How to get rid of a guy

Even the most beautiful and turbulent novels are not insured against the gradual extinction of feelings from partners. Even the most seemingly strong and serious relationship can give a crack. The reasons for this can be a huge variety. Not the fact that Cinderella and the Prince did not divorce after a month of family life due to the fact that, say, the Prince fell in love with some Princess. And we do not know how the life of Beauty and her millionaire, after he took her with him. It is possible that he bored her, and she ran away from her own wedding.

Movies and books almost never tell us how the life of the main characters develops after the final kiss or the phrase "and they lived happily ever after." They lived, maybe happily, but not the fact that together. So, it is very sad when love passes, and only emptiness remains in the soul ... No feelings for the once beloved person. It is easier to do away with the beginner relationship when both partners are ripe for parting. And it is much more difficult to break the union, when the feelings have passed only in you, but he still loves and is happy with everything. But there are no hopeless situations! We get rid of the annoyed guy in the most appropriate way.

We go to "you"

First, try not to philosophize slyly and simply explain to a young man that you no longer love him and do not want to continue the relationship. It will be honest! If you love - forgive and let go. But to remain friends, most likely, you will not succeed later ... If this does not disturb you too much, then this option of breaking off relations is almost perfect.

Looking for the talent of a psychologist

But it may happen that the guy does not want to let you go. He will call day and night, persuade him not to leave him alone in this ruthless world ... He will start to fall asleep with flowers, gifts, promise mountains of gold and so on. Think again whether the separation will really be better for you. If you are unshakable - ignore. Change the SIM card and reject gifts, insisting on your own. Sooner or later it will bother him, and he will finally fall behind. This is the most simple situation. But that only in this life does not happen ...

The seemingly adequate guy may be unbalanced in an extreme amorous situation. A lover may threaten you with physical violence, or that will lay hands on himself. Do not rush heart-to-heart to promise him everlasting love and loyalty. Most likely, he is bluffing. But what the hell is not joking! If anything happens to him on the basis of an unhappy love for you, you will never forgive yourself. So wake up a psychologist! Talk with him, explain, explain and once again explain the futility of such a relationship. Connect shared friends. Let them talk to him and explain that you need to calm down and live on. Sooner or later he will understand and let you go in peace.

Our girl "offended"

If this option of “detaching” a guy doesn’t suit you, you don’t want to be a stinker, but you want to stay white and fluffy, then use a female trick! Make him leave you! For example, provoke a quarrel. But do it in such a way that it leaves him with the feeling that it is he who is to blame for everything. How?

There is an anecdote about how men act when they need to leave. They "leave" on our inability to quickly assemble. The guy comes to the girl and says that he took the tickets to the cinema (or theater) and started in 15 minutes. The girl begins to gather. After 10 minutes, the guy comes in and, seeing that the young lady is still painting, says: “You don’t care that this is my favorite movie! So you don’t love me!”, Then slam the door and leave.

We will take and use their weapons against them! For example, on the eve of some important event for a guy (business meeting, birthday of his grandmother, etc.), tell him that tomorrow you both are going to visit your girlfriend who has not seen each other for a week. He will naturally say that he cannot go with you. And here you "pereklinites" on this refusal and accuse him except for neglect and "dislike" of all possible and impossible universal sins. No one needs to explain how to make a salad, a hat and a scandal out of nothing. After a well-planned and, undoubtedly, successful quarrel, you can declare to a faithful with a clear conscience that “you cannot live like this anymore” and the only way out is to part. How to act if he tries to get you back, see paragraph two.

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Jealousy is not a vice, but a means of liberation

As you know, jealousy destroys even a long-term relationship. Jealous of him for everything that moves and does not move! And how can you more dramatically demonstrate this. Sooner or later he will get your tantrums in the throat, and he will hasten to retreat. But, if your darling is crystal clear and faithful to you, like Hachiko, you will have to show a little more ingenuity. Encourage, insidious schemer, some friend of her friend, so she tried to "glue" your boyfriend. What is not a reason for jealousy? How to act after this you already know.

You can also try to get rid of the "fifth wheel", ignoring it. Just act as if it is an empty place. In every way show that you are bored with him. Snap back, grumble ... The more annoying and intolerable, the better for you! Rarely what man's pride will make such an appeal.

Tell your boyfriend that you cheated on him. Of course, this will tarnish your honor, but what you will not do for the sake of freedom! Tell him that after this act, you will not be able to calmly continue to meet with him, that you will be devoured by conscience. Say that after this you are unworthy of him! Well, or simply explain that you love another and go to him. But then you have to find someone to play this "other".

Do not want? Let's make!

Well, the most extreme case is not to quit the guy, but to “throw”! Fast and reliable. In the big company of your friends and acquaintances, stand up and declare loudly: "Darling! I don’t love you anymore, so I’m leaving! Yes, I’m leaving you. Humble yourself! Believe me, the result will be immediate. He will go away and never come back. 1-0 in your favor!

From this abundance of ways of "liberation" choose the most suitable for you. But still, do not be lazy to once again weigh all the pros and cons of your relationship. It may suddenly turn out that at first glance a broken cup can be glued together and healed even happier than before!

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