How to find friends

When it comes to the most wonderful feeling in the world, which is able to connect people with each other, for some reason love comes to mind. But what about friendship?

There is one parable, according to which the question of Love: "Why do you need me if I am?", Friendship replies: "I need to leave smiles where You leave tears." In fact, it is difficult to doubt the correctness of this short story. If love is miserable, friendship is often associated with optimism and joy. However, like any relationship, friendship involves at least 2 participants. And what about people who still have no friends and no one to share their problems in difficult times? Of course, you need to urgently look for a friend.

What is friendship?

This question is probably difficult to give an exact answer. First of all, because each person has his own concept of friendship. Some consider as friends almost all their acquaintances, etc. it is difficult to bring someone closer to them. But, nevertheless, it can be said that in the generalized view a friend is a person who is able to support, direct and make your joint leisure time interesting.

That is, it seems that there is nothing negative in friendship. On the other hand, is it possible to consider a friend of a person who will tell you only pleasant things and never point out flaws? I think no. Do not confuse a friend with a hypocrite or the same lover who sees everything in pink. In an ideal friendship there should be no falsity.

How to find friends?

If you decide to acquire just a friend, and not just a friend, be prepared for the fact that this person may not share your point of view, may argue with you and see the situation differently. Be prepared to trust your friend and listen to his secrets.

By the way, about secrets: if a close person has entrusted you with his secret, it means that he believes in you and most likely expects that this very secret will remain only between you. Try not to destroy the hopes of your counterpart, become support and support for him, speak boldly if you feel that he is wrong. In this case, you can fully enjoy all the charms of great, kind and warm friendly relations. It is then that you will understand what friendship is.

Where to find friends?

In the information age in which we live with you, the search for a friend can be greatly facilitated. Now everyone has access to the World Wide Web, where the opportunity to find friends gives us various social networks. "Vkontakte", "Classmates", "Skype" and "Facebook" - not a complete list of parts of the Internet, providing an opportunity for communication.

One of the main advantages of having friends in social networks is a kind of partial anonymity. You will communicate either only with each other via video, or you may not see each other at all, but only to correspond. As a rule, it is easier for a virtual friend to open up, honestly express his thoughts and share emotions.

How to find friends in Odnoklassniki? There are several ways to do this. For example, you can use the search for people and at random choose a person you like. In order not to seem too intrusive, give a supposed friend a few tokens (perhaps, it was for this that they came up with likes), then try to get to know each other.

Surely not everyone will respond to you in return, but if you have firmly decided to build a friendship online, do not lose hope. Dr. method - discussion of any posts that interest you on the Internet. This method may be the best to find like-minded people, so-called friends of interest. It is always pleasant for a person to communicate with those who share his hobbies.

Find friends by Skype a little harder. Best of all, if you communicate with someone in any video experience (there are a lot of them now), and then arrange to get in touch on Skype. Communicating with a person through video communication is, of course, not as liberating as a simple correspondence, but it helps many people feel more confident than with lively communication.

If you are not fans of video chats, where, to put it mildly, different people come across, you can also use people search.

The main rule for finding friends on the Internet remains, perhaps, the following: try to communicate only with real people who have real photos in their profiles, and not with those who create fake pages. Although, it is worth mentioning that among those who are hiding under other names, there are also quite good and interesting people.

How to find good friends in real life?

How to find friends?

  1. Those who prefer live communication to the virtual, you can give general advice: get up from your couch, tear yourself away from the TV or computer and go on a search. You can not even imagine in what places you can meet the very person who can become your faithful friend. The main thing, do not be afraid to communicate with people.
  2. Sometimes a simple smile is enough to win over a person and gain his trust. Try to be as friendly as possible. As for places, you can meet a friend almost everywhere. If you like sports, go to a fitness club, if you are a fan of art - to a museum, etc. You can get acquainted with a potential friend in a cafe, library or even on the street.
  3. All you need is your desire and courage to come first. Good places to find friends by interest can be various clubs and sections. Register in sports club or, for example, on the circle on the fine arts. Surely, in such places you can find many like-minded people.

What to do if you can't find friends?

Often you can meet people who are worried because of their loneliness. They suffer from a lack of communication, but they can’t find the right person, no matter what they do. If you fall into this category, listen to a few difficult to implement, but useful tips.

Try to analyze yourself and your attitude towards friendship. Ask yourself why it’s hard to find friends. For many, the difficulty lies not so much in poor communicability as in negative experiences. You often made friends with people, they completely opened up and trusted them, in response you were betrayed.

If so, then try to understand and accept for yourself that not all people will do this to you. To find a really good friend, you will have to forget about the failures of the past and again make contact with people, start at least a little trust in them.

If introspection does not work on you, read a few books on this issue. Many psychologists were interested in the problem of friendship and the search for friends. In such publications you can find a lot of effective advice on correct communication with people and winning their position to yourself. Try these tips in practice.

If the books are still difficult for you, and you want to get not only recommendations, but also action templates, then go to a psychological training. In many countries, it is now considered fashionable, and most importantly, an effective way to find friends. By the way, it is quite possible that people like you will gather at such events. So why don't you make friends?

To get the most wonderful friend in the world, you must become one yourself. Be tolerant, friendlier, kinder and smile more often. You will see that with the arrival of a good friend in your life, she will acquire new bright colors, become more complete and happy. Successful to you searches, friends!

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