How to fall in love with your own husband

You have been married for a long time and steadily, everything seems to be good. But! Something gone from your relationship. Something is lost. No former romance. And it seems to you that you have fallen out of love with your man. How to fall in love with him again?

Why does love go away?

It seems to you that love is no longer for the reason that you have studied this person far and wide (although, in fact, it only seems to you!). You know how he wakes up, how he takes a shower, what he likes for breakfast, and what time he comes back from work. Your man seems predictable to you. and therefore uninteresting. But, in fact, your relationship just went to another stage. Researchers involved in this issue, noted that the state of love, on average, lasts from one to three. This is the state when we are inspired by love. But forever, this state of the organism cannot continue, otherwise a person would simply not be able to live on!

How to return love in a relationship?

First of all, do not worry and fall into depression. If you have a desire fall in love with him again, then all is not lost! Always, no matter how many years of marriage together, you can find completely new facets of your relationship. Do something you never did. Try something that you never tried.

  • Remember the beginning of your relationship. Here you met, you liked him, and you chose him as a husband among the rest of the fans. Why?! What were his qualities interesting? Probably, he is reliable, handsome and successful? Then why are you not paying attention to these qualities of it? Be sure to sit down and think about it. You can even write a list of the qualities that you think he possessed then.
  • Think about why, after all, it has ceased to be of interest to you.? Maybe he is not in such a good physical form? Or do you miss his attention? Or maybe sex was not enough? Answer yourself honestly - maybe there is a bit of your guilt about what happened? Maybe you fed him buns and pies, and therefore, now on the couch is a little baby elephant, instead of Apollo, whom you were marrying? Then give him a subscription to the fitness club for the next holiday. You can walk with him, for the company, besides - pull the figure. Remind him that sex is just as important to you as it was a few years ago. Take the initiative more often!

  • Take care of yourself. Go to the image salon (Yes, not a small waste, but what a pleasure! And look!), Change hair, hair color. Allow yourself to finally grow nails! Buy beautiful erotic lingerie, and arrange a romantic evening for your spouse. Better yet, do not tell him anything and invite him for a date, set a place and time. And when you meet, you will be all updated. Passion will flare up with a new force, and you look at your husband with different eyes!
  • Make yourself a honeymoon! If not, then take at least a week at your own expense at work. And arrange a honeymoon. Children, at this time, be sure to send to the grandmother!
  • It's worth trying during this time. bring all sexual fantasies to life. Those that you do not even dare to talk. Arrange a frank conversation. Let him tell you what he dreamed, and you share your dreams with him. At first, you will be embarrassed and afraid to call a spade a spade, and then relax, and even begin to interrupt each other! Even if you still can not open up to each other, just try something that you have never tried. Thematic sites will come to your aid, yes, in the end, you can explore Kama Sutra!
  • Arrange autotraining. Take care that nothing bothers you or distract you, and think about the question. "My husband is better because...“Remember the husbands of your girlfriends, colleagues. After all, they often complained to you about their spouses. Think about what your husband is better than them. You can even write it down and leave a piece of paper as a keepsake.

  • Remove old photo albums and review all your photos.. Those on which you only meet. Wedding photos. Take a look. With what tenderness and love the husband looks at you. See how your eyes shine with happiness. For the background, you can even include light romantic music. It will help to tune in the desired way.
  • As an option, you can go for a week to your parents, or take a vacation separately. For the time spent separately, you will have time to get bored and, most likely, feelings will flare up again!

Imagine for a moment that you have no husband. It is your husband. He is simply not there, and never will be. You will never wake up next to him now, and your slippers will be lonely waiting for you from work. Submitted? What did you feel? If at the thought of this you have a pinched heart and, longing gripped, it means that you still love your man!

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Find some free time in your schedule and sign up for a dance. It is desirable that these be either ballroom dancing, or tango, or any other sensual dance filled with passion. This will help you get closer, and spend time with benefit. And learn to dance.

And finally, praise him more often. Say how beautiful you are, strong, reliable, just wonderful! This will help your relationship, and you - to fall in love with your spouse again! And how to fall in love with your own spouse, read the article How to re-fall in love with her husband?.

Take care of yourself and your family!

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