How to make an erotic massage to a man - a guy

Erotic massage is a great way to diversify intimate life and make fresh notes in relationships. The goal of sensual play is to awaken desire, to bring pleasure and to drive your man crazy. It is always useful to show yourself from an unexpected side; sometimes it is just necessary. And how to do an erotic massage for a man - they will be prompted by fantasy and some knowledge of physiology.

Massage preparation

The sacrament of intimate massage requires some preparation

The sacrament of intimate massage requires some preparation. In a decisive evening, you can wrap your beloved in the languid atmosphere of a courtesan's boudoir, with the soft glow of candles, sensual music and luxurious linens. The spectacular prelude will be remembered for a long time not only by the partner, as it is a pleasure to give an erotic massage to a guy in such a situation.

If the situation does not have to careful preparation, you can hold a little more modest massage - the process of this will not be less attractive. So, preparation:

  • Before the massage, the partner needs to be lured into the shower - this will help him relax and relieve tension. In addition, a pure body is more susceptible to touch.
  • The palms should be soft and warm to give pleasure. To do this, they are smeared with cream, lotion or massage oil. Before you do an erotic massage for a man, it is better to cut your nails so as not to injure your partner. One careless movement can negate all the fun.

Erotic massage technique

The technique of classical massage involves the following techniques:

  • stroking;
  • trituration;
  • pressure;
  • vibration;
  • kneading.

All this applies in the erotic variant of the procedure, only without fanaticism. The main goal is not to work out every part of the partner’s body, but to give him subtle sexual pleasure.

For yourself, you need to understand that only large groups of muscles need to be touched with the whole palm and some pressure. Where bone is felt, it is necessary to act with your fingertips, avoiding pressure.

To do an erotic massage for a man is to calculate his erogenous zones. They each have their own and are where the skin is thin and less in contact with clothing. These are the earlobes, nipples, neck, dimples, dimples, groin and the inside of the thigh. Very sensitive to the touch of the foot, bends of the elbow joints, the skin under the knees and between the fingers.

During the erotic massage, it is advisable to gently run your fingers through each of these zones. However, focus on them is not worth it: often it causes irritation.

The sequence of erotic massage

Gentle stroking is better to start from the back.

Gentle stroking is better to start from the back. Why? Firstly, it will relax the partner and set it up in the desired fashion, and secondly, there are many nerve endings on the back, the stimulation of which directly affects the sexual sphere. This part of the body is the most reflexogenic.

It is better to move the palms on the back in a circular motion from top to bottom, holding them in the lower back and shoulder blades. You can not ignore the neck, shoulders and buttocks. During stroking, you can change the pressure, as well as alternate movements with palms and fingertips. It is not forbidden to touch the partner lightly with the chest and hips - he will surely like it.

From time to time you can run your knuckles along the spinal column. The effect is amazing. This goosebumps, and shivering, and the sweet moan of a loved man.

Strokes should smoothly go into light rubbing and pressing. At this stage of erotic massage, blood circulation increases, arousal increases. It is important not to overdo it and not push too hard.

In order to properly make an erotic massage to a man, one should avoid erogenous zones at the first stage. Everything should be on the verge. Excitement will come from a sense of intrigue. If you feel a strong excitement partner and his sexual tension, you need to briefly stop their actions.

Sexual massage of the chest and abdomen of his beloved man will lead him into ecstasy, make him tremble with anticipation. Stroking a man needs from the hips to the shoulders, then to the wrists and back.

Erotic massage to her husband or a regular partner is the most pleasant

To do erotic massage to her husband or a regular partner is the most pleasant. Time allows you to explore the preferences of a beloved man, and this is a good help in intimate experiments.

The lower abdomen and thighs are the most sensitive places on the body of a man. The close proximity of the genital organs makes the man tremble when touched. Here you need to be more gentle - to stroke the lower abdomen and thighs is allowed only with your fingertips. There is no need to touch the crotch - except by chance, in order to increase the excitement. A couple of times will be enough.

Every half-minute of erotic massage you need to change the technique. You can touch a beloved man not only with your hands, but also with your lips, chest, thighs, or hair. You can experiment with fabrics - a silk scarf, a feather or a piece of fur will become helpers in a love game.

Petting the partner's genitals is the final stage of erotic massage. However, the turn comes to them rarely. The excitement of the man at this point reaches the limit, and he moves to decisive actions.

It is not necessary to make an erotic massage for a man in the nude. This, of course, is not forbidden, but it is better to inflame a man gradually. Semi-bare breasts, lowered panties or transparent shirt act better than any aphrodisiac.

In erotic massage there are no conventions. His main goal is to find the erogenous zones of a man and give him pleasure. Sensual game will help to strengthen the sexual function of a partner, will reveal his entire sexual potential. In addition, such experiments have a beneficial effect on relationships - after a magical night, no less magical days come.

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