How to make your husband jealous and afraid to lose his wife

Women are very thin and sensitive natures. During a long relationship with one man, we sometimes miss the former passion that was in its prime. It is at such moments that many of us wonder: how to make a husband jealous and afraid to lose his wife? Let's try together to understand this topic and consider the most possible scenarios.

Is jealousy good or bad?

Before taking any action, you must clearly realize that any manifestation of jealousy is good.

Before taking any action, you need to clearly realize that any manifestation of jealousy is good when it is in moderation. It is unlikely that you will like it if the husband begins to control your every step. Excessive jealousy can also lead to serious scandals and quarrels, and with great difficulty you can then explain and prove to your husband that you did this for your common good. Therefore, it is worth a little restrain your ardor and in time to determine the moment when you should stop.

Although it should also be noted that every man is a proprietor by nature. Even the slightest doubt that his beloved wife can get away from him will force the representative of the stronger sex to do everything to prevent this from happening. A slight feeling of jealousy on the part of the husband will return to the bored relationship the notes of former passion and help to keep harmony in the pair.

How to cause jealous husband?

It is possible to make a man jealous in many ways, which are most often suggested by female intuition. Sometimes it happens that we, without knowing it, cause this feeling in our loved one. But how to do it on purpose and so that the husband does not suspect that this is just a game? To do this, you will have to try on the role of an actress and learn how to control your emotions and feelings, so as not to give yourself away at the most unnecessary moment.

will have to try on the role of an actress and learn how to control your emotions and feelings

So, we have put together several effective ways for you how to make your husband afraid to lose his wife:

  • First of all, it is necessary to change the image. Be sure to visit the beauty salon, make yourself a new hairstyle, manicure, pedicure and makeup. Go shopping, buy a new dress and shoes, you can also buy sexy underwear. Tell your man that you want to like him more like this. Even if this method does not have the desired effect, you still get pleasure from shopping and going to the salon.
  • Treat yourself to your favorite bouquet of fresh flowers, a box of chocolates or new perfume. A spouse should answer all questions honestly: she bought it herself. No sane man would ever think that this could be absolutely true.
  • Linger often after work. If you really want to make your husband jealous, you can choose certain days of the week and meet with girlfriends after work or go to cafes, movies, and also walk around the city. This method is, of course, effective, but it requires a certain "training". Unreasonable reasons to stay at work or leave home should be permanent and frequent.
  • Strange telephone conversations. For this action, you will need the help of a close friend, who can be asked to call often in the evenings. If earlier you were free to talk on the phone in the presence of your husband, now you will need to go to another room. You can also talk in a slightly muffled tone, as if in a half whisper.
  • During the evening get-togethers or sharing the film, you can casually share with your husband information that a new employee has appeared at work. Think up a story about how he helped you deal with the documents or dug up the car from a snowdrift. It is also useful to complain that such a seemingly caring and beautiful man still does not have the second half.
  • If you often talk with your husband on the phone during the day, you can cause jealousy, abruptly interrupting the conversation with phrases like: "Oh, I'll call you back - I have the second line" or "Honey, wait, please, the message came to me." Your loved one sooner or later will have strange suspicions about the caller on whom you are wasting your time.
  • When all the previous methods did not have the desired effect, you can slightly hit the sore spot. If your man has an excessive sense of ownership, then you can give him a shot of jealousy, preferring more revealing clothes. So, for example, when going for a walk with your friends, put on a blouse with a frank neckline.

Connect to the process a little bit of your fantasy and female intuition, and maybe then you will be able to find a way that makes your man jealous. But always remember what we talked about above with you - everything should be in moderation. Listen to your inner voice: if he tells you that it is time to stop, then it is better to follow his advice.

How to make a husband jealous: men's advice

To preserve the warmth of feelings and harmony in a relationship, you should not resort to such radical methods

Sometimes, in order to preserve the warmth of feelings and harmony in relationships, it is not necessary to resort to such radical methods as making your husband jealous. After all, it is possible that you also make mistakes in your behavior.

Here is what men advise to do in order to preserve their marriage for many years:

  • Do not think that if a man really loves, he can predict your thoughts. A strong floor is not as insightful as many used to think. Therefore, if you are worried about something, talk to your husband directly and frankly. Perhaps an honest conversation will help in solving the problems.
  • Dear women, remember that the husband is not obliged to meekly fulfill all your whims and whims. If a man can not do something, it does not mean that he does not love you anymore. Sometimes he does not have the ability to do this, or it is banal finance.

As you can see, you should pay attention to your actions and deeds, if you really want to keep the relationship. Just be a little simpler in your desires, and your man will definitely appreciate it.

Finally, I would like to say that it is not enough to be just an inventive woman, sometimes you also need to be wise enough. Of course, making your husband jealous and afraid of losing is a good idea, but only if there are no other more benign ways. Family happiness and prosperity to you, dear ladies!

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