collapse of the family. And thirdly, wives are afraid to give out their lover, so they are not ready to accept expensive gifts. If you can diminish the cost of perfume, then the appearance of a new fur coat can no longer be explained by the fact that "a friend has given away." Therefore, you can save a lot on married women.

ü To attract attention. If the girl is fine in the family, then it can be seen with the naked eye. But even then, when everything seems to be in the openwork, the ladies' man has a chance. For a start, you can simply "make friends" with a girl, find common interests and talk on neutral topics. This behavior has and binds to itself at the same time.

ü Attack of the compliments. When the “friendship” stage is over, it's time for an unexpected stream of love confessions and small romantic presents. Even the initial shock ("I thought you were a friend!") Does not repel the fair sex from the smoothie. After all, women hope that it is possible to still maintain friendship and calmly continue communication. After a short time, after having admired the hail of compliments, a surge of emotions begins and a comparison of the ladies' man with the husband. As a rule, the first wins in this unequal "fight".

ü Unexpected cold. After another assurance, "I am not like this, I do not change my husband," the ladylike person wisely disappears for a short period of time. In fact, many girls by this time had already thought in their thoughts “what if?”, But constantly sought to control themselves. When this love heat is abruptly interrupted, hormones begin to go off-scale. The former "friend" does not respond to calls and SMS, ignores on the Internet and disappears completely where it is not known where and for how long. It is here that an understanding of the fact that it is already very difficult to live without this romantic attention, declarations of love and the demands of intimacy occurs.

ü Game "All-in". The appearance of a man on the horizon is accompanied by the recognition that "I feel bad without you" and "thought about you forgetting, but I can't." Next comes the pressure and the choice between the complete cessation of all the relationship or the beginning of love. A rare lady will resist the temptation when the whole body is burning, the heart aches, and the soul asks for tenderness.

Yes, there are rare exceptions, when mutual Love pierces hearts. But think for a moment! Was your marriage a mistake right from the start? Is it really perfect new gentleman? Or his words about love - just a reason to drag you to bed. Try to take a two-week timeout and be without his attention. It is very easy to find that it was love, not love. First, gather your courage and refuse him. If he really loves you, he will understand that even with mutual feelings, it’s not so easy to decide on treason. If not, then in response you can learn a lot about yourself. Next, try 2 weeks with him not to communicate. Try to reduce the likelihood of meeting (make purchases in other stores, refer to employment and do not go to visit mutual friends, change the schedule of their joint activities). After a week or two, the hormonal surge will pass and you will be surprised to realize that you have done the right thing by refusing intimacy.

Take care of your family! Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish the lovelace at first sight in a crowd. But the halo of women's hearts is near and his confidence in his own irresistibleness will be you clues. Such a person is hard to win. And is it worth it, if there is the closest person next to you? Let not so beautifully composed thoughts, but who loves you sincerely with all your heart!

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