How to keep a family budget

One of the first and most difficult problems that any young family faces is managing and drawing up a family budget. Donated by relatives to the wedding money in most cases disappear instantly. It seems that there is work, and income, and there is not enough money all the time, big purchases become something completely unreal. Do you recognize yourself? We share with you discoveries and mistakes in planning a family budget.

Family budget planning: where to start?

It is better to have a joint budget in the family.

The first idea may be - lay out the money in envelopes with the name of the main items of expenditure. After receiving a salary, distribute the available amount in parts: "food", "gasoline", "utility payments", "entertainment", "clothes and shoes". These envelopes can be arbitrarily many, it all depends on the needs of each particular family. The advantage of this system is that you know in advance how much you can spend on this or that article. Keep in mind that you definitely need an envelope with the inscription: "unplanned expenses", because there will always be those!

What can you save, and what you can not?

You can save on almost everything except health. Take, for example, the cost item "food". You can save up to 800-1000 rubles per week by visiting the supermarket once a week. Every day, running to the store, say, for bread, you will definitely take something completely unplanned: chocolate, juice or pineapple. And this is contrary to the economy mode. Choosing a day, sunday. We carefully compile a list, calculate how many packages of milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, meat, fish, etc., are needed for a week. The first time, of course, there will be blunders, but still, after a month and a half you will be able to buy the necessary supply of food in the store with your eyes closed. This system really works!

We save on utility costs. Always turn off the light, leaving the room, even if we leave for 3 minutes. Before washing, we soak dirty things in a basin with laundry detergent for 2-3 hours, then start the washing machine for a shorter wash cycle. All stains will be washed off, and you will spend much less water and electricity. At night, turn off all electrical appliances from outlets, except for the refrigerator. For the year, such a measure will allow us to significantly save on electricity.

Electronic Assistant for Family Budget Management

The most ingenious discovery for you can be keeping electronic family budget. There are many software products called "Family Budget". Some are too primitive, others are too complicated to use. All of them can be tried for free by downloading a demo version of the product to your computer. Stop choosing Family10, a simple and very functional product. Easy and fun way to control all financial flows of a family. With Family10, you can create a budget for the month, plan expenses and income, analyze overspending.

The biggest effect is the inscription that pops up when you start the program: Where does the money go? Brilliant phrase !!! And under this inscription, the program issues an item of expenses for which a greater amount of finances is spent for a given period of time. After three months of using the electronic family budget, you will know clearly how much money you need for each item of expenditure and how much money you can safely defer to planned large purchases. Only one BUT. Entries in the electronic budget need to be made every day. As a rule, it takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

Moneybox - a way to save family income

This method allows for one year to collect up to 15,000 rubles, without noticing it. You will need a large piggy bank, which cannot be simply opened, but must be broken without fail. It is desirable that she was also very beautiful to break it was a pity. Every day, in this piggy bank, lower the metal coins of 10 rubles. Believe me, a lot of them go through your wallets and pockets. On average, over the year, from 10,000 to 15,000 are recruited in the piggy bank. This is verified, it works!

So, family budget is as hard as it is simple. Save can and should be, while maintaining more than a decent standard of living. The rules are simple, as all ingenious: we postpone at least 10% from any income, always turn off the lights, soak linen before washing, actively use electronic programs for drawing up the family budget and, finally, collect coins. Isn't it easy? We hope that these tips will help you find your own true path to family financial well-being.

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