How to make a man run for themselves


Nothing changes in the communication of women and men over time, even in their proportion. Back in the 60s of the last century, they sang a song in which there were words: “It’s a pity that according to statistics there are nine guys for ten girls”. Tough competition. It is necessary to really take serious measures in order not to remain on the sidelines, "a handkerchief in the hands pulling."

Only here on the way to our happiness there are many different but: you like a man, and you do not attract him, but maybe he just does not realize that you are in love with him. That is why many of the fair sex are wondering: how to make a man run after herself?

The psychology of the representatives of the strong half of humanity

men love eyes

You have probably heard more than once that men love with their eyes. And no matter how you relate to psychology, but the fact remains - men are attracted to female beauty. Moreover, the concept of female beauty in this case is absolutely subjective. A man in his imagination draws an image of a woman, ideal from his point of view, and then subconsciously searches for him in reality, and he falls in love with the one that will be the most beautiful in his understanding of female beauty. Alas, this is the psychology of male love. Moreover, men use all sorts of psychological techniques to conquer the heart of his beloved extremely rarely and then only at the initial stage of the relationship.

But for women who want to conquer the handsome one they like, it would not hurt to grasp the essence of male psychology in order to easily get what they want. If you are able to predict the thoughts and desires of a person, then you have any difficulties on the shoulder, and you will be able to firmly chain your chosen one to yourself. So, briefly consider some common points in the psychology of men:

  • The man is the owner, so trying to arouse interest in him, take care that there are several potential competitors in your environment. This will motivate your favorites to be first among those close to you.
  • Do not forget that a man loves his eyes. Your well-groomed, irresistible appearance, ability to present yourself will open up the possibility for success and, in the end, he will “run after you”.
  • To consolidate the success you will not be enough of one appearance, because after the state of his first love you will need to talk to him about something. Therefore, take steps to self-improvement.
  • When you feel that he is on your hook, do not rush to say "yes": the practice of "carrots and sticks" will help to warm up his wishes towards you more. Let a man think he is fighting for your love. However, it is important not to bend the stick in order not to push him away completely.

10 ways to make a man run after you

we give general advisory tips for girls

Actually, we have already started talking about the rules of seduction in the previous section, but now we will give general recommendation advice for girls who have not yet managed to win the heart of their elect:

  • You will have to become the most beautiful and best girl in his closest environment, so he noticed you and began to seek.
  • If so many beautiful girls rotate around him, then you need to stand out for something, to become original - a creative approach is important here.
  • Gait - a very important feature in your image. Remember the words of one heroine from the movie "Office Romance": "You walk as if you are hammering piles"? Do not repeat such mistakes.
  • Be open and smiling, and men will reach for you like moths to the light.
  • Be always neat and well-groomed, do not flush out with stretched sweaters, worn jeans and sneakers, and even worse with a washed-up robe.
  • Down with aggressiveness. No matter how your chosen one looks, in the subconscious he is a hunter, become his prey, but not easy.
  • You shouldn’t seem smarter than you really are, at least allow it to replace a punctured wheel on a car, even if you are able to do it yourself.
  • In the game of inaccessibility, the main thing is not to cross that line when your inaccessibility can be regarded as indifference. It will ruin all your efforts.
  • Learn to be affectionate. A kind word and a cat is nice, what can we say about a man?
  • Do not be intrusive, know your worth, you should not be too much in his life. Leave the man some personal space and freedom. Your stickiness can make a relationship uncomfortable.

How to attract the attention of her husband?

applying all the tricks and tricks, made him a declaration of love

And you, having applied all the tricks and tricks, achieved a declaration of love from him, and after a while the offer of a hand and heart sounded, and then - the solemn painting and Mendelssohn's waltz. Do you think this is all your mission accomplished?

You err, it's early to calm down. Life in marriage contains no less psychological underwater reefs than before. And if you want to keep this fabulous moment for many years, then you will need to try.

Now you are the keeper of the home, the light of which should attract your man, no matter how far he is from home:

  • Do not persist in your desire to control and manage, show flexibility - your husband should not feel like a henpecked;
  • Do not roll up daily scenes of jealousy - this can cause a backlash and your husband will change you in spite;
  • preserving the home, do not forget about your appearance, remember - he loves with his eyes;
  • Give your husband attention, love, care and understanding, because if he is not missed at home, then sooner or later he will compensate for the lack of it on the side;
  • men are like grown children: do not feed them with bread, but praise, embrace, in some places even polish;
  • physical contact between spouses is very important, and a woman should be at least sometimes active in this matter;
  • men are very vulnerable psyche, so their loving half should not add fuel to the fire, but be able to cheer and support.

Remember that an intelligent and loving woman is the key to success for a man.

By and large, it's not so difficult. When you truly love, you can become real partners in life. And if a man feels you his half, it will be with you to the end. Harmony to you and love!