How to improve relations with a teenage child

The important moment that the parents of a teenager should remember is that you need to learn how to properly convey information to the child, you need to learn how to listen and hear it yourself. You should not dismiss him, considering his problems childish and not worth attention. For him, they are very serious, more serious than you imagine. Who, besides you, will listen to him and give you truly valuable advice? It is better to act as adviser you, than his friends.

When you need to make a teenager comment about his unseemly act, you should not resort to such turns as: "You got a deuce, you are a fool!", Or "What are you, trash difficult to endure, lazy ?!" Discuss the issue when discussing PROBLEM, not a child. Never tell a child that he is bad! His bad deeds or words. But not him! It is much better to say: “Is something incomprehensible to you on the subject? Maybe I can explain?”, “Did you forget to take out the garbage? Take out, please!” You should not raise your voice trying to prove something. Calm and once again calm!

A teenager wants to feel like an adult. It is precisely because of its rudeness and irritability that the desire may seem to be more adult. Give him the opportunity to feel like an adult. Talk to him as equals. It is not necessary to squeeze, but you also do not need to suppress it with your authority! Consult with him on family issues more often. Let him feel that you recognize in him a matured family member who can also say something meaningful. Let him feel meaningful! In addition, in this situation, there is a benefit for you. The teenager is more familiar with the Internet, perhaps he has some information that is unfamiliar to you. And, perhaps, consulting with him about the summer trip, he will share with you the information that was unknown to you before (for example, fighting in the territory of the place where you planned to spend your vacation).

If a teenager begins to show aggression and is rude to you, then never do not be rude to rudeness. This will only worsen the situation. If this happens, ignoring will be the best behavior on your part. It is possible - go, walk, let off steam. There is no possibility - at least go to another room. Do not respond to attacks. This must be done more than once or twice! So you need to do always! All the time! Only then tactics will bear fruit.

If there is such a situation that your child has done the wrong thing, and you want to talk to him about it, or make him a comment, NEVER do this with strangers., especially when his peers! Adolescent pride is very sensitive to this. Yes, and you will not achieve the goal of being understood. Only turn aggression and anger against yourself. All notes and teachings - only one-on-one!

Respect your child's personal space! You can not read his diaries, view, without his knowledge, his page on social networks, search his pockets. Not only is it low, so also when a child finds out that you do it, you lose his confidence to yourself forever! Try to build good relations with him, and then he will share with you interesting information.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that it was like there b, but sooner or later the adolescence will pass. Reach and problems associated with it. And your relationship with your child will last a lifetime. And it depends only on you what these relations will be: trustful or quite the opposite..

Love and mutual understanding you and your children!

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