How to part with a guy beautiful

Parting is a difficult process. And it is heavy for both parties. One has to be humiliated, nervous, trying to get everything back, another - to look for ways out of the situation. Anyway, everyone is looking for freedom: freedom from the past, freedom to express feelings, freedom to build a new future. How to enter into a new free life for yourself beautifully?

Parting is a difficult step.

Sometimes we do not want to ruin the world of the person that was so close to us. After all, during the time of relationships, we get used to each other, to the little things that we connected, to places, deeds, actions, character. But you understand that already everything. The moment of parting with your usual life sooner or later will come. Maybe you should not pull with it. If you understand that you have to part, your relationship will no longer be the same. Do not torture yourself and your partner. It's still better early than late.

Parting is not a reason for lying

Yes, you want, of course, to make your care more enchanting, proud, worthy. In this regard, you can tell superfluous things, come up with something for the forest of "beauty", and finally blame a person for all mortal sins (and, most likely, it will be mutual). You should not waste yourself and waste your time and energy on these insults, big words and inventing another beautiful lie. Be extremely honest with your partner. Tell us what prompted you to the idea of ​​parting, try to explain that all this is important for you, but there is no way back. Of course, you need to figure out how to say it more gently so as not to offend your partner.

Give another opportunity to speak out

If you have already planned how it will happen, where and when, then for your partner all this is unexpected. Even if he guessed, it is still a blow. The process of your separation should not turn into your endless monologue. Listen to the person you are breaking up with, his point of view, the vision of this situation. Whatever happens in a relationship, both are always to blame. How sinless you do not consider yourself to share your guilt too. In addition, in time to deal with the situation, you can save the relationship.

Do not part in public

Even when you want to tell the world that your ex is a bastard, you should be above all that. When public parting one of the people will begin to sympathize with him anyway. The other part will be happy, the third will not give a damn. In any case, this is primarily your personal life and personal relationships. Do not be like grannies in the market. Need to part with dignity.

Don't blame yourself

Unfortunately, parting - an integral part of our lives. Sooner or later everyone faces this. Your task is to understand that it is not your fault that the time has come to do this. A partner can repeat as much as he wants that he loves you, cannot live without you, that you were his life. You should not take it to heart and feel like a cluster of all universal evil. Understand that if the relationship you were bad and uncomfortable, it does not matter whether he loves you or not. Yes, and I would love, I would never make you feel unhappy, feel discomfort.

Understand that all attempts to keep a relationship where you feel defective is a waste of time! If you stop blaming yourself, new horizons will open up before you, and over time your former half will gradually fade into the background, and then you will only occasionally recall the pleasant moments that happened in your relationship.

Let's stay friends ...

This sentence is probably the most beaten and popular phrase when parting. However, it is very difficult to implement. Usually, good comrades are those who terminated the relationship by mutual agreement. Such cases are infrequent. It is possible that with another scenario, you will also be able to communicate quite well. It just takes time, well, and an understanding that it is no longer a friendship and never will be. It's just good, good relations, communication, that's all.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to part with the past life, because we are afraid to enter a new one, we are afraid to be alone. Do not worry. Fate will certainly present more than one of his "gift." The main thing, do not miss your chance, your lucky occasion!

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