How to get a guy back

In the relationship between those who love so much feelings and emotions, that both partners often suffer from this heat of passion. For example, when they break up. And now, after a while, having broken a bunch of firewood, you suddenly realize that you want to return everything as it was. How to get the guy you love back? Without the advice of a psychologist is not enough.

"But maybe start again?"

How to return the guy you love

This line from the song of Alexander Serov is close and understandable to everyone who once experienced a break. Junk life, treason, jealousy - there can be many reasons. But after parting, you suddenly realize that the absence of this person in life is like a vase without flowers: the form is there, but the content is not enough.

So what to do if for some reason he does not want a relationship? Let's try to figure out how to return a guy without love spells and magic, using a scientific approach to the issue. Immediately stipulate that the key to the beginning of a new round of love relationships is in both of you. In other words, both of you should want to be together - there is no other way out. But pushing a few emotionally lagging men won't hurt.

7 tips of psychologists

The field of relationships is a subtle system that requires very careful influence from outside. So any recommendations must be tailored to specific people, the situation. Another fundamental approach on the road to reunification is consistency. That is, any of your steps should be deliberate and logical - the only way to find a way to return the guy who left you or whom you threw.


The most difficult thing, as you know, is waiting. However, it is the pause that is the key moment for developing an effective strategy for building new relations. Time is needed for both you and him in order to:

  • realize the cause of the incident (if we take into account only the effect, that is, the fact of separation, it is unlikely that it will be possible to revive your union for a long time);
  • calm down (emotions, which in such a difficult moment of life overwhelm, only prevent soberly assess the situation);
  • decide whether you are ready to forgive each other (if betrayal was the cause of the rupture, then such an “amnesty” is necessary so that, starting all over again, not to return to reproaches about past mistakes);
  • get bored, especially when you are looking for a way, how to get a guy back if his feelings are cold. Yes, it is to get bored and understand that you are good together, and for this it would be worthwhile to make an effort and change the situation.

Self control

no one loves us the way we are

There is a famous saying that no one loves us the way we are. Others want to see only positive. This is true for love relationships. Do not cry and complain that you broke up. This happens to everyone, but to preserve your face and dignity in a difficult situation, you must be sure. Therefore:

  • try to smile more in public;
  • spend time in pleasant company;
  • have fun and develop (cinema, theater, exhibitions - this is what will distract from sadness and at the same time expand the sphere of interests).

If you are seen by mutual friends, then they will accurately tell the person for whom so much effort is put. When you meet an object of your passion, say hello in a friendly way, sincerely ask about his affairs, wish good luck in parting - such behavior will win over your former partner and make you look at you with different eyes - with those that he looked at during the candy-bouquet period.


Write at least 50 sms per day, call 5-6 times a day and be sure to cry every time. Something like this would be bad advice number 1, if our goal was to prevent any attempts to start a relationship again. So let the guy break the habit of your constant presence in your life. So you give him what you need to realize the two of you as a whole, namely - time.

Get yourself back

Remember how you were when you met your boyfriend. Try to become the same fervent, sweet and sociable. And remember that one return to the blonde (brunette, brown-haired) is not enough: after all, they fall in love not only with the appearance, but also with the soul - again, there is only one vase: there should be flowers in it.

Play Hunter Instinct

Men are known to be hunters, jealously guarding their prey. And even if you split up, he won't like it, if there is a candidate for the “property”. This will at least make you think about you more often, that is, it will become a sign that everything is not lost. So flirt (in moderation) and be open to new acquaintances.

Please him

Gave the guy time, reminded himself smart and beautiful, struck him with his love of life? It is time to please him with a pleasant gift. The record of your favorite artist, a backpack with the logo of the team for which he is ill ... A souvenir should be unexpected, not too expensive (so that you don’t feel that you are buying it) and sincere. So you show your awareness of what hurt him, acted cruelly or just forgiven and ready to go on. But the main thing - let me know that you love and care about him.


make friends with your boyfriend

Consistently “walking” after the recommendations of psychologists, will you come too late too late to make friends with your young man? You can do this using the following tricks:

  • try to maintain relationships with common friends - then you will have a legitimate reason to appear in one company;
  • ask for advice - nothing so encourages a man's pride as recognition by those around him;
  • discuss common interests (for sure, during the time you were together, there were some joint hobbies, and the gap is not a reason to abandon an interesting hobby).

Making friends, you can find the right moment to remind the guy about those beautiful moments that you had. So, with a high degree of probability, your beloved will want, like the aforementioned lyric hero of Serov's song, "... repeat everything first."

Psychologist's advice on how to get the guy you love back is important to implement correctly and consistently. To do this, tame emotions, say goodbye to the past and purposefully move towards the future. And a woman who has a clear idea of ​​what she wants is attractive to a man a priori. And no man wants to lose such a man.

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