How to get revenge on a guy

The world turned upside down - the guy left you. This situation hurts the ego and the first thought that comes to the girl's head - how to take revenge on the guy who offended her so much?

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When turbulent emotions and pain subside a little bit, it is worth seriously considering this issue. Need to take a fresh look at your relationship and clearly identify the cause of the gap, or maybe there were several?

Think maybe you just disliked your ex. Remember how long you were preparing for first dates, trying to make an impression, and then? Thought that you should not try anymore?

How to revenge for treason guy?

But men, first of all, like the appearance. It is a fact.

But now you have time and a strong desire to look great. The best way is not to change your appearance, namely, to improve it. After all, once you liked him very much, he drew attention to you, so you need to correctly emphasize your best features. You can visit a hairdresser or even go to a good makeup artist. They will certainly give you a lot of useful tips and point out mistakes that are difficult for themselves to be noticed for a number of reasons. And when you begin to look luxurious again, you will certainly think about it - or maybe the parting happened for the better and no longer need to think how to take revenge on the one who left me and so underestimated.

How to revenge for treason guy?

Many girls do not know worse than hitting the ego than betraying a loved one. Therefore, their thoughts of revenge can be explained.

How to revenge a guy for his betrayal, so much so that it is at least a little easier to survive the separation.

Do you know what the most popular revenge is for a male traitor? This is a response betrayal of him with his best friend. But it would be more correct to call it not treason, but the beginning of a new relationship.

If a friend was unpleasant to you before, then do not start an affair with him. If he was sympathetic to you, then try. It is necessary that your ex be aware of your new romantic relationship. No matter how he treats you now, but he is unlikely to be pleased to share his own, though already an ex-girlfriend with a friend. We wish you a new love that will overshadow your revenge and make you truly happy.

How to revenge a guy who offended you a lot?

How to revenge for treason guy?

The best answer to the question "how to take revenge on a guy for a grudge" is to put him in the same situation. In the event that a partner pays you little attention, you can try this method.

Invite the young man who offended you to his home for a romantic dinner with champagne and candles. In all details tell him how great the menu will be. Several times remind you that the event is scheduled for today. And go on a walk with your friends yourself, and when, according to your calculations, he will be approaching the apartment, dial his number. With regret, notice that on the way you met your old girlfriends and wandered into a cafe, you could not help but note with them an important date invented by you in the company of your beloved girlfriends. Be sure to promise him a delicious dinner a couple of times. After a day, when he calms down a bit, meet him in the evening after work and invite him to walk along the park together. There you will be able to reveal your adventure to him and explain that in the same way you were very offended by his inattention to you. If he understands you and corrects, it means that your wise revenge was a success.

The word revenge sounds cruel. You can break a lot of firewood succumbing to emotions and resentment. Therefore, before you are going to take revenge, consider whether you need it. Maybe it is better to let go of the situation or try to correct it, for example, by frankly discussing with your partner the problems in your relationship.

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