How to kiss a language - a guy


The first kiss is one of the most exciting moments of emerging love relationships, when people reveal their sexual nature and temperament to each other. There are different kinds of kisses, but the most sensual and disturbing, of course, is French, which is known for using the language. How to kiss your tongue correctly and how to make the first such contact make an unforgettable impression on both?

Kiss is a very natural process, which involves, rather, the ability to relax, trust and enjoy, than the possession of a special technique. Despite this, many people are afraid to make a mistake, to show inexperience at the first contacts of this kind. Because of this, there is anxiety, insecurity, fear to open up before a partner. In such a state, a person, naturally, can perform awkward actions and, instead of pleasure and a sense of rapprochement, feel only disappointment. The most important point is the inner state: the first kiss is not an examination for experience, but the first close contact with a loved one, who should not bring anything but joy and pleasure.

Getting ready for sweet kisses!

Considerable importance in finding a comfortable psychological and emotional state is played by the atmosphere and atmosphere around: smells, sounds, lighting. In order to maximally relax and let go of experiences, it is best if the first kiss happens in a pleasant romantic atmosphere, where both the boy and the girl will feel light and calm.

  • Ideal for this event is a beautiful place in nature. But, if the weather or other circumstances do not allow, you can create a very pleasant atmosphere at home. It can be a romantic dinner or just tea in a cozy atmosphere.
  • The lighting should be soft, unobtrusive: live fire is wonderful for this: candles, aroma lamp, fireplace.
  • Music also helps to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. You can choose absolutely any music, the main thing is that it should be liked by both a guy and a girl.
  • A special role in the emotional state is played by smells. The fact is that in addition to the attractive appearance, the partner - both subconsciously and consciously - receives a large amount of information about his boyfriend / girlfriend through the sense of smell. The stale smell from the skin or mouth can spoil the impression and make the kiss unpleasant and even repulsive. Too harsh and saturated smell of toilet water, deodorant or perfume also creates a not very pleasant impression, even if the fragrance itself is pleasant. In addition, the rich smell completely interrupts the natural smell of the body, which is the most attractive from the point of view of sexual perception of the partner. The most suitable option - light fresh or spicy smells, which are noticeable only at close range.
  • Girls should not use a large amount of cosmetics: a thick layer of tonal means, powder, greasy lipstick. When kissing make-up necessarily spoiled, and the partner will only worry about how she looks. A guy is unlikely to enjoy the taste of cosmetics in his mouth.
  • Tactile sensations also play an important role: soft, smooth, clean skin will be incredibly attractive to a partner. But chapped dry lips and stiff bristles can cause discomfort during a kiss.

How to kiss the first time with the tongue?

First, although it is possible that your partner likes surprises, it is better to kiss him at the moment when he is ready for this. The question "Can I kiss you?" can sometimes confuse. Therefore, it is better to trust your intuition and try to read the partner’s body language, “calculate”, when his look, facial expressions, movements say that he is pleased with your close presence, and he wants closer contact.

Secondly, the process of kissing must necessarily be accompanied by hugs, gentle touches, stroking the face, hair, back - in this case, contact of the lips will bring maximum pleasure.

And now more specifically about how to properly kiss the language.

  • Touch the relaxed lips very gently to the lips of your boyfriend / girlfriend, kiss the upper or lower lip. Slightly sucking movements can be made.
  • The tip of the tongue gently swipe over the lips of the partner, penetrating inside.
  • It is not necessary to penetrate too deeply at the first kiss: it may not like the other side. It is enough to find the partner’s language with the tip of your tongue and gently stroke it: with circular movements around the tip or along the side and along the surface.
  • You can gently hold your tongue over the sky and teeth of your partner.
  • Alternate these movements with light, sucking lip movements.
  • The lips and tongue should be soft, unstressed, but not too sluggish.
  • Try alternating light and gentle movements with more intense tongues.
  • The first kiss should not be too long (unless you feel that your partner really does not want to break away from you).
  • It is not necessary during the kiss to open your eyes and follow the reaction of a partner. It is better to relax, surrender to your feelings and just enjoy the moment - so much more likely that the kiss will bring pleasure to both.
  • During contact, breathe freely through the nose, no need to hold your breath.
  • The head should be at a slight angle, so that the nose does not interfere.
  • If necessary, periodically swallow saliva so that the lips are not too wet.

Later, when you begin to feel what your partner likes, you can experiment: make the kiss faster, passionate and active or, on the contrary, more gentle, slow and sensual, make light, fluttering movements of the tongue or more persistent and deep. The main thing is that all this should be like a pleasant game in which you will know each other, and not a set of learned movements, during which you mentally analyze all your actions.

How to kiss a language with a girl? There is no particular difference between the actions of the boy and the girl during the kiss. But nevertheless character of a kiss can differ: the girl, as a rule, waits from the guy for more active actions. As already mentioned, during a kiss, people subconsciously read information about their partner in his actions. So, if a guy kisses too sluggishly, slowly and timidly, it can create an impression of him as an indecisive and incapable person to lead a person - and that is what girls are often afraid to find in their boyfriend. At the same time, if the kiss is too rude and insistent, the girl can take it as an indication that the boy needs only a sexual relationship, and he has no romantic feelings. In this sense, a kiss can be compared with a dance, when a man should be soft and romantic, but be able to lead his partner. It is very important that the girl “in the process” feel tender touches, hugs, hear tender words in her ear before and after the kiss, and see the admiring glance of the man.

How to kiss a guy with a tongue? Just as in the case of the guy, from the side of the girl, the kiss should not be too sluggish and inactive. Otherwise it will create the impression that the contact does not give her any pleasure. It is important for a guy to feel that his actions are pleasant to the second side. This, of course, does not apply to the case when the girl is not ready for a kiss and does not want him at all. At the same time, it is quite natural if the first kiss of the girl is a little unsure, as if tasting. She should not be afraid of this and try in every way to show that she is experienced in the ability to kiss. On the contrary, a little timidity and excitement on her part can be exciting and intriguing for a guy.

The main condition for a boy and a girl is the presence of sincere feelings, when a kiss is a continuation of emerging or already manifested feelings, and not an end in itself - to learn to kiss the language well and “correctly”. Only in this case, it will turn out to let go of your thoughts and experiences, to confide in the natural influx and begin to really enjoy the intimate moment.