How to improve relations with the mother-in-law

Most of the girls, getting married, are of the opinion that they marry their beloved man, not his mother. Therefore, relations with her can and be neglected. But such an opinion is, in fact, mistaken. After all his mother is not going anywhere. Whether you like it or not, it will be present in your life.

At first, any, even the most wonderful mother-in-law, will treat her sister-in-law with wariness. Naturally, she needs to get to know you better. Now you are the beloved woman of her beloved man — her son. And she must make sure that she gave it to a good girlfriend..

What are the mother-in-law?

Firstly, even if your mother-in-law is not a pleasant woman and with character, you should be wise. And try to at least pretend that you treat her well. It is not necessary to love the mother-in-law, as a mother. But respect its worth it. At least for the fact that she raised such a wonderful man!

It is impossible to give unambiguous advice that would be suitable for absolutely all mother-in-law. After all very important - what is your mother in law?

1. There are mother-in-law owners. Such believe that her son - only her. And in you she sees only a rival. In no case can not complain about it to her husband - thus you only make the situation tense. More often praise her husband in her presence. Sometimes, without flattery, thank her for raising such a beautiful son. Let her feel an ally in you.

2. There are mother-in-law, forever young. They are unfading. Always look great. Dressed in the latest fashion. It is very easy to turn such mother-in-law into a close friend.. It is enough to ask her advice, for example, what kind of toilet water is in fashion now. What color is preferred this season? She will be glad to see in you a woman who looks like herself.

3 Conservative mother-in-law. They believe that a woman should not work a priori, but should only be engaged in everyday life. She is can blame you for that, that on your table there is no fresh meal every night, and you warm up yesterday’s. And also, God forbid, eat semi-finished products! With such a mother in law, it’s better not to share your successes at work. - she does not understand and once again condemns that you pay more time to your work than to your family. This mother-in-law is best to ask. various recipes, ways of preserving and starching tulle.

four. Inspired mother-in-law. These women have some kind of hobby that they devote all their free time. And that's not bad. This mother-in-law has no time left., to bother the daughter in law. To establish relations with her is very easy to give her something that is related to her hobby and show interest in her occupation.

five. Mother-in-hen. Such loves frequent family gatherings for any reason. She will surely be insist that you and your husband live with her. This will cherish and cherish the grandchildren when they appear. There is nothing wrong with such a mother-in-law, but it is rather peculiar, so you have to think about how to find the key to it. Perhaps show that you have similar characters.

6 Mother-in-law commanders. So you need to have the last word behind them. They try completely take control of your life together with your spouse. Starting with how you dress, and ending with who to be friends. No need to argue and swear with such mother-in-law. This way you will not achieve anything, only to completely ruin the relationship. Pretend to agree with her. Nod silently, and then do so. As you see fit. Living with such mother-in-law is not recommended. Because, sooner or later, you will not stand it. And your family will fall apart. Any ways to look for your accommodation. Let it even be a room in a hostel - but there you will live peacefully and peacefully.

7 Mother-Hypochondriac. This mother-in-law it always hurts. She always has high (low) pressure, it hurts, it squeaks, it hurts, and there it shoots. Most of all sores - imaginary. Try to slip her articles, magazines, and medical books. One girl did very interestingly in the case of her mother-in-law. One day she just could not stand her whining, and came to the point creatively. I took an empty old bottle from under some medicine, found a picture of Chinese characters on the Internet, printed it out and pasted it on the bottle. And in the bottle itself poured water mixed with sugar. And gave her mother-in-law, saying that this is a rare medicine of Tibetan monks. That he was brought specifically for the mother-in-law. And now all sores as a hand will remove. Since the bottle with the "medicine" ended in the house, peace and quiet reigns, and most tender love between mother in law and daughter in law!

8. And finally perfect mother in law. Such mother-in-law will always be on your side. In any conflict with her husband, even in the one in which you are wrong, she will always take your side. She will always help and help out. Sit with grandchildren at any time. Prepare a delicious dinner and iron the linen! It remains only to be glad for those who have such a mother-in-law!

But even, if you are not the perfect mother in law, you should always go first. She is older than you, and deserved this right.

How to behave with the mother-in-law?

  • Often, praise your husband in her presence, and thank her for bringing him up exactly as he is.
  • No matter how bad your mother-in-law seems to you - she is your loved one's mother. And it is her merit that he is so! After all, it was she who educated him so!
  • Not worth every time complain to her husband about his mother. After all, for you she is a mother in law, by blood she is not a native person, and for him she is a mother. Therefore, he will be torn apart, not knowing which one of you to support and which side to take.
  • Try to find out from your husband what is the mother in law, what she likes, what her hobbies and work. The decoration of her apartment can tell you a lot. In general, be careful. This will help get closer with your husband's mom.
  • Once again do not argue with the mother-in-law and do not swear. You can quarrel quickly, but then you have a very long time to restore the relationship.

And, if you did quarrel with your mother-in-law, you need to be wiser. There is no shame in approaching her and sincerely apologize!

I wish you happiness and home comfort!

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