How to make a husband respect his wife


A few years after the wedding, and you began to notice that your relationship is not the same as they were before. The husband began to pay you less attention, gifts and surprises are gone. But most importantly, the husband began to show signs of disrespect to you. How to fix this situation?

How to return the respect of her husband?

  • First of all, ask yourself, do you respect your husband yourself? What does respect mean to you? After all, if you do not respect your man, hardly he wants to respect you.
  • Do you notice his achievements, successes, merit and skills? Often celebrate those qualities that you like, and often praise him for it.

  • Learn to carefully select the words that you allow when talking to your husband. It is not necessary in the heat of the moment to talk about what you later regret. In addition, in this way, you will never achieve respect for yourself men.
  • Try to come home from work, no matter what happens at work, leave all your negativity behind the threshold. Best of all, if at home you have a good mood and a positive attitude.
  • Think about what qualities your husband should respect you? If you find it difficult to keep everything at once in your thoughts, you can write on a piece of paper all your positive qualities that require respect. And now think, do you respect yourself for these qualities? How is it shown?
  • In no case can not, how many years you have not lived in a marriage, run yourself and go home in the old things. Your husband should be proud of himself for having made the right choice, and you should help him in this. But the hair, pulled terry gum, do not add pride.
  • A good wife, who is respected by her husband, must have good culinary talents, and always look good! Do you always match this item?
  • In no case you can not demand respect, that you only aggravate the situation. Expressions like: "I demand respect for myself, because I am your wife!" You just need to make sure that the husband himself came to the conclusion that you have something to respect.
  • Trust your husband. You should not call him every minute if he is slightly late at work. No need to measure the time it takes the road. By this you show that you do not respect your husband. So, and he will answer you the same. Read about this in the article Confidence in Relationships: How to Achieve and Maintain It ?.
  • Do not try to catch a spouse in a lie. This is also not conducive to mutual respect in the family.
  • Think about your own behavior in conflict situations? Perhaps you, too, are not quite worthy? You can read more about behavior in family conflicts in the article Resolving Conflicts in Family Relations.
  • Do not try to change your man. This never led anyone to anything good. He is what he is. Yes, you can accustom him to any family traditions, but no more. Character traits will not change. You knew who you were marrying.

  • Do not interfere with his meetings with friends. It is perfectly normal that he has friends, and that he has a desire to meet with them. Surely you also have girlfriends with whom you also see from time to time. So why is your husband not entitled to it? Tips for yourself you will find in the article I do not like his friends. What to do?.
  • Do not give up their hobbies in favor of men. If you wrote poems before you met him, why can't you continue to do this while being married? He probably also has hobbies that existed as long as you appeared in his life.
  • Treat his work and hobbies with interest. Try every day to talk about how the day went, and you and he, that was new.
  • Avoid talking about him or his family badly. This is especially true of relatives. Whatever they are, they are his family, and don’t go anywhere. And, speaking about them badly, you only make yourself worse by setting him against yourself.
  • Try to please his mother. In fact, it is very important. If you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law, you can say half the work has already been done. You will help article How to improve relations with the mother-in-law ?.
  • Think if your husband used to respect you, and then suddenly stopped, maybe there is your fault too? Think about how you have changed since the wedding? What character traits have disappeared in you, and which, on the contrary, have appeared?
  • On the first occasion of humiliation, tell him that you do not accept this type of relationship. It should not be all on the brakes, hoping that the man himself will understand how you offended.
  • Frequently ask him to help you with your household duties. The most cunning here in the word "ask." The thing is, if you pounce on him shouting that you, too, came from work and are tired, but you need to cook, and he could help you to peel potatoes, for example, everything will end badly. In the best case, he will silently slam the door, at worst - you will get a scandal. But if you ask him: "Help me, please, clean the potatoes, well, please, but!", Most likely you will get help.
  • Never do the work that is traditionally included in the duties of men. Yes, no one doubts that you are also able to drive a nail to hang a new shelf for books. But then, then do not be surprised why the husband will not help you.
  • Learn to respond properly to compliments. If you heard from your husband, for example, that today you have a great hairstyle, you do not need to mumble, saying that you should paint yourself, "what are you, unwashed head, tied up as she could." If you have nothing to say, just say: "Thank you", and smile.

  • Avoid criticism of him. Of course, this does not mean that you should not tell him about something that you do not like. Just do not need to criticize it meaningless. Remember: criticism from a woman deprives a man of energy!
  • You should not humiliate your man, especially if you are not alone. Men are especially sensitive to criticism in the presence of friends and relatives. And you, in this case, risk getting inadequate his reaction, which could have been avoided by telling him in private.
  • Do not forget to flirt and flirt with your husband. If you marry him, it does not mean that you forever "staked out" him. A healthy flirt has never prevented any relationship, but only helped them.
  • Spend more time together, chat. If you think that you are all evening together, then you should know that if you are in the same room, but while doing different things, you are not “together,” you are “next door”. And “together” is when you communicate, tell something to each other, do something together.

If you want to achieve respect for your husband, first of all, think not about how to make him respect you, but how to encourage him to do so. Change your attitude to the situation, and you will definitely succeed!

I wish you happiness and long love!