How to make money on maternity leave

To give birth and raise children is the main destination of a woman. However, modern ladies rarely can concentrate their whole existence on only one lesson, even if it is caring for their own baby. Yes, and the financial situation of young mothers most often does not suit them - that's when the question arises how to make money on maternity leave.

Work in the decree as a step of personal growth

Work in the decree

Looking for a job for a young mother is a rather urgent problem in our realities. State support for women on maternity leave is meager, which means they either have to depend on their husband or look for something to do on maternity leave to earn money. If a woman before the birth of a baby earned decently and was accustomed to counting on herself, then any reason to turn to her husband for money would be a depressing effect on the psyche. We don’t speak any more of those cases when a woman has no one to turn to, that is, single mothers.

In addition to financial, there are a number of aspects that encourage mummies to look for work:

  • you do not feel isolated from society (an adult intelligent woman is unlikely to be satisfied with the prospect of withdrawing exclusively on the themes of diaper-nipple-diaper rash);
  • there is a reason to learn new skills (which, by the way, can become a stage of career growth in another area);
  • You can finally transfer your hobby to the rank of professional skills.

Whatever the motivations of finding a job, this is an absolutely real idea, even if no one helps you with the child. The main thing is to work out a clear daily routine for yourself and your baby, that is, in practice, you will start working not earlier than your little one will be six months old.

How to make money sitting on maternity leave?

While on maternity leave, a woman comes to the conclusion that she needs income. What are its further actions? It is inconvenient to go on interviews, go to work (even for a few hours). But this is not required if there are friends and the Internet! So, to begin with, a young active mom should decide on the direction of activity. There are two options - with and without professional skills. Consider the nuances of both approaches.

Skills-based activities

Of course, if the specialty allows, then it is better to find an opportunity to do your work. Is that you set a goal to master in the decree a new type of activity (in addition to caring for the younger child).

Work for beauty salon masters and teachers

work for beauty salon masters

Do you know what professions are considered the most popular at all times? Those related to the service industry. And in this case we are talking, of course, about hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists and manicure and pedicure masters. Find work for representatives of these specialties of labor is not, you only need:

  • purchase the necessary equipment;
  • select a working space for yourself (agree that if a hairdresser cuts each time in the kitchen, then in the corridor, there are hardly anyone willing to come to such a master again);
  • advertise what services you provide, with an indication of the price (note that, until you overgrow the clientele, you should not overstate the cost too much).

Teachers can earn money by tutoring - it’s enough to advertise in a newspaper or via the Internet. But in this case, you should attend to the question of who will look after the baby, while you sow sensible, good, eternal.

How can sewers and knitters get a job?

How can seamstresses work

For those who know how to sew or knit, the answer to the question of how to make money on maternity leave, while sitting at home, will not cause difficulties. Moreover, such skilled workers can go two ways - to independently find customers (we will talk about ways later) or contact companies that give orders for a house. In this case, you receive an order (for example, fabric, style, and measurements), and your task is to complete all the requirements and send the finished product by a predetermined date.

If you decide to search for the clientele yourself, then the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • we stock up on materials (threads, fittings, etc.), and it’s not worth saving - the success of the whole enterprise will depend on it;
  • we study new trends (quite often customers come for a new thing, but they cannot formulate what they want to see in it - this is where your awareness in fashion is useful);
  • We distribute information about our services (the best way is word of mouth: nothing advertises a seamstress or knitter like the creation of her hands on someone).

Earnings options for designers and photographers

work on maternity leave

Representatives of such creative professions are usually very popular even on maternity leave, especially if they can work with graphic editors, process photos and create original design projects. As one of the options, you can:

  • sell your photographs through a photo bank (this is a virtual repository of a wide variety of images used by websites to decorate their content);
  • develop the design of premises, landscape (start with friends who are doing repairs);
  • create photo albums for school or kindergarten (although a couple of times you still have to leave the child to the grandmother for the duration of the shooting, but you can work on the photo at a convenient time for yourself).

What can earn journalists, translators and philologists?

work on maternity leave

In large publishing houses, as a rule, editors hold on to good journalists, so they are “loaded” with articles even on decree. But in small towns the situation is slightly worse. However, in this case there is a solution - copywriting and rewriting. This creation of the Internet requires writing articles on a variety of topics according to certain requirements that the customer puts forward. From the artist requires responsibility, creativity (in moderation) and the ability to work with virtual editors, customers (you learn this very quickly). Likewise, philologists and translators can "get attached". There are a huge number of orders for translations and writing texts in the network, only at first we will have to be content with not too high rates. But after you make a name for yourself, the amount for completing the order will be able to put your own. Sites to search for suitable projects:


Activities without professional skills

work on maternity leave

Reviews on how to make money on maternity leave without relying on professional skills, clearly boil down to the fact that the new activity should be interesting. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons of this or that work very well. The most popular can be considered online options:

  • dispatcher (your duties will include consulting on certain issues);
  • site moderator (you act as a kind of "filter" for unnecessary information on various forums);
  • the seller of the articles (i.e. the copywriter or rewriter mentioned above).

From offline ways to make money, consider creating a mini kindergarten: take care to look after 1-2 children of the same age as you. So kid entertain, and earn some money.

There are many ways to describe how to earn on maternity leave, with and without professional skills. This is the case when life itself brings you to the beginning of something new, not yet tested. Be sure to accept this challenge - and success to you!

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