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How to give pleasure to a man

Perhaps almost every woman seeks to surprise her man and satisfy his needs. Many of us re-read articles on psychology, glossy magazines and try to find an answer to the question of how to please man. The secrets of this lie in the psychology of the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Men are hunters by nature, and so that your chosen one does not lose interest in you, and relationships bring harmony and happiness, you need to learn how to give each other pleasure. No wonder the wise men say that the one who gives, fills his heart with feelings of unprecedented power.

Cooking skills

it is possible to give pleasure to a man only in sexual terms, this judgment is wrong

If you thought that you can only give pleasure to a man sexually, then this judgment is wrong. Women - mistresses and inventors, which the world has not yet seen! If desired, especially when a woman loves her chosen one, she is capable of the most courageous deeds. The secret of happiness and harmony in relationships lies not only in understanding and caring. Relationships must constantly evolve, improve day by day, so that they do not become familiar and routine.

If you want to surprise your lover, then turn on the culinary fantasy and cook a delicious dish. No wonder wise women say that the way to a man’s heart is made through his stomach. Men love with their eyes, but they also want to eat tasty food.

A satisfied man must be well fed - this is an axiom. If you are not strong in cooking, then ask your girlfriends or relatives for help. In extreme cases, you can order a favorite delicacy of your chosen one at the restaurant. If you want to surprise your man by yourself and make it a tremendous pleasure, prepare his favorite salad, side dish and meat dish. Purchase a bottle of fine wine or another drink depending on their preferences. Cover the table, make an unusual table setting, put candles, scatter pearls on the tablecloth and meet your soulmate.

Believe me, after a busy working day, your man will be pleasantly surprised by such a surprise. Want to blow your man on the spot, then in addition prepare his favorite dessert. Do not despair if you do not know about all the taste preferences of your loved one, talk with him and gently get such information.

If you want a romantic dinner to smoothly turn into a passionate night of love, do not feel sorry for the spices. Season the dish with cinnamon, ginger or spicy sauce - this will add spice to your dinner together. Do not rush to immediately wash the dishes and tidy up in the kitchen, leave small chores for tomorrow, do not spoil the situation with small household details.

How to give pleasure to a man in bed: the secrets

Perhaps sexuality is one of the most powerful weapons in the women's arsenal.

Perhaps sexuality is one of the most powerful weapons in the women's arsenal. Scientists have found that men think much more about sex and crave for it than women. No relationship is complete without intimacy. In order to give pleasure to a man, you do not need to be a depraved courtesan. Talk to your chosen one, discuss your common preferences and interests in bed. If you want to surprise him, then try to organize an unforgettable evening and night in one of the scenarios:

  • romantic dinner in bed with strawberry and cream dessert;
  • erotic photo shoot (even in the most daring roles);
  • lace underwear;
  • role-playing games;
  • toys for adults";
  • a variety of sexual activities (watch movies with a peppercorn or browse through the Kama Sutra - you will definitely find the position you would like to try).

As already mentioned, men love with their eyes. If you want to give pleasure to your man, you must start with yourself. Get a set of beautiful underwear, wear stockings and high-heeled shoes. Believe me, not a single man has resisted such beauty, especially if he did not expect such a surprise. If you want to add mystery, a man can be blindfolded until you enter the image of a bold lioness or a gentle nurse.

Try what was previously forbidden, but remember: in bed you should take into account the desires of both partners. Do not do what is unacceptable to you. In addition to the "standard set", in bed a woman can give a man pleasure with her tongue and hands. If you immediately thought about oral sex and masturbation, then this is not quite so. In addition to sexual pleasure, the representative of the fair sex can surprise a man and help him relax after a hard day without resorting to sex.

Erotic massage

The hands of a woman carry a tremendous power of warmth and tenderness.

The hands of a woman carry a tremendous power of warmth and tenderness. You can purchase a special cream or massage oil and offer your loved one to completely relax. Ask him to lie down on his stomach and begin to massage. Movement should be smooth, gliding and gentle, so that all skin receptors of men feel your warmth and love. You need to massage the whole body.

Do you want that erotic massage smoothly turned into sexual intercourse, then feel free to strip out and do the massage not only with your hands, but also with your body. It is unlikely that a man will stand after this. Do not be offended or upset if a man falls asleep during such a massage. This does not mean that you no longer attract him. We are all human, and we tend to get tired after a hard day. If you are in this situation, then just cover your beloved with a warm blanket or a soft rug and lie down next to him. Believe me, the first thing he thinks about in the morning is your evening caresses.

In addition, with the help of the hands of a woman can deliver a man and sexual pleasure. There are many techniques for performing masturbation. You can get acquainted with them and apply the received knowledge in practice. Very often couples who want to diversify their sex life resort to such affection. If you want to give pleasure to your man, but you can not due to calendar reasons or pregnancy in the later periods, then master this technique. Do not forget, in your hands is concentrated great strength.

Oral caress

To a man ascended to the top of excitement, and your intercourse brought enchanting pleasure to both partners, you can resort to oral sex. You can cover your loved one's body with kisses, and gently hold the tongue along the most erogenous zones: neck, chest, lower abdomen and inner thigh.

If your couple practices this method of getting pleasure, then master the new technique of oral caress, combine it with a masterly hand work - and your man will get unforgettable feelings. The main thing is that the process itself gives you pleasure. Do not forget that your feelings and desires play a primary role here.

If you want to surprise your lover, try playing on contrasts. You can, for example, first sip hot coffee and hold your tongue around your loved one's neck, and then take an ice cube in your teeth. The abrupt change of sensations will certainly please your partner.

Learning the alphabet of love: the advice of psychologists

Believe, your man will be grateful to you and will receive unforgettable pleasure.

As has been said many times, a man can be pleased not only through the realization of bold sexual fantasies. Believe me, your man will be grateful to you and will receive an unforgettable pleasure if you share his interests with him, constantly surprise and praise.

Yes, strangely enough, all men love praise. But she must be sincere. Try to start with small things, and you will see how the next portion of praise will positively influence your chosen one. A man needs to be praised even for trifles, for example, for a hammered nail or order in the closet.

Your favorite man is keen on football, hockey or fishing, but you never shared these interests? Try to attend a football match together or organize a viewing at home. Perhaps you will like this hobby. Suggest your lover to go to the pond next weekend and sit quietly with a fishing rod, and then you can have a small picnic.

A man constantly needs to be surprised, so you have to work on yourself. For example, you can sign up for dance workshops and study several elements of strip plastics or oriental dances. In the evening, a pleasant surprise will await your man.

Relationships are a constant hard work. Remember that your relationship with a partner should bring only pleasure and happiness, not moral experiences. Start with yourself, and your chosen one will certainly want to repay you with the same pleasant coin. Be happy!

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