How to make the night unforgettable - useful tips for adults

Eternal feelings exist only in films and books, and in real life, passion eventually fades away. You can love each other much, but if the intimate life is monotonous, then the interest in each other will disappear with time. That is why you should not be afraid to experiment and be able to surprise your partner. Use simple but effective tips to inflame passion in a relationship with a new force.

How to make the night unforgettable

Tip 1. Try on a new image.

Your man may be the most faithful and loyal, but this does not mean his sexual fantasies are reduced to a minimum. Even the most modest man can in his heart dream of something unusual in bed. For example, about a stormy night with a sexy catwoman or a warm reception at a caring nurse.

No need to take her husband's fantasies for an unkind sign. Use them to surprise. Try on a new image, buy an erotic outfit and enter the role. Be sure that your man will be delighted and will surely surprise you in return.

How to make the night unforgettable

Tip 2. Try new poses

If your intimacy is the same scenario, it's time to change it. First try new poses. Ideas may suggest the Kama Sutra. In this book there are many positions that will bring pleasure to both partners. Try to manage your imagination and experiment a little.

But be careful - some poses require special physical training. If you are not a gymnast, then you should think twice about choosing a pose for which you need a good stretch.

Tip 3. Create a romantic atmosphere

How to make the night unforgettable

This option is suitable for those who are dissatisfied with the monotony of their lives and do not want to take radical measures. Prepare for your favorite delicious dinner, open a bottle of champagne or a good wine, and light candles.

Do not forget to include languid music and decorate the bed. Let everything have a pleasant pastime. Do not go to sex immediately - enjoy the atmosphere of a romantic evening. Waiting will add passion. Romantic dinner is a classic that will always be appropriate.

Tip 4. Use adult toys

Sex shop has long ceased to be considered an indecent place to be avoided. In fact, there is nothing bad in it. Items from an intimate store will help diversify personal life and warm up feelings. For example, you can buy a vibrator. It is known that vibrators help prolong sexual intercourse, give new impressions and contribute to the achievement of orgasm. Some men dream to look at how their darling uses an intimate toy. Yes, and the guy himself can participate in the process and try to give the girl pleasure with the help of this thing.

Tip 5. Make an erotic massage

How to make the night unforgettable

A woman does not need to undergo special courses to make a man an erotic massage. It is enough just to put on beautiful underwear, pour oil on the body and stroke your chosen one, affecting the erogenous zones. The duration of the massage should be reduced to approximately 10 minutes in order not to cause drowsiness. Then you can go to a more interesting lesson.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able not only to surprise your man, but also to please yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment, because it is diversity that supports passion and gives fresh emotions.

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