How to learn to kiss a boy and girl for the first time

There are situations in life when it is impossible to convey in words overwhelming emotions. At such moments we try to express our feelings in a different way: with the help of gestures, tears, laughter or a smile. Lovers often convey their feelings to another person through a kiss. It's no secret that a kiss can be different - tender, passionate, hot, farewell, loving and even caring. Those who have never kissed in their lives have a number of very troubling questions: what to do with your mouth and lips when they kiss you? Is there a way to learn how to kiss properly? How to avoid mistakes at the first kiss? Do not worry, in this article we will tell you how to learn to kiss for the first time.

How to kiss a guy or a girl on the lips for the first time?

The first kiss, like love, remains in memory for many years

The first kiss, like love, remains in memory for many years. And how he will be - gentle and romantic or timid and timid, depends on ourselves. It is for this reason that young people are tormented by the question: how to learn to kiss for the first time? In order for everything to go perfectly, you just need to take into account a few important points that we will talk about today.

First kiss: when and with whom?

All friends, acquaintances and girlfriends have kissed, and you have not tried? What to do in this case? What you really do not need to do is to start experiencing and looking for a partner for the first kiss only in order to maintain social status. It is necessary to understand one nuance: a kiss is not a race, here it is very important that everything happens at the right moment and with the desired person.

It often happens that girls give their first kiss to the wrong person. It does not matter: whether he took you home or paid for a taxi, called for school dances or saved the cat in a fire - if you don’t want to kiss this guy, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell him that there’s no and sureness.

How to prepare for the first kiss?

With the right person, the thought of the first kiss will come to your mind

With the right person, the thought of the first kiss will come to mind itself. Panic and frantically re-read a ton of information or interrogate friends is not worth it. It is best to calm down and try to prepare yourself as much as possible for this event.

There are several rules to consider when preparing for the first kiss:

  1. Tune in for a kiss in advance. First of all, take it easy and tune in to a nice pleasant evening before leaving the house. Girls are better not to use bright lipstick. She, of course, will make your lips more attractive, but will also leave marks on the guy's face. Give your preference to a colorless and soft lip gloss.
  2. Let the partner know about your intentions. If you are brave enough, then directly tell your partner about your desire. However, this situation may lead to some embarrassment. It is best to connect eye contact and sign language to this. Take your partner's hand, focus not only on the eyes and face as a whole, but also pay special attention to the lips.
  3. Fresh breath. Few people are attracted by bad breath, especially during such intimate moments. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, use dental floss as needed. And on the date you can eat a few mint drops or chewing gum. Just do not continue to eat chewing gum during the first kiss, because at that moment nothing should distract you.
  4. Private environment. The first kiss is a very intimate and personal thing, so it must pass in a private setting. Do not miss the whole feature of the moment, kissing in public. Prefer a quiet and lonely place where both partners will be able to fully concentrate on each other.

The main thing in preparing for the first kiss is naturalness. Do not try to appear to your partner better than you really are, because if you are invited to a date, it means a lot. You should not try to hide your excitement under deliberately loud laughter or wide gestures, perhaps your partner is worried no less. Always be confident in yourself and your actions - and then everything will work out.

First kiss technique

The theoretical part is complete, and now it's time to move on to practice.

The theoretical part is complete, and now it's time to move on to practice. The more you have in the future, the better you will master the technique. But the first kiss should be light and gentle, as a kind of expression of a special relationship to a partner. In order for everything to go well, you just need to remember and successfully implement a few recommendations:

  1. To get started, move closer to your partner and make direct eye contact.
  2. As your faces approach, make your head tilt slightly to the side.
  3. You can close or slightly close your eyes just before contact.
  4. To avoid colliding with the partner's teeth, the first touch of the lips should be light and gentle.
  5. And only after your boyfriend or girlfriend reciprocates, open your mouth and slightly increase the pressure on your lips.
  6. After the kiss, be sure to smile and say a few gentle words to your loved one.

It is not necessary that the first kiss was long and passionate, just a few seconds and just touching the lips. And remember, if you still could not cope with anxiety and have the courage to kiss a guy or a girl on the lips, then you can always do a gentle kiss on the cheek.

How to learn to kiss a boy and a girl for the first time: is there a difference and in what?

society places a heavy burden of responsibility on men's shoulders

Argued that the girl should not be wondering how to learn to kiss for the first time. Perhaps it is precisely because society places a great burden of responsibility on the men's shoulders, the guys are experiencing the moment of the first kiss especially sharply. However, it’s not worth worrying too much about the fact that you can do something wrong. After all, most often the girl is also inexperienced in this matter. And to comprehend such a science together is much easier and more pleasant.

Summarizing the above, I would like to note that the first kiss will remain in memory for many years. Therefore, it is very important to psychologically prepare for it in advance. But even if everything went wrong, do not despair, because this is just one kiss in your life.

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