How to make peace with a guy

There is no perfect relationship. In each pair, conflicts arise sooner or later. But a quarrel is not a reason for parting. So that your relationship does not end there are many different ways to make up with the second half.

What to write to the guy to make up?

Psychologists say that right after a quarrel, there is no need to put up. Each of you should cool down and calm down. If you do not want to personally put up with a guy, you can write him a conciliatory message or even a letter. Properly selected words will help you quickly establish contact. The message should go from the heart, without reproaches and insults.

What to write to the guy to make up?

The letter does not need to say that he should first go to a meeting and find the right words for reconciliation. If you point to his guilt, you will not be able to make peace. Deciding to write a romantic letter on paper, it is worth paying special attention to the underscore: it must be neat, beautiful and even. If your underscore is not different in caliber, the letter can be typed on the computer. Use only kind words in your message, say what it means to you, how you like it, etc. Be sure to apologize and write that much value them and your relationship.

At the end of the letter, you can draw a small picture in the form of hearts or lip prints. The ideal option would be to write a letter in a beautiful postcard. It is not recommended to take poems from the Internet, because they do not reflect your feelings and thoughts, but strangers. But if you try to write a few lines yourself, it will be appreciated. Let the verse be not poetic and a little clumsy, but from the bottom of the heart! Another option for poems is to quote the great classics who wrote about love.

Be sure to write, as you are worried because of the quarrel, that the current situation is painful and unpleasant for you

If you decide to write a letter in social networks or send an email, attach to it the most romantic photo where you are together. You can make a video or collage of photos. Do not forget to write about your feelings and add the word "sorry".

If you decide to apologize via SMS, it should be clearly worded, clear and short. You can write the following words: "Forgive me, I was wrong! I love," "I am very sorry about the quarrel, forgive me, please," "I love you very much, do not be mad at me," etc. The main thing is to write a message sincerely and from the heart.

When you write and send a letter, you just have to wait. While you are waiting for an answer, you should not call the guy, ask about the letter, whether he is forgiven or offended, if he still loves you, etc. If a guy values ​​his relationship and loves you, he will not hesitate to answer. Being imposed with calls and unnecessary questions, you can only exacerbate the situation. In the event that the addressee ignores the letter for a long time, leaving it unanswered, you can be bold and learn about the fate of the message, together having discussed the further continuation of the relationship.

How to make peace with a guy if I am guilty?

The easiest way to go for reconciliation is to apologize. Banal words "forgive me" are sometimes decisive. Simple phrases can literally work wonders and help you be happy together again. If you feel guilty for yourself, do not hesitate and wait for the first step from the guy. Overpower yourself and apologize, because the main thing in a relationship is the ability to step over yourself and make peace in time.

What to write to the guy to make up?

Many couples in a fit of quarrel speak to each other a lot of unflattering words, from which everyone in their hearts "cats scrape." In this case, a simple text message with the words "Forgive me, I was wrong!" will not get off. If you have greatly offended your second half, you can make an unexpected visit to a young man. This reconciliation method works for almost 100 percent. Even if the guy is very offended at you and does not want to talk, this method should work. He will appreciate your courage and sincerity, in any case, the young man should not expel you from his apartment. During the visit, you can safely talk and discuss further relations.

Another way to make peace with a guy is a romantic surprise. Realizing her guilt, the girl should make amends for her. In this case, the ideal option would be to arrange a candlelight evening for the young man, horseback riding, balloon flight, etc. Many girls believe that such a manifestation of feelings should remain the prerogative of the guys. It's a delusion! Any person will be pleasant surprise, especially coming from the heart. By such a date, you will show your young man that you are ready to do everything for him, just to make up and live happily. The inscription under the windows of his house or a huge poster can be a surprise. When choosing a surprise, you need to focus on the tastes of the guy, so as not to miss the apology.

When verbal reconciliation is necessary to choose the right words. Never point a guy in his place, wrong and flaws. Starting an apology with the words "Forgive me, but you were wrong" or "Why are you offended, was he himself wrong?" You risk provoking another scandal and losing the young man forever. You no longer apologize, but accuse the guy of his wrongfulness and try to push him to apologize, thereby humiliating and angry.

The relationship between a man and a woman is often not easy. In any stories there are quarrels, scandals and frustrations. There are no couples who have not parted or quarreled with each other. During any quarrel, you need to be able to keep yourself in hand, not to say too much, and also stop swearing and apologize in time. There is nothing shameful or degrading to an apology. In time saying such a simple word as “forgive,” you can keep the relationship and fence yourself from unnecessary tears and feelings.

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