How to prepare for the wedding

Wedding is a crucial step. Divine marriage takes place once and for all life. In the modern world, weddings are not uncommon. However, as often couples are created, so often they collapse. Therefore, in a hurry with the wedding is not worth it.

Setting a wedding on the day of marriage registration in the registry office, we combine two events in one. But often this is not true. The worldview of the Russian person is designed so that if you spend money, it’s too full, if you walk, so walk. Therefore, it turns out that after marriage registration, the spouses go to get married, and then celebrate. But we all know perfectly well what our holidays represent. But this first day of married life blessed by God.

Spiritual wedding preparations

  • For the wedding you need to prepare yourself, above all, morally. Well, if before you try to adhere to the Christian way of life: go to church, know prayers, observe fasting, etc. However, if this is not the case, then in any case, before the wedding you should resort to this.
  • First of all, baptized spouses are allowed before the wedding. If one of them is not baptized, this rite should be performed. After baptism will follow churching. One spouse needs at least a little familiarity with the basics of the Christian religion, the basics of the Christian life.
  • Before the wedding, be sure to confess your sins and to take communionFor people who are ignorant of these questions, one can turn to Orthodox books for help (sold in church shops), as well as to a priest.

  • Every Orthodox Christian should have a spiritual guide. Usually for this, people in the church that they go to choose a spiritual mentor. He usually confesses you and communes. He can also marry spouses. The only rule is that a priest crowning spouses must not be subject to a canonical prohibition or who has given a monastic vow.
  • Before the sacrament, a three-day fast is necessary; for unchurched people or newly baptized people, it is advisable to observe a week-long fast. How to observe the fast, you can ask the ministers of the church or read in books.

Choose a date for the wedding

Well, if your wedding date, you can set the anniversary of your wedding. Not all days you can get married, there are some restrictions. You can not perform a wedding ceremony during any fast, at Christmas time, on Easter week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, as well as on some holidays and on the eve of holidays..

We buy everything you need for a wedding

The bride and groom can wear the outfits in which they played the wedding. The white dress of the bride symbolizes purity and purity. Therefore, a few days before the wedding you need to abandon the marital relationship. The head and shoulders of the bride should be covered with a white scarf or veil.

Weddings need to buy wedding rings (silver is used more often, but gold can also be used), wedding candles and four handkerchiefs for them, a clean white towel, as well as icons of Christ the Savior and the Virgin Mary. Ready wedding sets can be bought in the church shop..

We invite guests and make photos and video for memory

According to the Russian tradition, spouses must have witnesses (shafers). At the wedding ceremony they hold crowns on the heads of the spouses. It is better if both are men, because it is difficult for a woman to hold a heavy crown for a long time. Schafer must be baptized. Relatives and friends are present in the temple at the wedding. But the photo and video is not allowed in all temples. However, it is difficult to deprive yourself of memory on video and photos Therefore, this question should be discussed in advance with the priest. For video, choose a professional in your business.

The duration of the wedding usually takes about an hour. After the wedding, it is advisable to go home and sit at the holiday table with those who attended the ceremony.

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