How to make a guy run after you and confess your love

The relationship between a man and a woman is always interesting and unpredictable. Each of us talks about love, but no one can provide a detailed answer to the question what kind of feeling it is.

Passion, affection, desire, gratitude, or maybe competition? In fact, love is something more, it is not visible, but with all your heart and soul a person feels its approach.

Unfortunately, the majority of couples at various stages of relationships are faced with problems, when the old feelings weaken, interest is lost and it seems that such a loved and dear person becomes just a habitual philistine in your life. Girls seeking to bring a zest to relationships with members of the strong half of humanity often ask the question: how to make a guy run after you?

Let's talk on this topic.

How to make a guy run after you: psychology or art

you need to decide whether you need it and why

Before you familiarize yourself with a quick guide on how to make a guy run after you, you need to decide whether you need it and why. Relations between representatives of opposite sexes can always be divided into several stages. Even the strongest passion and attraction can fade away over time. If you want to bring a spark and revive your relationship with a young man, then first of all you need to start with yourself. But remember that you should take any action only when you really need your boyfriend. In no case can not be imposed. The first rule of the women's code says: love yourself and increase self-esteem. Only after that you can demand from other manifestations of feelings and respect.

So that so familiar and seemingly native guy once again felt an irresistible desire to conquer you, create for him the atmosphere of "safari". As is well known, in psychology, and in their natural essence, all men are earners and hunters. Agree, it is unlikely that your man will be, as before, fascinated, looking at you when you are wearing a dressing gown, hair curlers are rolled up and you are cooking his favorite soup.

If you do decide to refresh your feelings and show the guy that he can lose you, you will have to go a short, but difficult path. Start with yourself, namely:

  • change the image;
  • reconsider your views and values;
  • change your attitude towards the guy;
  • review the trajectory of your relationship and change your behavior.

Image change

drew attention to the fact that a woman changes her hair

No wonder the wise and world-famous Coco Chanel once drew attention to the fact that a woman changes her hairstyle if she wants to change her life. Are you blonde or red, and do your boyfriend secretly like hot brunettes? Feel free to go to a beauty salon and change hair color. You can change the usual haircut on a daring or, conversely, restrained and classic hairstyle.

Men love with their eyes, do not forget about it. Revise your wardrobe. Do you have a tradition of dining at a restaurant on Saturdays? Then try to surprise your boyfriend with a new outfit. Buy a little black dress or a bright red suit. Remember that the new outfit should maximize the charm of your figure and hide the flaws, if any.

Change makeup, do a manicure, get a pair of new shoes. Just think how surprised your chosen one is if you appear before him in a new and unexplored image. He wants with new strength to give you his love and warmth, as well as to win a beautiful stranger. Do not forget about manners. Girls from high society tend to abide by all the rules of etiquette and behave in a manner.

How to change your thinking and attitude towards a guy?

You need to change your thinking periodically, regardless of the situation. Many girls are interested in how to make the ex-boyfriend run after you. And again you need to start first with yourself. Take a look at your boyfriend from the side, analyze your past relationships and determine the true reason for separation.

Attempt to attract the attention of the ex-lover only if he is really in love with you and was not the initiator of the separation. Otherwise, you do not need it. Why keep and attract the attention of a guy who scornfully treats you? You may still suffer, and he has already replaced a third or fourth girlfriend. Send such passengers overboard of your life, and then boldly stride forward to meet your happiness and a new chosen one.

Understand that the guy is not the center of your universe. And the sooner you understand this, the better it will be for you. In life there are many other hobbies that will allow you to experience all the everyday delights and fill every day with joy and happiness.

If you want the ex-elect to look at you in a new way, change your attitude towards him. When you meet, just say hello and reward him with a fleeting and at the same time charming look. Do not call, do not impose.

When the relationship was terminated by mutual agreement, then you can make the guy run after him, if you surprise and enthrall him. Try inviting him on an unusual date or suggest spending a weekend in the country with a group of friends. By the way, flirting continues to work as actively as on the first date. Show him your predisposition and alluring inaccessibility.

We dramatically change their behavior

Your relationship has lasted for more than a month, but you still have not heard the cherished declarations of love

Your relationship has lasted for more than a month, but you still have not heard the cherished declarations of love? Then try to change your behavior, believe me, here lies the answer to the question of how to make a guy confess his love. Follow a few simple rules and the long-awaited three words you can hear very soon:

  • Do not be "mommy", do not overly concern your care. Remember that everything should be in moderation.
  • Devote your free time to your hobbies: sign up for the sports section, go to the movies with your friends, spend your free time doing handicrafts, etc.
  • Do not rush to immediately open the guy, because the girl should always be mysterious and mysterious.
  • Do not put pressure on him and do not tell on the first date that he is yours forever, and you have already drawn up a project to build your house together, and also come up with names for the children. Believe me, he will definitely run away from you.
  • Enjoy every moment and do not rush things. Remember that everything happens in a timely manner.

What not to do: the advice of psychologists

For decades now, psychologists have been arguing about what will make a guy run after a girl and what mistakes most often women make on the way to their happiness. Let's derive the formula of ideal behavior for a girl and determine what should never be done:

  • No need to impose. Relationships should bring only pleasure, not the desire to dissolve to the molecules of their own experiences and emotions.
  • You can not put pressure on the guy: if he is not ready to go to the next level of your relationship and is in no hurry to confess his love or make a marriage proposal, do not rush things.
  • The guy should be your companion, but not the center. Do not revolve around the chosen one: you have your own life, he has his own. Moreover, your lives are filled with many bright impressions and events in addition to sharing time.
  • Separate his interests, but do not force yourself to do things that you do not like.
  • Do not try to fully control him: the more freedom you give the guy, the more he will strive for you.
  • Do not make plans, let everything go on as usual.
  • Try to restrain your emotions, especially outbursts of anger and crying. A man should not see your tears.

The relationship between a guy and a girl is a constant struggle, filled with positive emotions and pleasant events. Turn your relationship into a psychological game, but do not hide your essence and true self. And yet a little bit should be believed in fate: each person has his own role in this life. Be happy!

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