How to get rid of hyperactivity in children

Young parents are often interested in the question: what is hyperactivity in children and with what is it related? Is it a feature of individual development? Or wrong education? Or maybe this is a deviation from the norm, and the child needs medical assistance?

What is hyperactivity in children?

Hyperactivity in children in medicine is a special term for ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Doctors define ADHD as a kind of deviation in the development of the child's psyche, which manifests itself in behavior, affects the character.

What is hyperactivity in children?

Why does hyperactivity occur in children?

The causes of hyperactivity in children can be several. Here are the most common ones:

  1. genetic predisposition, i.e. this is a hereditary factor;
  2. disorders of the development of the nervous system in prenatal development;
  3. trauma at birth;
  4. adverse living conditions (dysfunctional family).

Thus, based on the main causes of hyperactivity in children, one cannot say that this is a pathology, a deviation from the norm. After all, disadvantaged families are now not so little. Yes, and heredity can not be a deviation from the norm. There are people who are very active, quick-tempered, and very susceptible to everything - this is a feature of their temperament.

However, supporters of the theory that these are mental disorders of a pathogenic nature are based on other causes of ADHD: trauma during childbirth and abnormalities in intrauterine development. This issue is still controversial.

How to recognize hyperactivity in a child?

Signs of hyperactivity in children are:

  1. high motor activity
  2. impulsiveness,
  3. quick temper,
  4. hyperexcitability,
  5. unstable mood, frequent mood changes from good to sharply negative.

However, such signs may have any spoiled child. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose hyperactivity in a child at an early age. It is easier to do this when the child has gone to school and cannot fulfill the requirements and duties of the student, as most children do.

How to recognize hyperactivity in a child?

Schoolchildren with hyperactivity have poor attention, poor academic performance, restlessness in the classroom, talkativeness, poor sleep, and very difficult falling asleep. Such children are very active, move a lot, are prone to conflicts and asocial behavior. According to the calculations of scientists, the tendency to suicide in these children is higher than in others.

Treatment of hyperactivity in children

The diagnosis of hyperactivity requires the treatment of children. This will help to avoid many problems both in childhood and in adulthood. The neglected hyperactivity of children follows them into adulthood, making it difficult to build interpersonal and working relationships.

Treatment of hyperactivity in children includes the following components:

  1. drug therapy with special drugs;
  2. professional relaxing massage;
  3. manual therapy;
  4. psychological correction of the child’s behavior and character;
  5. proper attitude to the child's parents.

The first methods can be carried out only by medical specialists, the latter depends on the parents. How to treat a hyperactive child, how to behave with him to help him?

Tips doctors for parents hyperactive child

  • Observe the mode of the day. This will help organize the child, instill in him responsibility and organization.
  • let the baby rest more. Often, hyperactive children get tired very quickly, so do not make him do hard work, he complains not because he does not want, that he is lazy, but because he is really tired.

Treatment of hyperactivity in children

  • Avoid noisy companies with other children. Weekend spend the whole family in nature, in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • work with your children on homework. Encourage your child to perform activities that require increased concentration. More often arrange a rest between lessons.
  • often praise even for small successes.
  • Do not scream, do not scold the child. Better persistently, calmly and firmly explain to him what he did wrong and what you want from him.
  • For a splash of excess energy and strength, write down the hyperactive child in the sports section. Sport is a great way to train your willpower, balance emotions and remove negative thoughts. In addition, your child loves to move a lot, let him do it with benefit. Perhaps he will succeed in any kind of sport.

Remember that not only doctors can help your child get rid of hyperactivity, not only competent medical treatment and psychological correction, but you too. After all, according to many scientists, everything comes from a family!

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